One of the men was instantly killed in the crash while the other was rushed to intensive care unit with serious life-threatening injuries, according to reports. A post shared by ???? macro_action: article, But, are you familiar with the potential fallout?
I just don't want to be stuck with the mental imagery! The car's going what, 60 MPH?

After watching this incredibly graphic, NSFW video, you and hopefully anyone thinking about doing this kind of thing on the street will be.

Some reports suggest that the driver of the car was also killed in the crash, who was was on his way to start his first day at a new job. This is why. All new KT app is available for download: Get the latest news around the world in your inbox, so you dont miss out on the action. Car crash -37. (@3meed_news) on Oct 11, 2017 at 5:15am PDT. Filed on October 12, 2017 | Last updated on October 12, 2017 at 07.09 am. 2:56. Recorded by the passenger in the car, the video shows two young Arab men recording themselves driving down a highway connecting Al Rayn and Al Bishah cities - when suddenly the footage gets shaky as the car collides with another car. US election 2020: Over 60% of Israelis want Trump ... Abu Dhabi pvt schools to resume campus learning... Why Trump presidency shadow won't be erased easily, US elections: British man bets $5 million on Trump. 0:40.

It might seem odd at first that, as car enthusiasts, we speak so strongly against street racing and other forms of illegal driving on public roads.
CurrentRequestUnmodified: /region/saudi-arabia/hariri-case-saudi-arabia-calls-for-hezbollah-to-be-punished-after-verdict Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes, Free Bose Wireless Headphones with iPhone 12 Pro. A video of a horrific road accident in Saudi Arabia, which claimed the lives of two men, has gone viral. Saudi Arabia's General Directorate of Traffic has said that the use of mobile phones while driving is the main cause in 78 per cent of road accidents. Posted on Snapchat, the men can be seen listening to loud music while the driver was focused on his friend filming him when they suddenly realised they were about to collide. This is the kind of thing that could happen to anyone. A video of a horrific road accident in Saudi Arabia, which claimed the lives of two men, has gone viral. READ MORE, ADEK will coordinate with private schools and support them in... READ MORE, In the four years of Trump presidency, the very idea of America stood ... READ MORE, Presidential elections expected to involve more than $1 billion in... READ MORE, Get one-bedroom apartments in Dubai for as low as Dh20,000, Apple is hiring in UAE; here are the vacancies, Dubai govt jobs for expats; here is the salary range, Video: Dubai's Burj Khalifa lights up for Shah Rukh Khan's 55th birthday, Income tax to be introduced in Oman: Ministry, Baba of Delhi dhaba files cheating complaint against YouTuber who made him famous, Sponsor rapes sleeping housemaid in Dubai villa, Coronavirus: UAE reports 1,008 Covid-19 cases, 1,466 recoveries, 6 deaths, Coronavirus: UAE reports 1,234 Covid-19 cases, 1,516 recoveries, 1 death, Newly married man hides bald head with wig, wife files police case, From the archives: Woman in Dubai trapped in bathroom for 17 hours, News in a Minute: Top headlines of the day you shouldn't miss, IPL 2020: MI skipper Rohit Sharma nearing match fitness, Going vegan? Mad people no respect for life. Crazy arab drifting in Saudi Arabia. Could someone help me out! Top Graduate & Post-Graduate Programmes in the UAE. But, there's a reason we advocate responsible driving. Young men gather on congested highways to perform idiotic feats of driving dumbassery. When we show hoonage, it's likely being performed in a responsible manner. Deadly -drifting- in the desert by Arab People. Arab drift. ????

macro_adspot: ©2020 Galadari Printing and Publishing LLC. macro_profile: , Young men gather on congested highways to perform idiotic feats of driving dumbassery. Why drivers wear fire-proof suits, helmets and HANS restraints? Speed World. Car Fight Compilation. Take one, fairly inane, relatively slow speed spin in a Toyota Camry, multiply it times the unpredictable nature of public roads, subtract seatbelts and add spectators and this is the result. 'I have seen a lot of struggle in my life - and now I am blessed with ... READ MORE, There are currently 22 Covid-19 cases in a critical condition, and 57 ... READ MORE, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed Trump as Israel's... READ MORE, Gulf state seeks to restore finances battered by low oil prices. All rights reserved. As you can see in this video, what you do with your car isn't just potentially fatal for you, but for your passengers, members of the public and other people sharing the road with you. By now, you're familiar with Hagwalah, the Saudi street drifting phenomenon.

Arab Drifting Accident 2016. Why race tracks have hundreds of yards of run off, gravel traps and keep the public well away from the cars? SarDar Obi.

????????? 4:19.

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