Practical Techniques for Estimating the Accuracy of Finite-Difference Solutions to Parabolic Equations. The contact between the bodies is assumed at the various nodes, which could be either a line or a plane. ASME Membership (1 year) has been added to your cart. CEUs:   In contrast to previous works, the flow velocity is not taken as a prescribed parameter of the system but is left to follow the laws of motion. Radial vibrations of hollow elastic sphere in acoustic medium, considering Laplace transform of field equations with respect to time, Dynamic response of infinite cylindrical shell subjected to arbitrary time and space dependent forcing function in acoustic medium, Dynamic Response of a Semi-Infinite Elastic Cylinder Containing an Acoustic Medium. Numerical results are presented, for plates subjected to uniform temperature increase, showing the effects of temperature-dependent material properties on the prebuckling stresses, critical temperatures, and their sensitivity derivatives. Community Rules. The Journal of Applied Mechanics serves as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics.
The effect of a standing shock wave on the static and dynamic aeroelastic stability of a flexible panel is investigated using a linear structural and aerodynamic theoretical model. Eigenfunctions and eigenvalues are developed as power series in the perturbation parameter beta to the 1/2 power, and results are given for mode shapes and eigenvalues through terms of the order of beta. Community Rules. The estimate of the correction accounting for the nonlocal effect utilizes the exact solution of the nonlocal elasticity theory for one-dimensional elastic bars. Communication Preferences

Flutter of Articulated Pipes at Finite Amplitude. The Journal also lists and publishes scholarly reviews of new books on mechanics and related areas. In this manner, the size of the increments is related to the magnitude of the derivatives which are known to influence strongly the accuracy. The results showed that the back stress effect of reverse inelastic flow on the unloading stress is orientation-dependent, and a back stress state variable in the inelastic flow equation is necessary for predicting inelastic behavior. Country: United States - SIR Ranking of United States: 92. Solutions of this problem presented in the literature have been obtained using semiinverse techniques whereas the solution given here is obtained in a systematic step-by-step manner. A mixed formulation is used with the fundamental unknowns consisting of the six stress components and the three displacement components of the plate. The thickness of the diffusion layer in terms of the diffusion coordinate is shown to be of the same order of magnitude for a wide variety of problems. Visual observations aided in understanding the results. The Love-Timoshenko shell equations are reduced through the application of the Fourier-Laplace transforms to the axial space and time variables. The purpose of the Journal of Applied Mechanics is to serve as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics. Schmid's law is used to approximate the inelastic response of the material in cube slip. Of particular interest are the mixed-mode stress-intensity factors associated with the delamination crack. All rights reserved.

This objective is achieved by developing a rate-dependent anisotropic constitutive model and implementing it in a nonlinear three-dimensional finite-element code. In this solution the line load is interpreted as a body force loading and by assuming the line load to be of the form of a Dirac delta function the solution of Mindlin's problem of a point load within the interior of the half space is obtained. The purpose of the Journal of Applied Mechanics is to serve as a vehicle for the communication of original research results of permanent interest in all branches of mechanics. It is also shown that fiber volume fraction greatly influences the stress distribution for transversely isotropic fibers, but has little effect on the distribution if the fibers are transversely orthotropic. The prebuckling deformations are accounted for.
On the Equivalence of the Incremental Harmonic Balance Method and the Harmonic Balance-Newton Raphson Method. However, the computational effort required to construct the characteristic functions and- their derivatives may limit the application to tanks of relatively simple geometry such as a comparl-mentcd axisymmetric tank.

The limiting amplitude of the trailing waves is provided by the asymptotic solution. In contrast to previous work, the flow rate is not taken as constant, but is allowed to have small periodic oscillations about a mean value, as would be expected in a pump-driven system.

Length: 0 days  Asymptotic Formulas for the Buckling Stresses of Axially Compressed Cylinders With Localized or Random Axisymmetric Imperfections, Buckling of axially compressed circular cylindrical shells with localized or random axisymmetric imperfections, deriving asymptotic approximation formulas for stress calculation, Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Gear Trains/Transmissions: An Automated Approach. {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.ListPrice) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.ListPriceSale) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.MemberPrice) }}, {{activeProduct.CurrencySymbol}}{{ formatPrice(activeProduct.MemberPriceSale) }}. Recently, the Incremental Harmonic Balance Method (IHB) has been applied to several problems in nonlinear dynamics. Nondimensional Parameters and Equations for Buckling of Anisotropic Shallow Shells. Computer Aided Analysis and Optimization of Mechanical System Dynamics. Read more... Yonggang Huang, Experiments on polyurethane are well represented by this method. The initial postbuckling analysis indicates that, like compressed circular cylinders, the oval cylinders will be highly sensitive to small geometrical imperfections and may buckle at loads well below the predictions for the perfect shell. Sales Policy

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