The frequently referenced "Mail Room Manager" is Howie's wife, Kathy. [11][13] In the latter part of 2016 the show relocated to his current studio in the New Balance Building in Brighton.

Active Member Since Jan 12, 2005. "Do you know who I am?" ROCKPORT, MA, January 28, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/-- Respected broadcast veteran Dana Hersey has been signed to host The Film Detective's new, Over-the-Top (OTT) classic movie channel, streaming on Roku, AppleTV and AmazonFire TV, it was announced Jan. 19 at the annual NATPE Market and Conference in Miami, Fla. He took over the afternoon drive-time slot from Jerry Williams, on whose show Carr often made appearances, originally during a segment called "The Governors," with Williams and anti-tax advocate Barbara Anderson.

(Dana also found time for Hersey's Hollywood, interviews with top movie performers and previews of upcoming theatrical films, and the short-lived and much lamented We Don't Knock, an offbeat interview series. The voice is that of a former summer intern named Trish; when originally recorded, Carr explained away the fact that she, not being a member of the AFTRA guild, was not permitted to work on-air.

The feature ends with a message, as might be heard on an answering machine: "Thank you for calling Howie Carr -- you chump!" Dana Hersey's spec page at (nice photo!). A correspondent has informed me that Stu has been working since 2001 as a consultant at a company called Entravision.

The station also bought back many of the shows it previously held the local rights during the period from 1983 to 1985. Elderly actors, politicians and musicians are the most popular choices but nobody is off limits. Until someone definitely confirms the year, it is uncertain. Carr has stated that the format was copied by, "Newsmax TV To Simulcast Howie Carr, Joe Pagliarulo Talk Shows", "Carr Wars: Legal fight brews as Carr leaves WRKO in radio daze", Carr files suit against WRKO for trying to stop new deal with rival –, "Boston's Howie Carr Signs with Global Media Services for Syndication", "WRKO suspends Carr for barbs against station", "Howie Carr & WRKO: Reunited, and it feels so... profitable", "Howie Carr Moving Up on the Dial to WMEX 1510 AM", "The Howie Carr Radio Network Promotes Two",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink," attributed to Massachusetts, "Nothing is on the level. Right after Christmas, the station laid off most of its staff and dropped all its cash programming.
Ray Boyer ("Electrician to the stars!"

ATM's beloved Cliff Allen passed away after a heart attack a few weeks following Ask the Manager's final broadcast. A few shows such as The Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show, Perry Mason and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
The Larry, Moe, and Curly questions never stopped during ATM's run. A small taste of Channel 56's Meet the Manager. Formerly, Giles Threadgold was a sports announcer and sidekick. It was very easy to duplicate the signal due to its simplistic scrambling method, known as "gated sync suppression," and its "decoding key" hidden in the audio channel subcarrier.

referring to the "very exciting Red Sox pre-game show" followed by a loud yawn sound effect) and WRKO's weak signal to the western suburbs in the evening. TV-38's affiliation with UPN, unfortunately, was the first knell of doom for Ask the Manager. Newsmax TV began broadcasting live, daily simulcasts of the show nationally in September 2016.

It was during Dan's tenure that impromptu basketball tosses were held on the set, the Doo-Doo Bird made its first appearance, and jokes flew so fast and furious that people would inquire if Dan had had "his medicine" yet that morning.

Dana, with a cameraman trailing behind him, would wander from top to bottom and room to room in TV-38's broadcast building on Leo Birmingham Parkway (starting at Mr. Birmingham's missing memorial plaque on the traffic island outside the building to answer the perpetual question "Who was Leo Birmingham? After one Christmas show the viewers wondered if the Berkery girls were going to leave their dad coal in his stocking after Dan started complaining on-camera about a type of lingerie his pre-teen daughters kept leaving around the house.

In early 1993, the Monitor programs were finally dropped in favor of previously dropped off-network sitcoms and drama series that did not secure rights to air on other stations in the market. The station was outbid by Viacom the following year for future syndication rights, resulting in Judge Judy moving to Viacom-owned WSBK-TV in September 1997. Dana as a lottery host on an episode of Spenser: For Hire with Ron McLarty as Frank Belson, Dana on one of the studio tours, outside 83 Leo Birmingham Parkway at Leo Birmingham's memorial. Each Friday, Grace reads police reports that listeners have submitted via fax or e-mail, and the show awards prizes for the two funniest entries. It continued in this manner, its time and date frequently changing without warning, until the final broadcast in January 1999. The two stations share studios on Soldiers Field Road in Boston's Allston neighborhood and transmitter facilities on Parmenter Road in Hudson, Massachusetts.

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