Millwood Battle Axe has greatsword class AR and can be buffed with the weapon art as well. Not only is it big and menacing, but its skill allows you to gain back health on each successful hit.

Have fun 2 hitting players my dude.

We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. This weapon can be both buffed and infused, making it a viable option for a variety of different builds. Currently using Yhorms Machete and I also have Fugs and butchers knife, smoughs great hammer, Profand gs, Just a couple weapons I've already collected. The Zweihander is one of the first Ultra Greatswords you can acquire, allowing you to start hitting enemies with big, decisive blows early into your adventure. i want to do a strength build will a small weapon like the mace, that is fast enough to be used with pontiffs right eye. Update #2: We have introduced the Sellsword Twinblades to this list after hours of testing. Yes, join the large and great large and great club club! There is no downside to a STR Claymore.

With a 45 strength requirement to wield effectively, this weapon is one heck of a commitment. The fact that you can pick it up so early in the game, and just keep it, and it gets better and better as you level it up and Heavy Gem it. Other bigger weapons usually use gravity to aid their attacking power by swinging from head to toe, but this weapon strikes from the ground up with nothing but sheer strength and style. Most importantly, it’s a cool-looking weapon. Longsword, Broadsword, Astora Straight Sword, Lothric Knight Sword, Barbed Straight Sword, Uchigatana, Bloodlust, Morning Star, Spear, Arstor's Spear, Silver Eagle Kite Shield, Frayed Blade. It also comes equipped with a 50 Item Discovery attribute, allowing you to farm for rare items more easily. However, the class is one of the least popular and therefore this weapon hasn’t received the attention it deserves. One thing remains clear though, whatever way you slice it (pun intended) if you need to crush, smash or pummel something, strength weapons are definitely your best bet. Can you fix the old wolf curved greatsword? As expected, Smough's Great Hammer is incredibly slow and it is extremely easy to become overwhelmed by faster opponents. It gives you a total of +20% AR for 39 extra points investment. It's great at catching rolls and long wind-ups and deals serious damage in the process, so it should definitely not be overlooked. It can be an excellent primary weapon that fills multiple roles due to its powerful damage when dual-wielded, and high speed when one-handed. 15 Best Weapons in Dark Souls 3 BY Ianara Natividad This post may contain affiliate links. While the Exile Greatsword is the best Greatsword in the game in terms of damage, all that damage comes at the price of sacrificing your range. Additionally, Ledo Great Hammer is pretty great str weapon you should try.

", Executioner's Greatsword, Zweihander, Old Wolf Curved Sword, Dragonrider Bow, Crucifix of the Mad King, Gael's Greatsword, *Weapons not listed have 0 Strength Requirement, Went for a strength build recently. I personally steer clear of the UGHS and UGSs other than Greatsword and LKGS. Maybe I missed this, but whenever I kick shields on a strength build vs a dex build, the strength build seems to do more stamina damage. The Dark Souls series is one of From … Location: Transposition. Location: Greirat at Firelink Shrine. Going anyfurther should only be done to hold a higher str req weapon never go above 60! Location: High Wall of Lothric and Farron Keep. Good moveset. It almost makes up for itself in that it can actually be buffed, but it's still a close call. Details unknown. The black knight weapons are also all great, though the halber is slightly better in a quality build, I personally love the black knight sword, the WA is great and you can easily have a 500+ AR in pure physical damage. While two-handing, your strength is multiplied by 1.5, allowing you to reach the soft cap at 26, the hard cap at 66. ALSO SEE: 10 Fun Build Ideas For DS3’s Most Interesting Weapons, Location: Road of Sacrifices. The Mace can be buffed and infused, unlike a lot of other weapons on this list, and its weapon art, Perseverance, helps it bypass some of its range issues. Black Knights really like to show off their abilities, and the Black Knight Greataxe's moveset demonstrates that. Ye I used yhorms loved it, Actually loving fugs moveset atm, Will have to give the greataxe a try, Whats the full name of the great axe or is it just "great axe" :3, I'm glad you recommended the great axe finally complete the game and maxed it and having a blast with it on invasions :D. The Exile Greatsword is the best strength curved sword, doing massive damage to other players in pvp and being all around great in pve. I did my first playthrough (ds3 being my first soulsborne game) using strength build. Not only that but before a patch was instituted, you could use the Black Knight Greatsword to stun-lock your opponent. However, it will decrease stamina drain when blocking. I'd think about adding the Great Club and Greatsword to your collection. Not going for a quality build, going for 50 strength, currently rocking the dark sword (as it's braindead), a lot of the greatswords im picking up require 16-18 dex, but I'm sticking at 15 for the darksword crutch, I've got the dragonslayer greataxe in my sights and Yhorms great machete, but what other weapons are worth picking up? Is 66 Strength the hard cap for two handing? Location: Undead Settlement. Note that, yes, these are a starting weapon for the Mercenary class. Strength increases damage done by weapons with a scaling mechanic. This weapon isn't quite as far into your playtime as some of the others on this list, but it's still going to be a while before you get your hands on the Dragonslayer Greataxe, which is why it comes in so far down the list.
If you wanna look like Guts from Berserk which is actually a massive influence on the Souls series, the greatsword is probably your best bet since it's the longest sword in the game. The Claymore can either be attained from enemies wielding it in iIrithyll of the Boreal …

