MJ falls reluctantly and hurts himself, he must be taken to hospital where it comes out that he fell on purpose, Susan admits what happened and Mike is mad at Jackson. 2008-05-24 16:01:41 2008-05-24 16:01:41. 7"), MJ and Juanita (or rather, Susan and Gaby) go head to head to sell the most school chocolate. Mike is alright with letting her live with them. Later, Mike is seen meeting up with an old man at a park bench, who asks Mike why does he have a face on. The old man asked him why did he not wear gloves, and Mike told him he didn't think it mattered to wear them in the suburbs. Bree examines the pill and determines it is a very addictive narcotic. After committing to the challenge of losing weight, she found out the surgeon had a cancellation thus opening a spot for Carlos weeks earlier. Edie tells him it was all Susan's idea, and Mike later tells Susan to keep her distance from Paul as he knows he is a dangerous man. ("Bargaining"), Mike finds out that Susan is marrying Jackson and so proposes to Katherine, Katherine realizes the reason but is too happy as to bring it up. During a homecoming party, Susan and Bree found out that Gabby sold a baseball signed by Lou Gehrig when the car needed tires, assuming Carlos would never know the difference. Mike is made to work more to pay off the suit and is extremely angry with Susan. Gabby told Carlos she was worried that she “had lost her luster” and that he’d be disappointed when he saw her again. ("Could I Leave You? — Carrie Bell Susan Mike took MJ to the zoo and Katherine tagged along, but the outing did not go smoothly. ("Who Can Say What's True?") It's really sad to hear that he died when they had been repairing their relationship. Susan is told that she may be going through menopause and asks Mike whether or not he wants kids, he, not knowing the situation, says that he doesm causing her upset. Kendra, secretly, tells Susan tha Mike murdering the cop was completely out of self-defense and Susan goes back to him. ("Into the Woods"), Susan and Mike are now officially back together and it has been a year s, Mike and Susan marry the first time. He has been in it for six months now and Susan has been told that Mike may never wake up. Mike looks at a drawing of the woman and does not recognise her, they begin to get suspicious as he once killed a cop, Mike is angry and promptly asks them to leave. ("Smiles of a Summer Night"), Susan decides to throw a charades party and asks Bree for the number of her ob-gyn, Bree gives her a random number and the place is awful. The Mayer/Delfino family is one of the central families on Desperate Housewives. He threatens Ron never to hurt her and Ron shoves him. ("Fear No More") Kendra expresses her thoughts that the investigation to find out what happened to Deidre is pointless now, Mike and Noah refuse to give up. Mike goes outside and takes pills in his car, Susan sees this and later inspects the pills, she realizes that Orson perscribed them. Tom and Lynette Scavo definitely have their share of problems that they must tackle throughout the show’s eight-season run, but ultimately, their love for each other is strong enough to triumph in the end. But in all fairness, they don’t start out like that. Sort by. Katherine tells the police that Mike stabbed her and he is wrongfully arrested. He rushes her to hospital, worried about her and their unborn child. Gabby let out a sigh of relief, but when she came clean about the ball, Carlos was mad and demanded that she get it back as it was one of only two things he asked her not to sell. He lies and tells her that he was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself. Later, at a dentists appointement with Orson, Mike begins to recognise him from somewhere, Orson begins to worry. Mrs. Huber runs into Susan at the supermarket, after offering her a mincemeat pie the night before. Afin de soulager sa peine, Susan entame une liaison avec Jackson Bradock. Susan Delfino (née Bremmer, previously Mayer) is one of the main characters of Desperate Housewives. James Denton ("The Ladies Who Lunch"), Mike gives a letter to Susan that, allegedly, explains the entire murder situation, however, after contemplating it, Susan gives the letter back to Mike, unread. A confrontation with Andrew revealed that the two had started shacking up six months earlier and he hadn’t told her because she had never been supportive of his sexual orientation. Though they never stop bickering, their love is one for the ages. Mike grabs a random tape to film the wedding and it is the tape that Dave gave him, containing his confession. He has a sister who is mentally challenged. Susan is horrified to see a large bilboard promoting the website is going up with her picture on it, she jumps on it to tear it down in order for Mike not to find out.

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