| | Jürgen Prochnow, TH, Buy, rent or watch ‘From Here to Eternity’, Ten years after the liberation of the concentration camps, Alain Resnais made this mournful 32-minute documentary that offers as clear-sighted and painful an insight into the National Socialist mindset as any film before or since. | Charles Aznavour. Adventure, Comedy, War. Pascale Vignal, Hardy Krüger, Louis de Funès, Pierre Mondy, Director: | Cary Grant, 98 min Drama, War. François Truffaut Director: But if you actually stop to think about it, you may start screaming. Ken Duken, François Caron. The former, co-directed with Stewart McAllister, is more sedate, a sort of Radio 4 with pictures, all twittering songbirds and the smack of leather on willow. 110 min Michel Piccoli. TH. The box set is still worth the investment because most of the movies come with outstanding documentary extras. Director: | 2,953 Paul Verhoeven If they hadn't held the line in the days before Pearl Harbor, our greatest generation would've never had the chance to prove itself. | Stars: Jonathan Mostow In a Dutch village during the German occupation, a small group of badly organized resistance fighters attempt to assassinate a collaborator. 129 min 93 min Ridiculously attractive people swooning in the desert: oh go on, you’ll enjoy watching it really. Simone Signoret, Votes: They’re bound for Alexandria, and the refrigerated lager Anson imagines he’ll find there – provided the Bosch don’t do for them first. | 20,486 Excellent classic-style recounting with a rare view of the Italian side during the battle for El Alamein in 1942. 6,249 Try another? Samia Kerbash, Votes: | PG The film is finally getting made thirty years after the book was first published. William H. Macy, | | Pekka Parikka Director: | | | | Sabine Azéma, | Proof that a work of art can still have direct political impact. TH, ‘Two Enemies! The popularity of the film spawned a less accomplished sequel, Force Ten From Navarone (1977), with Robert Shaw and Harrison Ford taking over for Peck and Niven. William Bendix, Movie plays it completely straight. huge variety. | Stars: Director: Teo Teocoli. Charles Vanel, So he has people in the platoon who want to kill him, just waiting for the right gunfight. | R French classic set in 1942 during desert war in Lybia. Drama, History, War, French civilization in the desert. A real classic. Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Tyrone Power, © 2020 Time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. Géraldine Pailhas, Made by acclaimed director Costa Garvas (Z, The Music Box,...) this movie was long out of the public eye mainly due to copyright problems. Vittorio Gassman, The field commander is a general who plays with a Marx puppet and lives in a luxurious palace ... See full summary », Director: Drama, Thriller, War. Jean Martin, John Gregson, Intense character study of men and women driven by an overpowering obsession with the past. | | Gross: Adapted (some would say quite loosely) from Michael Ondaatje’s novel, this amorous epic stars Ralph Fiennes as the unknown ‘English patient’ who, covered in burns, is being cared for by a young Canadian nurse (Juliet Binoche). Norman Bowler, 123 min Samuel Le Bihan, You haven’t slept for days. Vitaliy Kishchenko, Photograh: British Broadcasting Corporation. Ernest Borgnine, Left with no other option they take refuge in the sewers, where one by one they succumb to malnutrition, madness and death. Donald Sinden, Stars: Stars: | Maurice Biraud, 113 min Stars: In the hands of just about any other filmmaking team this would probably have resulted in something fairly traditional: a lads-together-behind-enemy-lines actioner, perhaps. Klimov’s film argues convincingly that there are no heroes in war, only victims and perpetrators, and that no amount of guns and ammo will be able to reconcile the memory of the Holocaust. | TH, Buy, rent or watch ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, Mother RussiaMade in the wake of Stalin’s death, this visually rapturous masterpiece is more akin in tone to ’40s British morale boosters than Soviet propaganda pieces of the post-war period. The departure of the German Army from Paris in 1944. 149 min | Jeroen Krabbé, | Meanwhile, an American soldier (William Holden) mounts a daring escape, only to face a court martial when the military discovers that he’s an enlisted man impersonating an officer. 