[65][66][67] Nonetheless, Adam Air signed a contract with Phoenix International for the recovery operation. negative 2.8g, and the pitch rate reversed from a positive 4 deg/sec to a I think the public has a right to know what happened on the flights that crashed including hearing and viewing transcripts of CVRs.

Adam Air was subsequently banned from flying by the Indonesian government in June 2008, and declared bankruptcy. TGN 161 : say again sir? He cited problems such as poor visibility and strong currents making it difficult to recover the devices without the signal. The aircraft's flight recorders -- the so-called 'black boxes' -- finally have been recovered from the seabed where the wreckage of the Boeing 737-400 has lain since January. was approaching Mdive (0.89).
The airlines that lost their licences were Jatayu Gelang Sejahtera, Aviasi Upataraksa, Alfa Trans Dirgantara, and Prodexim. “The aircraft was certainly within the bulk of an extensive cumulonimbus cloud field for a significant amount of time,” writes Vasquez. 4. To that end, a French research ship with a submersible capable of diving to a depth of 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) is steaming to the area. All Indonesian airlines, at one time, had been banned from flying into the European Union several months after the crash. hi, not sure if that is a local law decision or ICAO, but there are quite a few websites that transcribe CVR. [39][40] One week later, one of these Towed Pinger Locators, operated from the USNS Mary Sears successfully located the black boxes. [45] First Admiral Gatot Subyanto of the Indonesian Navy indicated three locations, between 3–6 km (1.9–3.7 mi; 1.6–3.2 nmi) apart, off Mamuju city on Sulawesi's western coast. DFDR continued to record other valid parameters until it stopped completely at Hi, iya khan.. ngaco uncontrollable state. ATC : trigana 161, ee.. roger make left turn now heading on zero zero one descent two thousand feet, clear ILS approach runway 13 ( Log Out /  As pilot-in-command of Boeing 737 aircraft, he had more than 3,800 hours of experience. The Boeing Quick Reference Handbook, Maneuvers, Non-Normal Maneuvers, page MAN.1.7, Nose Low Recovery, requires the pilot flying to: Figure 7.) Let Adam Air 574 bol let stroja Boeing 737-4Q8 (imatrikulácia PK-KKW) indonézskej leteckej spoločnosti Adam Air z medzinárodného letiska Juanda v Surabaji na ostrove Jáva na letisko Sam Ratulangi v Manado na ostrove Sulawesi.. Lietadlo s 96 pasažiermi a 6 členmi posádky sa dňa 1. januára 2007 počas preletu Makasarského prielivu zrútilo do mora. reached negative 60 degrees (nose down) at 06:58:50. taro NAV lagi Rin, I found trascripts of the CVR at http://www.scribd.com/doc/2486889/Aircraft-Accident-Report-AdamAir-PKKKW skim reading and from my lapsing memory it seems they are one and the same. Adam Air 574. flight instruments. ATC : trigana 161, the surface conditions, wind 290 degrees 07 knots, current visibility about 2 until 3 kilo mike, request descent? Read-out of FDR without delay. Makassar… ampun deh) I am not an engineer nor am I an expert in aviation. (5.7) The final report, released on 25 March 2008, concluded that the pilots lost control of the aircraft after they became preoccupied with troubleshooting the inertial navigation system and inadvertently disconnected the autopilot. Between 06:58:42 and 06:58:57, the average rate of descent was 46,88 feet per (I mean, how many of you shivered listening to this recording?). The technique has paid off in the past. I only followed the news about it, attended the press conference (on which I received many information from some senior pilots), and study the report released by NTSC. But I think that Indonesia will receive a lot of heat from the ICAO and other related parties. [17] Although the Juanda Airport operator, PT Angkasa Pura I, had given warnings to the pilot concerning the weather condition, the plane had departed as scheduled. coba.. tolong confirm posisi aja, confirm on radial sekian.. 124 DME gitu That is precisely what meteorologist and blogger Tim Vasquez has done brilliantly here. On 18 March 2008, a day after an accident in Batam, the airline's Air Operator's Certificate was suspended by the Indonesian government. [77] A team from the United States with representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and General Electric were sent to Indonesia to assist the Indonesian National Committee for Transportation in the investigation. This is actually much worse than the proverbial needle in the haystack, because in that case, the assumption is the needle can be found after expending a lot of time and energy. covers maneuver envelopes for structure design. Komputer di cockpit yang berfungsi mengatur penerbangan dari pesawat tsb. Among those replaced were the directors of air and sea transports and the chairman of the National Committee for Transportation Safety. [100], It was reported on 28 June 2007, that Adam Air would escape closure and had been upgraded one rank in safety rating, to the middle tier. ok dicopy, disampaikan nanti, Insyaallah…. Don't be scared, if you ask, I might give you the password :). yah, vault aja nih Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Adam Air Flight 574 (KI574 or DHI574) was a scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Adam Air between the Indonesian cities of Surabaya and Manado[3] that crashed into the Makassar Strait near Polewali in Sulawesi on 1 January 2007. RULES.1 must be a civilian flight of a major airline.2 must be an animation.3 must have CVR (cockpit video recording).4 shouldn't be a long-ass documentary, just the crash and a few minutes prior to that (max. [75] Efforts continued with the hope of recovering various large pieces of wreckage from the seabed. (WARNING sign…. It seems that the movement was made by the copilot and probably the PIC said ‘don’t turn it. Dalam percakapan ini adalah suara dari Ujung Pandang Approach (UPG APP). Tags:Adam Air Flight 574, Air France, Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, Cockpit voice recorder, Fernando de Noronha, Flight Data Recorder, USNS Mary Sears Posted in Aviation | 22 Comments ». [86] Several complaints were made that the flaps, which modify drag and lift during take-off and landing, were jamming at twenty-five degrees upon landing, and there were two complaints that the weather radar was faulty. During that time period, airspeed had accelerated past Mmo (0.82) and Voice on DHI 574 cockpit : Allahuakbar…. [11]:54 The National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC, or KNKT as per its Indonesian name) described the near eight-month wait for the recovery of the flight recorders as "unacceptable". FMS telah mengacaukan dirinya sendiri… UEDANN opo… right wing down wheel input. Pingback: Gravitasi Hidup » Semua Terekam Tak Pernah Mati, Pingback: Recent Links Tagged With "blackbox" - JabberTags. n the last tragedy for our nation, But where, precisely should they search for AF447? Three months later the certificate was revoked, and the airline filed for bankruptcy.

[35] From 5 January 2007, the main focus of the search was relocated to areas south of Manado, after Manado's Sam Ratulangi Airport reported detecting a signal from the plane a day before. well I just heard that the transport minister has denied the fact that the recording was indeed genuine, by saying that the original recording was never been converted into digital media.. wtf man? this data was not switched during the flight.

This announcement allowed the families of the victims to start the insurance claims process. – DIOLA…. (on the background, FO calling ATC) Cockpit Voice Recorder Database, visit us at www.tailstrike.com. [19], No distress signals were sent by the aircraft. [52], On 21 January 2007, the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR), popularly known as black boxes, were located 42 nautical miles off the coast of West Sulawesi by the US vessel Mary Sears.
Voice on DHI 574 cockpit : ini aja kep yah The chief of the Indonesian Plane Technicians group, Wahyu Supriantono, said that the plane was unlikely to have suffered an in-flight break up or explosion, as the debris field would have been larger, and as a result, wreckage would have been discovered earlier. Shortly after, the aircraft’s – Medical or private information. How Aviators Learn from the Crash of Adam Air Flight 574!

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