rem dim as double orb_low(total_number_of_aspects), orb_high(total_number_of_aspects), aspect_angle(total_number_of_aspects), for i%=1 to 50 data “Quadranovile”,159,161

case 1 data “Quintile”,70.2,73.8 rem rem ucase converts to uppercase letter From the E for each aspect type is determined the orb from exactness of each actually occurring aspect by the simple routine in lines 250 and 260. case left$(A$(8),2) data “Tritredecile”,82.9,83.3 Software to calculate geocentric and heliocentric planetary positions, aspects, aspect patterns, world transits, personal transits and synastry October End-of-Month Sale Until October 31st you can obtain a 50% discount on all software on this site. Aspect Pattern Calculator Recommendations. In the line: loop until S%0, add the symbol v rotated 90 degrees to the right and the symbol v rotated 90 degrees to the left, between % and 0. data “Semiseptile”,25.4,26.0 data “Square”,84,96 rem open "C:\Users\"+users_name+"\Documents\"+file_name+".txt" for output as #1, rem replace all <> with <> print “Please enter “;P$(i%);” degree”;:input D(i%)

data “Triseptile”,153.4,155.2 data “Septaquindecile”,167.8,168.2 data “Quintasemiseptile”,128.3,128.9 S%=4 data “Quadraquindecile”,95.8,96.2
data “Vigintile”,17.8,18.2 It does not convert from minutes of degrees to decimal points of degrees, so you have to do this yourself, but this is easy enough. Thus we could additionally consider aspects to Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Hygiea, the Vertex, Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, and Eris, if desired. Please note that at the time I wrote this program I was looking at aspects in a very modern way, based on harmonic theory, thus allowing for very minor aspects, some of which I could not determine the standard names for, with the result that I had made up my own working names that described as clearly as possible their essential derivation. data “Septaquartisquare”,156.7,158.3 rem if ucase$(left$(S$,2))=left$(A$(j%),2) then Where I have shown an underscore, please do not type an underscore; instead type a space using the space bar! rem dim aspect_name(total_number_of_aspects) as string


data “Seminovile”,19.6,20.4 The lunar nodes in astrology reveal your karmic path in this lifetime. Aspect calculation program, in BASIC S%=8 410DATA1,2,1,3,1,4,1,5,1,6,1,7,1,8,1,9,1,10,1,11,1,12,1,13,1,14,2,3,2,4,2,5,2,6,2,7,2,8,2,9,2,10,2,11,2,12,2,13,2,14,3,4,3,5,3,6,3,7,3,8,3,9,3,10,3,11,3,12,3,13,3,14, 4,5,4,6,4,7,4,8,4,9,4,10,4,11,4,12,4,13,4,14,5,6,5,7,5,8,5,9,5,10,5,11, Institutional Astrological Education Providers, Personal Astrological Education Providers, Websites with Educational Articles on Astrology, Personal Astrological Websites of Astrologers, Astrology Publications, Publishers, Books & Bookstores, Astrology Library Inventory Shelf Count by Type of Materials, 23-9-2020, Astrological Association Archive now on site, History of Modern Astrology video interview by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro, Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Library, Astrology Books and Papers by 304 or 305 authors acquired in 2020, Aspects: a Quarterly Astrological Magazine. From the E for each aspect type is determined the orb from exactness of each actually occurring aspect by the simple routine in lines 250 and 260. rem lang “QuickBasic” allows sufixes ($,%) in the variables name, data “ARIES”,”TAURUS”,”GEMINI”,”CANCER”,”LEO”,”VIRGO”,”LIBRA”,”SCORPIO”,”SAGITTARIUS”,”CAPRICORN”,”AQUARIUS”,”PISCES”, dim A$(12) Thus, if you do not use the most economical input method, you sometimes cannot input the whole line you had in mind at all – and this is a case in point in practice! Replacing long dashes – by short dashes (subtract key “-“). E(i%)=(B(i%)+((C(i%)-B(i%))/2)) case left$(A$(5),2) Because if you don't there is none to be found.

end select, rem for j%=1 to 12

data “Undecaquartisextile”,164.5,165.5 case left$(A$(2),2) In operation, the program allows for the degrees of longitude at which each planet is situated to be expressed to the nearest decimal point, and you should input the positions of the factors in the chart you are looking at to the nearest whole decimal point accordingly.

rem dim as double planets_angle, orb, for i%=1 to 11-1 case 2 to 50-1 rem const as integer total_number_of_planets=11

This Phase Calculator displays Phases & Aspects between Planets, Nodes, & Angles. rem exit for Birth City. Neat! data “Triquartisquare”,66.7,68.3 rem for i as integer=1 to 12 S%=6 rem dim sign_name(12) as string, for i%=1 to 12 Question against spammers:What is seventy-three minus 12? @magnolia: And do you have a pattern in your chart? – Post first published on Facebook 10 February 2011 print if T > 180 then case left$(A$(7),2) data “Quadratredecile”,110.55,110.95 rem next j%, do rem dim degree(total_number_of_planets) as double, for i%=1 to 11 S%=9 S%=5

S%=2 Copyright © 2002-2020 | Philip Macartney Graves, (written in 2002 on the Acorn BBC microcomputer; works smoothly on the BeebEm emulator and should work with others too), 120UN.LE.S$(I%),2)=”AR”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”TA”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”GE”ORLE.S$(I%),3)=”CAN”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”LE”, ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”VI”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”LI”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”SC”ORLE.S$(I%),2)=”SA”ORLE.S$(I%),3)=”CAP”, 150FORI%=1TO14:IFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”AR”SI$(I%)=A$(1):S%=1ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”TA”SI$(I%)=A$(2):S%=2, ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”GE”SI$(I%)=A$(3):S%=3ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),3)=”CAN”SI$(I%)=A$(4):S%=4, ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),3)=”CAP”SI$(I%)=A$(10):S%=10, 160IFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”LE”SI$(I%)=A$(5):S%=5ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”VI”SI$(I%)=A$(6):S%=6, ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”LI”SI$(I%)=A$(7):S%=7ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”SC”SI$(I%)=A$(8):S%=8, ELSEIFLEFT$(S$(I%),2)=”SA”SI$(I%)=A$(9):S%=9.
exit for rem else case left$(A$(4),3)

data “Tredecile”,27.5,27.9 Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. cls S%=12 Ask and share your opinions here. * NOTE: If birth time is unknown, the report will not include positions or aspects for the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, or Part of Fortune, nor will it include House positions for any planets. read B$(i%),B(i%),C(i%) is the standard abbreviation in BBC BASIC input method for the instruction LEFT$( – including the opening parenthesis.

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