From this event Aristotle had knew that his friend had became Macedonian King.

Aristotle believe that four elements have qualities: dryness, wetness, hotness and coldness. After read his theory, many of them assume that a gold or a silver can be substitute by combined any metals.

��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� It became the basic foundation in Chemistry Mendeleev Periodic Table. In the long time ago, Aristotle and his theories became the first knowledge that we know. An atomic invisible even you look it by microscope! The atom is referred as the smallest unit in a matter. Aristotle inspired gave her name by his wife name.

Your email address will not be published. The education at that was free, but to enroll in Plato’s Academy people are have to pass Plato’s exam test, and then they are selected by Plato directly. When he was 16, his father, Philip II was assassinated and he was ascended to the throne. )}�9��b:=�w��������#����)�ow�q{��v |�ɻ�w�^�����}�T�e�����@n����= �WiFw�>���@�(����! !�ɷ^qӺ�~���ɷ^qӺ�~�ɷ^qӺ�~���ɷ^qӺ�~�ɷ^qӺ�~���ɷ^qӺ�~�ɷ^qӺ�~���ɷ^qӺ�~�ɷ^qӺ�~����#w�b�^�I���Ul(���k��ErEUj~(��)�խ-r��%�)7 [�i��&�z�D���XL��.K�g�l1�|�%ȳ�6%^�V���(��E|��"D�{�0#��jb��1��

You may also read: Development of Atomic Theory, Here are The List of Aristotle’s Atomic Elements. Das Tröpfchenmodell (1936) beschreibt den Atomkern als Tröpfchen einer elektrisch geladenen Flüssigkeit. �Ib�|-��G�1�go Although they appear primitive by our 21st Century scientific lights, they capture the wisdom of the ages. Adchoices | About his mother, Phaestis, there is no information in history about her. ����P��DH �j �4��^G�9۴��a��~��QL{���1+�8�"V�3�ӘHSdc�3�X�rR�. `L�ۯ8��R�Xdۯ8��R�X ��c�o��۴�K�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� analogy- legos. A history said that Aristitle had told him about famous Greece Story The Illiad. ��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� x�c```b``�d`a``Y� � `6+�9�Q�hcge㌅��7~��`�c2b?� ��n�}J �]a�b G7�&/��~�,A��a�mQE���e+(�L�6,�k �1uwI�k�Q$� We know in the history The Persia  had tried to conquer Greek, but they always failed. There is a famous history, where The Abbasyid Calliphate era Scientist, learn Aristotle’s Four Elements theorem for create a gold. Aristotle was leaved Macedonia to Southern Greece Island. At that time, most people who want get higher education should have be rich and clever.

<< /Pages 70 0 R /Type /Catalog >> Leucippus the atom inventor thought an atom is eternal, indivisible, solid, unchangeable. to Early 1800’s information atomic “model” “analogy” in ancient Greece, the popular philosopher aristotledeclared thatall matter was made ofonly four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Meanwhile, Aristotle is a philosopher that is well known around the world. Károly Simonyi: Kulturgeschichte der Physik. He wanted Aristotle to tutor his son, Prince Alexander, who will become Alexander The Great. ��H]o��K��+�Y�6Ӆ �RM�]�~�\�Aq�#�ua�� �M�n������H+�j��g����L��� He was known in the world by his Philosophy idea, but later his science was not applied in Modern Science. [�i��&�z�Dѓd� He was known in the world by his Philosophy idea, but later his science was not applied in Modern Science. The first element can’t combine with four elements(earth, fire, water,wind), because it’s a pure element forever. Disclaimer | Y�`2��n��†z�jq�L[z��� Ǝ�� ����Fknz[we�U7����Zgs�ۊZ��p�M�[����מ����}�;jj���|�L�^Ko������t1$���H+츅�\�����

��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� [X~�Uf��9u,�$�{����b8+��0���2?S[�O��EQ^��~Fj� ͦ�:͖߰?�Y��au�V�aIu+� E����̪nj���õ���ڂ�@9�}��[��-"�e 7D�r�qí# Ě�[�QS��ŠT�T�苳Z����� 3�(̆w��$�v��l617�P�I�es�'*�sY,�à�P�&p,��D���Au+�q\��*�[���"�TU�a²3��u:5�òl1�b�e:����M,�!��clHx]*}s��ú$��,2��T0-��+��E�AX7"qD�L � These models – Aristotle’s theory of homocentric spheres, and Ptolemy’s mechanism of eccentrics and epicycles – were both geocentric in nature. Not only became Alexander tutor, he will that Aristotle could prepare Alexandef became his successor.

Das Schalenmodell (1949) beschreibt den Atomkern in enger Analogie zum Orbitalmodell der Atomhülle. Maybe this is one of Aristotle’s success factor to became a scientist, by his family richness it can support Aristotle life while he was studying in Athens, Greece. They said it also could granted someone with external life. Aristotle was leaved Macedonia to Southern Greece Island. he also believed that matter had just four properties: hot, cold, dry and wet. %���� For example, the fire was made by wood’s friction, this shows the fire element was occured by other ‘wood’ the earth element. 57 0 obj After Ancient Greek Era, many Alchemist tried to proof that Aristotle’s quintessence is drift to Earth and it can cure all diseases. +��\�r������&ӓ�E��Qv�@v�8�j=� d%v�5�Ұ0�k�;���X�Es�̀w�-B�sQ�+��oT�Le)��_2*�?y6��:wT���96��:wT��6��:wT���96��:wT��6��:wT���96��:wT��6��:wT���96��:wT��6��:wT����:�G.L���xc!xT�̲9����U�\*ǵpan�&�/ܕ L���9Y��Jbf��}����*S |��'�r\�>S`N�f2?�iZI;}�\��ݥhM�f/23�qZI7}������h J�� Let’s back to the topic, Aristotle was became King Philip II friend since his childhood. Every material contains with same atom, the different is only in size an shape. And then Phillip II had appointed him for became Macedonian Royal Academy Director. ��c�kzX��hK�୞�>�ƾ�+g���V�$��� After this moment, Aristotle had been Stagira’s hero, not only freed Stagira he also gave great contribution for Greece’s Glory, by taught Alexander.


� ���ϮD��S�pn/[>���N�g���(��)���{��z�?� V~c��t�|�q�,WuG�������v�O�(��IR�"D����-��)������SS����1�œ�h�,r��3|����S�x�#�C�p KP��*� dalton. �. Alexander became love to Illiad Story, made him inspired to conquer Persia Empire. Aristotle was spend his life in there until his death in 322 BC.

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