Details: As the first Katana available in the game, the Uchigatana is sure to be a favorite among players. Dark Souls 3: The 10 Best Quality Build Weapons, Ranked Dark Souls 3 may be a tough game, but these weapons will make tings a little easier on you. The Broadsword is found in the first major area of the game and has the potential to carry you until the very end. The secondary attack is great though, as the Greataxe deals lightning damage scattered at your opponent's feet. If you're hoping do be as deadly as the infamous Dark Souls boss just by using it, you'll be sorely disappointed. One of those new items will be the Zweihander, which you can buy from him for 6,000 souls. He is tough to kill, but will drop his Uchigatana and armor if you defeat him.

It is an attribute for wielding heavy, powerful weapons and heavy greatshields. Not going for a quality build, going for 50 strength, currently rocking the dark sword (as it's braindead), a lot of the greatswords im picking up require 16-18 dex, but I'm sticking at 15 for the darksword crutch, I've got the dragonslayer greataxe in my sights and Yhorms great machete, but what other weapons … Increases the damage you do with strength scaling weapons and fire resistance. " Strength is a stat in Dark Souls 3. Hey I’m curious about how some weapons I can use two handed but not in one had because my strength is too low, but that doesn’t work with some other weapons where my strength is too low. Item drop from a named NPC who ambushes you on an optional path after the first drop down in Road of Sacrifices. But I need to know whether not meeting a staff's str requirement will hurt its power. With some of the best strength weapons in the series and plenty of them to choose from, it may be difficult to discern the best of the best. Update: We have added 5 more weapons to the list! It also has the auxiliary effects of causing Bleeding, Poison, Frost, and Curse damage. I'm a wizard! Falchion, Shotel,  Hand Axe, Witch's Locks, Spotted Whip, Longbow, Black Bow of Pharis, Man-Grub's Staff, Follower Sabre. The Harald Curved Greatsword is another weapon that can be found exclusively in The Ringed City DLC. Strength is a stat in Dark Souls III that increases the player's attack power with strength-based weapons.
For straight swords, it's either Longsword or Dark Sword (better R2s vs some extra range and damage on R1s). In this guide we will go over five of the best weapons you can find during the early hours of Dark Souls 3. Why even have a strength requirement so low that youll never be under it unless you have a modded stat character? With more than 50 weapons available in the game, it isn’t easy to decide on what to wield and invest upgrades into. Also easily the best PVE weapon. Weapons in Dark Souls 3 are listed on this page. The moveset is equally flashy and powerful, allowing for high momentum combos that put enemies in disarray. Item drop from Darkwraiths.

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