1,528 $0.43M. 228,509 It's a movie that deserves a wider audience and, if that requires dubbing in an innocuous name for the dog, let's hope someone gets around to that soon. | Stars: A minor landmark which dared to suggest that, in war, ‘Not everyone is a hero and not every gun is pointed at the enemy’. | Film Movement has collected five of these classic films in "Their Finest Hour," a new Blu-ray box that makes high-definition versions available in the U.S. for the first time. Early Paul Verhoeven on Dutch resistance during WWII. Drama, History, Romance. Peter O'Toole, | Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever? Cochi Ponzoni, Of course, there is plenty of tense action all throughout, from warding off a German patrol boat to the final effort to take out the guns before a fleet of Allied ships are destroyed. Drama, War, The film shows the history of the Neapolitan popular revolt against the invading Germans, during the second world war. Horst Janson, Votes: The plot, in which a German parachutes into a sleepy English village and sets about clearing the way for a major invasion, may be fantasy, but it’s alarmingly powerful. Jürgen Prochnow, Folco Lulli. | By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Gillo Pontecorvo Also stars Hardy Kruger. SS officer. Director: There’s not an inch of fat on its bones, just tommies, citizen sailors and the odd officer struggling bitterly for salvation in the face of extraordinary odds. Wolfgang Preiss, There's one unintentionally shocking thing about this movie: Richard Todd's character, Wing Commander Guy Gibson, has a magnificent black labrador retriever as a pet. PF, Director Lewis Milestone was the master of the grunt’s-eye view, and with this account of a few hours in the life of an American platoon in Italy he set the template for dozens of thoughtful war films that followed. | TH, 'Buy, rent or watch ‘Letters From Iwo Jima’, No film evokes the everyday British experience of WWII better than Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder’s stiff-upper-lipped drama. Spirited account on how the Italian people forced the Germans to turn Naples into an open city in 1944. Was covered in Césars (french Oscars). Sober but engrossing story on clumsy resistance fighters in occupied Holland during 1943. The film followed a group of German teenagers who volunteer for action on the Western Front at the start of the war, only to see their idealism crushed by an unrelenting officer (John Wray), and ultimately the blood and death waiting for them on the front lines. Stars: 30,724 During World War II, an American destroyer meets a German U-Boat. Maurice Barrier, Votes: Drama, War. Alan Bates, | National Parks, wildlife refuges and other federal lands will all be free for veterans and Gold Star family members to use... Kevin Selfaison said he documented the awful Navy food over a period of three years. After much deliberation, we thought it fitting to place this singular film at the top of our list, not just for its strikingly candid take on the human toll of warfare but as a work of sublime visual and aural intensity that uses every tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal to unforgettable and often nauseating effect. You’re watching that sequence and you think, could anything be worth this? Mills' character, Capt. Comedy, Drama, War. Coen Flink, Andréa Ferréol. | All rights reserved. Jack Warden, | )of "War and Peace", largely dealing with Napoleonic Wars of the beginning of 19th century. Traudl Junge, the final secretary for Adolf Hitler, tells of the Nazi dictator's final days in his Berlin bunker at the end of WWII. Sure, it’s not as tough (or as foul-mouthed) as James Jones’s inflammatory source novel, but there’s still plenty that shocks in Fred Zinnemann’s adaptation: the adultery, the prostitution, the fact that Frank Sinatra can act. But this comic-book fantasy, in which Allied POWs are forced to play a lose-lose football match against their Nazi captors, turns out to be a whole big barrel of fun. Steve McQueen heads a top-notch cast of international talent, all of whom are given plenty to do by the lively script and nimbly wrangled by John Sturges’s muscular direction. "The Colditz Story" is also available to stream or buy online. With Gian Maria Volonte. Taneli Mäkelä, 125 min | What we get is movies made with all the craftsmanship we're used to with Hollywood war films from the era but that don't follow the Hollywood rules about plot and character we've seen in a hundred other (often great) WWII movies. Starting in outer space and incorporating a fatal plane crash, French ghosts, naked pan-pipe playing children, brain surgery, feverish hallucinations, Abraham Lincoln, gushing romance and the halls of heaven itself, this is one of British film’s grandest fantasies. But this is far from a straightforward shoot-’em-up, bringing in bizarre and often cruel humour, marvellous characterisation and one of the oddest war-movie scenes of them all, as our heroes assist with childbirth in the belly of a stranded tank. Karen Shakhnazarov | Scott famously refused the Oscar on the grounds that he wasn’t in competition with other actors – a perfect compliment to the iconoclastic character he portrayed. This is sweeping oral testimony as conducted by a filmmaker who is ever-present in his film, bespectacled and smoking, pushing for detail and honesty above emotion and inexactitude. The Russian aristocracy prepares for the French invasion on the eve of 1812. | Most expensive Finnish movie ever made and it shows ! | Thom Hoffman, Here we were, in the grip of the most bloody conflict in Earth’s history, and along comes German Jewish émigré Ernst Lubitsch with a broad Hollywood satire lampooning Nazism, spies, the camps, the whole damn shooting match.

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