Basketball player Diamond DeShields smiles big for the camera. Swish. DeShields just started it. Her potential was obvious. Diamond started to notice that the condition was affecting her aggressiveness and confidence on the court, sometimes preventing her from seeing play calls and signals from her coaches and teammates. This was no easy task, but the Oakley team refused to compromise throughout this process and their hard work resulted in a stunning work of beauty. Instead, DeShields was fitted with scleral lenses — large-diameter, rigid gas-permeable contact lenses that are filled with sterile saline solution. It’s just the same mental approach you would have even if you weren’t playing in the Wubble. The schedule for All-Star Weekend is plastered all over Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand. She does it again. She continues running around that 3-point line, jacking up shots. A ball from the other side of the court rolls across half court, traveling a foot in front of DeShields. When she'd arrived in Knoxville three years earlier, she'd had surgery to repair that stress fracture in her left leg. Overtime. DeShields saw the opportunity to exert control once again, this time on the college basketball status quo. SITTING AT A table in Fuddruckers in Northbrook, a northern suburb of Chicago, DeShields picks around her food. So having to adjust to working out in your living room and using YouTube workouts or Zoom workouts. With keratoconus, the cornea’s structure is weakened, causing it to shift into a cone shape from a rounded one. Her eyes rise toward the ceiling, and she takes a deep breath. The team is discussed at blackjack tables. The irony of my story is that it mirrors that of an actual diamond. Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your day-to-day work as an artist? DESHIELDS STARES OUT the window of a bus as it rolls down the Las Vegas Strip on its way to a local school. Murphy runs DeShields all over the court, drill after drill. Not only can she fly up and down the court with wicked speed, but she has a sweet jump shot, silky handles and great court vision — all the makings of a fast-rising star. Select options. What are some of your hopes or goals for this collection, especially as many sports have been put on pause around the world due to the novel coronavirus? "Becoming," by Michelle Obama, rests on the desk. The Vols had a historically strong recruiting class that season, and she'd helped recruit many of the players to the program. At 16, she was selected to play on the 2011 U19 USA basketball squad. She catches the pass, squares and lets it fly. Still, she worried about protecting her new lenses — and eyesight — during practices and games. As DeShields comes back down the court, she slows her steps and pulls up. Still, Tennessee, she says, is where she always wanted to be. Three days after Christmas of 2018 and two months after returning from Turkey, DeShields was back on a plane -- en route to China to play for the Shanxi Flame in Taiyuan, China, a city of 4.4 million, 300 miles southwest of Beijing. She had already graduated with her degree in communications. She opens the door to the team room, grabs an orange-and-white WNBA ball and walks out of the gym, past the exercise pool and the check-in desk and over to the field house with her trainer, Michael Murphy, in tow. That left UNC. I’ve always taken to music, in a way, lyrically. “It doesn’t matter how it looks. It all looks effortless until you see the sweat on her back. "I wanted to at least win a national championship, go to the Final Four, be an All-American or something. The WNBA has been at the forefront of social justice issues for years, and even more so this year. And she snipped her eyelashes. Teammates Allie Quigley and Vandersloot FaceTime DeShields multiple times, imploring her to hurry up. There's a pizza box on the table and two empty takeout containers that once held calamari and Alfredo pasta. My quest is to make the young women of this world understand that they are ALL diamonds being formed. Her lower left leg still swelled after games. After trying on each outfit, DeShields settles on the first option: plaid-and-denim pants, a silver blazer with flared lapels, strappy silver heels. Every day of our lives is an uphill battle, so for us to not be vocal and outspoken at a time such as this when like you said, about 80 percent of our league is directly impacted by racial injustices and racial issues, it would be doing ourselves a disservice and there’s no place for that. And so like I said as leaders and as influencers, it’s our duty to create a new normal. Their father, after all, was a major league ballplayer, a 13-year veteran, the runner-up for the NL Rookie of the Year award, and fast -- he stole 463 bases in his career and one year led the National League in triples. Keratoconus affects the cornea, the clear protective layer covering the front part of the eye. How do you think the return of sports can help people have some sense of normalcy in their lives? Diamond was curious. Diamond? She doesn't go after it. However, in the past, protective eyewear did not offer much in terms of vision. She'd known seventh-ranked prospect Allisha Gray since sixth grade. Sunglasses brand Oakley recently collaborated with Japanese American artist Meguru Yamaguchi to develop the new collection, Kokoro, out today, July 23. "Very mediocre," DeShields says of her college career. A few hours later, DeShields steps onto the court. She's getting ready for the orange carpet, a newer WNBA All-Star tradition in which All-Stars walk the carpet, take photos and sign autographs. Character Media is a subsidiary of London Trust Media. She towers over everyone in her 4-inch heels. I kept asking her, 'Talk to me, what's bringing this on?' Extended Coverage – Oakley’s Clear Collection includes high-wrap frames that offer an extended field of view that also provide increased peripheral vision and great coverage without compromising on your eye