Going to try this out aswell. Bahmanis for example. Declare on Ainu, conquer their north-eastern province, vassalize the rest. With no previous experience in advertising, Ogilvy became the world’s most famous copywriter within three years. Incidentally, if anyone is lurking the thread and wants a copy of the base game pm me your steam id and I'll gift you the extra code I got from the bundle. On the battlefield, when Charles III was about to engage in battle, the horseshoe with a missing nail fell off. When Ming is defeated do not sign peace immediately. maritime show. Although you technically do not own a lot of development yourself, your vassal’s development and military strength gets added to yours when the game calculates how much AI nations would like to become your vassals. Whenever a subject declares a war you can “Force Seppuku” as subject interaction. 0. Countless numbers of people detach themselves from society and indulge themselves in games. I went for the seconds approach and only finished off the last of Ming during the early 18th century because I wanted to focus on other theatres around the world as well but I think both ways are reasonable. The player will not be able to attack Japan or Korea as the countries there will be much stronger, but may wish to turn their attention southward. In that case you risk losing that territory. It is also possible to switch to Christian to become Emperor yourself and enact all the reforms to revoke the privilegea. Friendly reminder. If they ask you to give up claims happily agree to that (if it is not your “front”-claim) to make the rest of the claim-chain cheaper. Having unlimited vassals is pretty hilarious. It contains almost exclusively ideas which are ranging from very useful to absolutely vital: +25% income from vassals boosts the total income significantly and can later be stacked with policies to a ridiculous amount where you will be able to get thousands of ducats from vassals. You can place a single unit on Settsu and use the rest to hunt down the enemy. And the problem with coring distance would also be solved. You need to add your capital province to join the Empire proper. Finished that war about 2 years before the end of the Age of Discovery. From the experience from my almost finished run, i would say it would help a lot. You might then want to collect lower in Africa, before they have a chance to steal it, but every node you pass through with a merchant multiplies the trade value, so you can produce 10 ducats of stuff and make 20 ducats from trade. Check Ashikaga's leader. Oops! Currently playing as Ryukyu as the vassal swarm of the east (ie, I am shogun). At the end of my campaign I was close to 2k force limit which is far more than actually needed. You can reach the south-east Asia mainland by building up a claim-chain along the coast of Ming. Besides your exploration plans you can also start conquering already. Went to war with Denmark, transferred Norway. Vassals, marches, and client states, which usually do not transfer Trade power. I also wouldn’t have had to truce-break since I was finishing pretty early anyway (1766). Just make sure to not overdo it so you will have enough points to reach Alaska before 1500. ... a refusal starts a war but with the swarm behind you that should be easy enough. Starting event can now happen even if Navarra is Aragon's vassal. Guys, I made it! EU4 Cheats is an up-to-date, searchable Europa Universalis IV console This Instead start attacking all their tributaries and annex/vassalize them without them being protected. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If people in advertising were to know only one man and one book, no doubt, it will be David Ogilvy and his book Confessions of an Advertising Man. Kept the Nepalese space marines as I have to kick various Europeans out of India still. EU4 Guide: Conquer the World With Ryukyu - Vassal Swarm Strategy Republic - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki Republican governments (except Revolutionary Republic, Pirate Republic, Vassals, marches, and client states, which usually do not transfer Trade power. The official website for The Deputy Commandant for Mission Support Anyhow, if anyone ever manages to become emperor and shogun at the same time (Shoguperor), please send me a message. Trying Kathmandu -> Nepal -> Bharat and even with space marines it's pretty hard when Delhi, Bengal, Malwa, and Bahmanis are mostly allied. command will make the specified country tag a vassal of the second country tag. It is not strictly necessary for this campaign (you could just spread it normally by creating a colonial nation in Alaska) but it helps a lot by giving you an early advantage over your neighbours. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. In the late game I transferred trade all the way from the New World through Indonesia, along India and the African Coast to the English Channel where I earned a couple of thousand ducats. Do you need to park your transport fleet in the strait with "Allow allies to transport" option active and they'll eventually use them? Here I'm talking about how to manage vassals in order to World Conquest or blobbing in general. I set them on hostile, have -59 AE, started building a spy network till they notice it and fabricated claims on their land. png Attacking while they are already in a war is still a very good idea though - recommend checking the ledger for their army size, and declaring after they get a stack of so wiped (depending on size compared to your own armies of course). Sometimes they spawn a trait that makes them less likely to declare war. The only problem I see with this idea group, is that it is hard to fit in your strategy. Cookies help us deliver our Services. How does one before part of the HRE? The only time you need to take care of rebels yourself if you have huge separatist stacks from a still existing country that is not your vassal. Instead you need to load your backup save (place backup saves in a separate directory, just to be save) -> play until you do not get the institution -> load the save again -> save and exit the game -> load the new save -> repeat until you get the institution.

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