The difference is consent” goes an Anti Rape slogan. If a potential client learns about your business via an online advertisement, prospecting postcard, or business card, your real estate slogans are the first pieces of information they’re going to gather about your brand. In this post you will find Slogans for School Campaign. As an Anti Rape slogan goes “A safe society is when it’s rape free”. In the age where technology is touching skies and galaxies and education and information is on the peak, societies have failed at providing fundamental human rights to women. Our team works hard to help you piece ideas together getting started on advertising aspect of the project you're working on. I chose 'strategy in realty' - it's punchy and it connects with my logo (a chess rook - which looks like a castle - which happens to be my last name).”, Who It’s From: A small division of Sotheby’s called the Williamson Group in Woodstock, VT. Why It Works: Sometimes clients don’t want to decipher what your slogan actually means. Vague slogans just won’t cut it, you need to paint a picture with your words so your potential clients can envision exactly how you will be helping them and what the end result will be. Why It Works: The symmetry in the text works well to communicate the sophisticated feel of this agency, while the descriptor “extraordinary” still packs a punch. Perhaps the most important factor to consider when coming up with your real estate slogan is to identify your unique assets that the competition doesn’t have. 2020's Best Catchy and Creative Slogans. Women who should be traveling to the moon are now feeling unsafe to walk alone at night for emergencies too. “As an analytical realtor, I'm uniquely positioned to help my clients with their investment strategies. Why It Works: This is another example of repurposing a well-known quote, playing off of “if you don’t succeed, try try again.” In this case, the slogan is directly targeted toward FSBO and FRBO owners who failed to sell or rent the property on their own. This direct slogan appeals to buyers who are looking for no-frills, quality work. Though you don’t want to confuse potential clients by having too many, creating 2-3 options can be helpful when exploring different marketing channels. This slogan works by playing off of the overly-used slogan “everything I touch gets sold.” “Show a house with a sold sign turning into gold inside a bank account. Who It’s From: For-sale-by-owner specialist Connie Heintz, president of, Why It Works: This slogan directly addresses the unique needs of DIY Offer’s customer base. Why It Works: This punchy slogan inspires confidence in the agent’s local knowledge. That is what people need to understand. The unique edginess of this firm is able to come through their slogan and set them apart. It has sparked conversation and business from it.”, Who It’s From: Chantay Bridges, Senior Real Estate Specialist at, Why It Works: Thinking outside the box is the only way to stand out with your real estate slogan. Who It’s From: Homelight, a national real estate company with offices in multiple cities. Below are five all-around great real estate slogan examples that can be used as inspiration for new agents, real estate firms, or experienced solo agents looking to refresh their brand. Seaborgium is a chemical element that is made by the process of synthesizing. 2020’s Top 20 Real Estate Slogans + Worksheet, If a potential client learns about your business via an. The goal is to make it simple to be easily remembered but to also convey what you bring to the table. “...It’s something different from the plain ole square card. If you’re a new real estate agent or run a solo practice, these basic real estate slogans are a great starting out point for learning what works. or run a solo practice, these basic real estate slogans are a great starting out point for learning what works. A slogan of. Because of this, your slogan needs to be top-notch.

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