protection. one of the men calls, trotting over to grab the wandering sphere. "I took maybe half of what I was supposed to make," she says. Tonight DeShields is having a career night. Before designing the artwork for this collection, I had the opportunity to explore Oakley HQ in California and I was moved by the united passion for sport. After the ensuing Sky timeout, she runs the baseline to the corner in a play drawn up by coach James Wade. NDNation is the independent voice on Notre Dame. 2020 election season features sports, politics, athlete activism, voting efforts, From Olajuwon to Embiid: How Africa's relationship with American hoops has evolved, Sue Bird turns 40: The evolution and revolution of Seattle's point guard, Ex-WNBA star Pondexter found safe, agent says, Ionescu eyes playing overseas to prep for 2021, WNBA Finals - Storm's Sami Whitcomb wins title ring ... from 9,000 miles away in Australia, Stewart named Finals MVP as Storm win 4th title. YOUR GIRLFRIEND CAN’T CHECK ME BLACK HOODIE $ 39.99. You get the quality frames you have become accustomed to with Oakley with clear and photochromic lenses. It's an early-September game, less than two weeks from the start of the playoffs, and the Sky lead 94-91. DIAMOND DESHIELDS PRO LOGO SKY BLUE SHIRT $ 11.11 – $ 24.99. You’ve started this season on good note, currently sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference standings. I partnered with Oakley to design the new Kokoro Collection, created to inspire and unite athletes around the world through a shared Love of Sport. When Diamond was 10, she decided to sign up to play organized basketball for the first time. Does it another time. The Luxottica subsidiary, together with WNBA virtuoso Diamond DeShields and NFL master JuJu Smith-Schuster, Oakley has designed their Clear Collection with a focus on protection and performance. And what way to better celebrate humanity’s sense of heart than with wearable artwork? When DeShields called, they all decided to commit to UNC with her. I spent some great quality time with my family but was soon itching to get back to the studio, so I rented one nearby; in this new space, I am resetting my mindset and staying positive in the midst of the pandemic. She isn't a fan of the thicker fries, preferring the thin, crunchy ones. Obviously, every season is physically challenging in the WNBA. My sport requires me to leave my house and go to a gym every day, and to do other things outside of just the equipment and things that I have at home. Wearing the glasses without the nose pad causes cuts where the nose pads should be. Written By Growing up I never gave much thought to my name. To request an appointment, please use our secure online form. When asked if she'll win, DeShields laughs. Following last year’s crushing defeat at the hands of the Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA playoff semifinals, DeShields and the Chicago Sky have big dreams this year. Delino -- or Lino, as Diamond calls him -- was the quiet one. And then I met with her before she left. "Are they past the scissors?" DeShields doesn't really have a permanent one. She'd met Jessica Washington and Stephanie Muvunga -- the No. Did you also work with Oakley to develop the custom spin machine that decorates each pair of glasses? Diamond DeShields (Chicago Sky) Despite being a 6-foot-1 guard for the Chicago Sky, WNBA player Diamond DeShields struggled with distorted vision caused by keratoconus for years. During the WNBA season, she's put up by the Chicago Sky in this apartment. Some of the best features in Oakley’s Clear Collection include: High Definition Optics – No more looking through a distorted lens means you can work and play with your protective glasses with clear vision and complete accuracy. Some of the athletes who took part in the campaign and will be seen in the eyewear include Diamond DeShields, Ryan Sheckler, Italo Ferreira, Caroline Buchanan, Oksana Masters and Nigel Sylvester. Diamond DeShields recorded her first double-double of the season netting 23 points and 11 rebounds while also being the leading scorer for the game. I believe if you look good and you feel good, then you play good. “I was very excited when Oakley reached out to collaborate, as I’ve been a fan of the brand since my high school days,” Yamaguchi said in a press release. But DeShields always had a plan, was always in control. DeShields struggled for years with distorted vision caused by keratoconus even as she played basketball at a world-class level. Murphy scrounges up a bench for her while she puts on her shoes so she doesn't have to flop onto the worn hardwood floor. But when she announced her decision to leave UNC in April 2014 and her transfer to the University of Tennessee two months later, the discourse wasn't kind: "Diamond DeShields raising the roof and red flags," wrote John Adams of the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Now, on the court, DeShields catches a pass from Murphy. "And I get on her like, 'Why don't you do that every time? In DeShields' second season at Tennessee, the 2016-17 Lady Vols went 20-12 and lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament to fourth-seeded Louisville. Instead, DeShields was fitted with scleral lenses — large-diameter, rigid gas-permeable contact lenses that are filled with sterile saline solution. Select options. Chicago’s bench scored 10 of the Sky’s 14 first-quarter points, led by Cheyenne Parker and Jamierra Faulkner with four each. Four hours ago, after winning the skills challenge, she was being interviewed on national television. At that point, why go back? "They were like, 'Are you sure she's 10?'" They were earned! In fact, her path to the WNBA has been a series of bold plans -- and surprise exits. In the summer of 2017, with one year of eligibility remaining, DeShields announced she was leaving Knoxville. "Let me do yours," Diamond said as she moved the scissors toward her brother.

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