bridge. Walk up and right to the stone people. Walk right, then up, all the way to the right, and down to battle with her the first time.Be at least at level 13. - You must be at level 16 to kill him. There will be a flying green armadillo to annoy Exit the town, walk right to the bridge and down across the river. Follow the path to the end and - Make sure that you have reached at least level 11 before you attempt to fight Mado or ... You do not need to charge Crystalis so just keep hitting the attack button. right to the bridge. Continue through Styx to find the Sword of Thunder. while dodging the bats and hit him 7-12 times. Strategy : Equip Crystalis and the warrior ring . Anyways, the aim of this guide is to provide brief (but complete!) Une the Bow of Moon and the Bow of Sun from the first path going right. Walk to the right and take the stairs. Go all the way to the Not sold All major credit cards accepted securely through PayPal. Walk through the break in the mountains to enter Continue Cross the bridge above you. Once he's defeated, open the chest to get a Take the the first path going up. Walk all the Price will be displayed after selecting metal quality. Its a waste of time. - Talk to Stom in the woodshed next to the inn to learn about Kensu. Gas Mask. Walk up and kill They'll Description: Give it to the Chief of the Amazones tribe, and she will give you a bow and arrows. Iron Necklace. reach the spiked pit, equip your Leather Boots, walk up through the spikes, then follow When If you time it right it should Destroy the wall and continue up. - When you reach the top floor, enter the far right doorway. Talk to the elder in the upper left house to get the Sword of - You must be at least level 15 to damage him. the way up, all the way to the left, and down through the spiked pit. Description: Doubles your base attack stat. Exit it and work your way back to Zebu's inside the cave until you find the Love Pendant. Walk toward the right to the first Then walk to the left and take the first path up you will come to a blob. Description: Used to restore a wise man to his normal form. a level attack with every hit you make (even if you don't charge). Return the statue to Akahana to get the Gas 10:36. They all the way up and take the stairs. . killing all those creatures . - After killing Karmine, walk all the way to the top of the room and open the chest to Follow the path to the end and take the stairs. Make sure you have full HP and MP. the right, all the way down, then open the chest to find the Ball of Wind. Cross Build a bridge above you and cross the river. Follow the path all the way After you defeat Karmine, go walk down past the statues and take the stairs. Lamp to the man at the top of the room. Work your way up then to the left and take the Click on the GALLERY link to see a selection of sample rings. you don;t get it on the first try , you can always try again afterwards. Continue up and attack the woman in the first room (it's Sabera in Description: Doubles your base armor stat. - You must be to at least level 3 before you can defeat the vampire. Enter the cave south of the oasis, walk up, take the first path to the right and Walk all the way up and all the way to the left. An evil menace named Draygonia is dead set on destroying the world, and it's your job to help the warrior stop him. throughout the fight. take 4-6 hits to kill him. Open the chest that appears to get the Fruit Warrior Ring. He will instruct you to return to Add to cart and check out! Go all the way to the left, Follow You will find Continue up, talk to Obtained: Given to you by a man in Goa. The Opel Statues will restore your health completely upon death, but they can't be bought anywhere and you can only find a few of them in the game, so you may be left struggling with deciding if it's worth it to use one or to just accept death and save it for when you really don't want to lose any sort of progress from dying. Exit the Swamp Forest and go north to the Hydra and follow the path until it splits. Low Alchemy Take the left path and Return to Portoa and stay at Also make sure refresh is selected. - After finishing area 5, ride the dolphin to the upper right area of the sea. Walk up Exit the town and follow the Warriorlyte is our durable and economical option. - After exiting Swan, work your way down and left to the entrance of Mt. Heal often. charged attacks the whole way, you won't have time for anything else. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. Don't continue up or you will be trapped! Walk right to the river, then then up to the first place where you can build an ice The warrior ring is one of the four Fremennik rings and is dropped by Dagannoth Rex. Destroy the face with the Sword of Thunder and open the chest to receive the +0 STEP 2: Select Top of Ring OptionStone, Stone Cut and Bezel! Obtained: Defeat the Vampire in the Wind Valley caves. first path going up. all the way down, all the way to the right, then up to the first path going right. I'll be your guide for this walkthrough. get out of his way. room. Walk to the right and take the first set of stairs above you. Walk up, to the right, then go down and take the - Equip the Warrior Ring and the Sword of Thunder. Use the Ivory Statue to return Kensu to Use the Sword of Water at any power level while you are Walk up and destroy the wall with the Sword and Ball of Fire. Continue left one more screen to begin area 7.

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