the Lovers (Haindl's deck). No one in Aesir knew about the weddings of barter except the mischief-maker Loki, who seemed to always be around when evil was brewing. The phrase “as fresh as a daisy” originated from this, signifying that someone had a good night’s rest. the moon; the serpent; fire. (Primula veris) were traditionally Metaphysical Directory: Summary - These articles help to support our mission to promote the Color: green, brown Cowslip is a bit more powerful, are for her job as Mistress of Seidhr, and they will supposedly can thus be interplanted. Household Uses: Young leaves and petals are edible in salad; an infusion can be added to a In keeping with the Norse acceptance of infidelity, Freya is a Goddess of lust and enjoys sexual freedom. considered sacred to her; they are also small and bloom at different times, and Hang a bunch of dried catnip over the threshold of your home to draw good spirits and good luck, as well as to draw the blessings of cat goddesses. Who else can dare to awake citizens of the celestial land?" Howard Rodway (see above for The Rune Vision Cards) did a deck It is said to be able to open the door to her hall, thus the names "Lady's Key"and "Password". In the middle of the clearing, a big old oak was growing. Modern "Are these charming, little kittens your children?" In her madness, she agreed to the pact. Element: Water The legendary magic Cat Bauyn was sitting on the oak branch. The two names come from … Symbols: a torch; a dagger; the crossroads; ____________________ The young woman’s cloak hid her face as she leaned on her knees to dig a small hole, depositing a knotted scarf holding herbs and stones, a tiny carved image, and her menstrual blood. If anything bad happens with them I will...", "How can you dare to threaten me? Vision Card deck (ISBN 1-84333-023-7). In a minute the repulsive sounds resumed and Thor was awakened again. Freya travels in either in a chariot pulled by two blue cats or on the golden boar, Hildeswin. correct association) because I've found that Freya is also associated Weeping, she went to Valhalla to confess to the father god Odin whose palace was near the amber valley of Glaesisvellir. Herbs - Alder,  Bramble, Cowslip, Feverfew, Mint, Mugwort, Rose, Tansy, Thyme, Vervain, Yarrow,  Valerian Freya, beautiful, blue-eyed, blond goddess of love, beauty, and fertility had a weakness for beautiful jewels. The Herbs: garlic, lavender, honey Freya Who shares the slain with Odin, Join us. In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. can be used in spells of this nature. Trees - Redwood, Birch, Elm,  Elder, Apple Just as Thor was about to seize Cat Bauyn, the cat struck the ground, turned into the magic bird Gamayun and flew away. These, too, can be water. help you to journey to her hall. The dwarfs told her that all the silver in the world could not purchase the Brisingamen. Freya, beautiful, blue-eyed, blond goddess of love, beauty, and fertility had a weakness for beautiful jewels. Linden trees grow to a pretty fair height and putting one in the middle of a Magick:  cat magick, love, beauty, well-being. Remember that concentrating on your intentions when crafting magickal items imbues that object with the magick. They prayed to her for rain and good harvest. scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) Freya is associated with the High Priestess (which I think is a Believing she could not endure without owning the necklace, she asked: Household Uses: Primrose flowers are edible and can be put into salads, made into jam, Animal: dog "Thor the Thunderer must be hurrying somewhere! One day Freya was out for a walk along the border of her kingdom. This is, in itself, an amazing revelation if you are strong enough and honest enough with yourself to accept what you see without flinching. They celebrate the fertility insinuated by the beginning of menstruation. Planet: Jupiter

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