I had this black cat called fear any way one night I dreamed fear came in throw the door I I’m feeling the spirit feels now! Why did the cat choose me?

What could that mean? In some parts of southern China, it is believed that cats can see ghosts and spirits.

As I am in the very beginning stages of exploring and understanding my spirituality, please bear with me. Know that you have the power to change your life for the better. house and occupants from the astral world by walking the perimeters. We both think Foze wasn’t done on this earth and it was a very different feeling when he left us. Does this mean anything. i lost my cat.i cant find her.in my dreams.when door open she runs in stay at my place.hope it comes true.i sure miss her. In travel, Comanches would park their Cat on their shoulder then ride on. Folklore in this region tells us that if you put out a saucer of milk near your cows, Cat Spirit will protect them from sickness. My mom was like this cat is trying to get in and I told her to close the door before it did. What does this mean as stray cats don’t really go near anyone and I am not really a cat lover. I’m wondering about the significance of the 4 kittens. The true extent of the Egyptian veneration of Cats comes in the 2nd Century. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s okay to get aquatinted. In my neighbourhood there are always cats but I tend to ignore them. She makes us laugh she inspects my partners handy work by climbing up on the tractor and laying in the horse float. There are some stories of Druid priestesses keeping Cats and having them assist in magic. One of the cats pounced, like a bolt of lightning, escaping with a bird. When I woke up there was a tabby cat sitting on my bed in front of me and she reached out her paw as though to touch my face, and then she was gone. The Spiritual Meaning of Colors Aura Colors, Healing Colors . Your need for freedom means taking a periodic time out from the bustle of daily life. I’m not fearful of them in my dream, but my heart goes out to them as I understand their plight but my hands are tied in my dream.

Its crazy but I would really wanna understand why. Hello, I truly apologize for your cat. I was living in an old shack, out in the country. I have a profound love of cats and have had two females since 1992, but not at the same time. Thus, often cats are kept at home to ward off such harmful stuff. The black and white cat, or Tuxedo cat, is an emblem of mischief and play. then, i sat before what was preveously a crow, i asked my older brother (who was now there to tell us it was time to go) if they were cats or crows. The older one is calm for a reason. This has never happened here in thirty years. I felt the cat wanted to be loved and love me the same way. Magical and Oh So Very Independent, "Cat is fanciful and ever so independent. If you see a Cat nipping you, the dream represents neglecting something important. Are you missing having a cat, since your husband is allergic? Each color has a separate symbolic meaning. All colored cats. It wasn’t your fault.

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