Check out this example with die Flitterwochen (honeymoon). But NOT to monosyllables such as Bad, Kind, and Boot because they look but don’t sound English.

Stufen – degrees/levels/stages.

There are 6 main types German plurals: -e, -(e)n, -er, -e + umlaut, -s, and no change. die Bank — die Banken (banks), die Bänke (benches)der Effekt — die Effekte (results), die Effekten (valuables)die Mutter — die Mütter (mothers), die Muttern (nuts, for bolts)das Wort — die Wörter (countable words, as in ‘there are many words in this article’), die Worte (collection of words, as in a saying or the phrase ‘thank you for your kind words’), *feminine nouns ending with -er, or -el DO take the -(e)n plural (<– with no ‘e’). Wow! Monosyllables default to the -e + umlaut plural. If you memorize a smattering of rules/guidelines and some short lists of key exceptions, you can be a master of German plurals!

NOTE that feminine persons with the -in ending in the singular double that ‘n’ before adding on the -en plural ending, e.g.

der Sessel (armchair)→ die Sesselder Fahrer (driver) → die Fahrerder Onkel (uncle)→ die Onkelder Computer → die Computer, der Vetter (male cousin) → die Vetternder Stachel (thorn)→ die Stachelnder Charakter (character)→ die Charaktere der Muskel (muscle)→ die Muskeln, der Garten (garden) → die Gärtender Mantel (coat) → die Mäntelder Vater (father) → die Väterder Apfel (apple) → Äpfel, der Tisch (table) → die Tischeder Arm (arm) → die Armeder Hund (dog) → die Hundeder Versuch (attempt)→ die Versuche, der Bach (creek) → die Bächeder Stuhl (chair) → die Stühleder Fuß (foot) → die Füßeder Bart (beard) → die Bärte, der Gott (God) → die Götterder Mann (man) → die Männerder Wald (forest) → die Wälderder Irrtum (error) → die Irrtümer. There is another very small exception list of masculine & neuter nouns ending with the [typically feminine] suffix -e that get off the train here, e.g. (now rare, chiefly historical) A person employed to perform computations; one who computes. : Much easier to think of her sipping espressos in the cafes of Rome, than camping in the bush. Suffixes (B) - Ends with -a, -i, -o, -u, -y → add -s, 5. add -e + umlaut: ~ ½ (generally monosyllabic) masculine nouns that could be umlauted, add -(e)n: all masculine nouns that end with -e and a handful of others, add -er + umlaut: only ~12 masculine nouns. Verwenden Sie folgende URL, um diesen Artikel zu zitieren. The -(e)n plural ending is considered German’s ‘weak’ plural ending because there’s a lot of gravity toward using it. . dem Computer: den Computern: Acc. I saw many lightnings!’. © 2020 German with Laura  |  All Rights Reserved  |  Privacy, 1711 Kings Way Onawa, IA 51040 |  (603) 303-8842  |, Notes: an umlaut is added in the plural wherever possible (so, on any, (jump to the exceptions list (1A) list here), all masculine nouns with the endings -eur, -ich, -ier, -ig, -ling, -ör, (jump to the monosyllable exception list here), no change: most nouns ending with -er, -el, or -en, add umlaut: ~20 nouns ending with -er, -el, or -en. 4. der Garten => die. For instance, Elefant would get off here and take the -en plural. [from 17th c.]quotations ▼ 1.1.

Of course, you can pick whatever color for whatever gender that suits you! That’s how we learned English as our native language, right? I've always wondered why the people I know who are most into, Tony, an avid collector of spongy penguins given out at various Linux events, now thinks, I've noticed more and more Americanisms sneaking into the English language and I blame. add -e: most masculine nouns belong in this category! Plural; Nom. Suffixes are king! Exceptions: there are some nouns that have adopted native plurals, e.g. And in German, is the same: der Rat (advice) → die Ratschläge(pieces of advice), Similarly, der Schmuck (jewellery) → die Schmuckstücke (pieces of jewellery). I said that German noun plurals were tricky, but as it turns out … so are English ones. Maybe we have a leg up on German plurals after all. Zusammentreffen dreier gleicher Buchstaben, Anführungszeichen in Kombination mit anderen Satzzeichen, Die Wörter mit den meisten aufeinanderfolgenden Vokalen.

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