(rpr 4/17/11), (53) June 6, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the seven seals, trumpets and plagues in, (54) June 13, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the second seal, the, (55) June 13, 2009 EASY This article discusses the memorial and prophetic significance of the Ceremonial, (56) June 20, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the third seal, the third, (57) June 27, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the fourth seal, the fourth, (58) July 4, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the links between the opening of the fifth seal, the fifth, (59) Part 1, July 11, 2009 MEDIUM This article studies the end time sounding of the sixth trumpet. (re-proofread 4/10/2012), (154) March 10, 2012 Sabbath A discussion of the events leading to the 9/11 attack. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (21) This article discusses two of my favorite heresies. (79) November 2009, New Moon This study is a phrase by phrase description of how Christ fulfilled Isaiah, (80) November 21, 2009 This study details how Christ's King will rise to power and some of the things he, (81) November 28, 2009 This study presents Lois Roden's teachings about two messengers that will follow, (82) December 5, 2009 This study takes a close look at Christ's prophecies of the Comforter. 18, 2009 EASY This article discusses Zechariah 8, the adding of the Christian nations to the, (44) Apr. (re-proofed 4/11/11), (96) March 20, 2010 (Revised July 30, 2010) This article seeks to bring forth an American grassroots, (97) March 27, 2010 This study explains the plagues of Egypt as signs in the end time and shows the, (98) Passover, 2010 This study explains the end time fulfillment of Zechariah 9. Amo and George were expelled from the sect's Mount Carmel property a month after their marriage following a shootout between George and Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh). (re-proofread 4/17/2012), (144) December 17, 2011 Sabbath Complaints about America's current economic policies. Her brief time with George left her pregnant with their daughter. 14, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains chapter and verse of Isaiah 5, from the crucifixion of Christ, (36) Mar. Amo Paul Bishop Roden (born 1943) is the former wife of George Roden, a rival of David Koresh for leadership of the Branch Davidians.After the 1993 fire, she attracted notice by beginning a one-woman reoccupation of the sect's Mount Carmel property. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (22) This article presents “the whole family in heaven” (Eph. (re-proofread 4/15/2012), (136) November 12, 2011 Sabbath How to take Buddy Roemer's message to the streets. (126) July 2, 2011 Sabbath This article discusses China's covert war against America. (85) December 26, 2009 This study blames the economic disaster of the world on Satan and his henchmen, (86) January 2, 2010 This article discusses the yardstick God has given us to evaluate new religious. (re-proofread 4/10/11), (106) August 28, 2010 Sabbath Some thoughts on saving America from her current economic crisis that I.

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