See our work in progress at and let us know what you think. San Mateo was ready to get rid of its old, clumsy process. Raymond Hodges, Director After decades of using a paper lottery process to connect people in need with affordable housing, the city went digital with DAHLIA: San Francisco Housing Portal, a cloud computing-powered online service simplifying a complex search and application process. As availability of affordable housing fluctuates over time across different counties, having DAHLIA-like portals in more Bay Area counties will certainly make it easier for people to work through a more streamlined process. It now also collects information from prospective renters via a simplified application and shows housing developers how many applicants are applying for the units in a particular building. The SMC Eviction Moratorium has expired. • Reinspection appointments will be canceled. Much of the area has eye-popping rental values, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: the metro areas of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have average respective rents of $3,335, $2,789 and $2,302. For additional legal information, please go here. To minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Department of Housing/Housing Authority Belmont office and property management offices will be closed to the public until further notice. Many just work off printed spreadsheets.”. How can I contact you?" The digital service quickly became a textbook example of how technology can make government work better for citizens — and for something so critical as shelter, according to the San Francisco Examiner. | translate }}, {{ "Why should I sign up for an account?" Vinson said the first challenges came in deciding what housing to include in the portal. Properties have their own application forms and eligibility rules which may relate to income levels, credit scores, Section 8, rental history and criminal background. Please, Preview our new site for affordable housing, Assessor, County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer, County Managers Office/Clerk of the Board, DOH Loan Terms, Underwriting Guidelines, and Policies (updated June 2020), Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA), Transfer Your Section 8 Voucher to San Mateo County (Port-In), Landlord Brochure on Rental Subsidy Programs, Job Opportunities - Housing Programs Specialist I/II, {{ "Available to anyone, anytime" | translate }}, {{ "One Degree keeps all of our resources up-to-date every 6 months" | translate }}, {{ "Read about our impact and get recent news:" | translate }}, {{ "See One Degree in the Media:" | translate }}, {{ "Are you looking for referral management tools" | translate }}, {{ 'Search by text message available!' {{ "Empowering you to find what you need" | translate }}, {{ "It's always 100% free" | translate }}, {{ "One Degree amplifies your work" | translate }}, {{ "View tools & resources" | translate }} >, {{ "We're a 501(c)(3) technology-driven non-profit" | translate }}, {{ 'Learn more about us' | translate }} >, {{ 'Learn about our impact' | translate }} >, {{ 'How do I search for resources on the One Degree app?' NOTICE: The safety of our clients and staff remains paramount to the San Mateo County Department of Housing. | translate }}, {{ "How do I get started with the One Degree app?" San Francisco County made DAHLIA's code open-source so it can share the system with other Bay Area counties in the hopes that it can become regional. It  gives developers and property managers tools to manage the hundreds or thousands of applications that may arrive for the few available units. He has written Fast Company, The New York Times and other publications. © 2019 Nutanix, Inc. All rights reserved. Roeder said people can now apply from their smartphones and track their lottery number in real time. San Francisco Mayor’s Office and Google team up to create an internet portal that helps qualified people find affordable housing in the pricey Bay Area. Vinson said these functions could be brought in-house or run on a hybrid cloud system sometime in the future. | translate}}, {{ "Find free, life-improving resources in minutes." in partnership with San Francisco Digital Services Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation. The Bloom Housing project has built on the DAHLIA project, started by the Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation at the City and County of San Francisco and by Google, via the Civic Bridge program.

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