Dogs are really amazing. They are beautiful, but its important for buyers to understand that the temperament, traits, and personality of the French Bulldog would be altered and maybe little different as a cross bred dog. They have medium length wavy hair over their ears, head, back and chest, which gives them a fluffy appearance. Awww, Does your dog love music? he is 100 percent full french bulldog and we have the dna test to prove it. And same with Merles, who were crossed with Chihuahuas to get the merle – how do they have purebred pedigree papers?? All puppies come Vet checked, One year health guarantee, Current vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, litter box trained, puppy package and a lifetime of breeder support! The body has a bit longer of a coat then regular coat frenchies. Maintaining the coat of a fluffy Frenchie is obviously different from that of an usual Frenchie. But dog lovers considering adopting a fluffy Frenchie need to know if […] WE SHOULD HAVE FLUFFY PUPPIES IN 3-4 WEEKS. As the husband does some head movements to the beat of the music, the dog watches him, and then follow his lead! Incredibly RARE, Incredibly BEAUTIFUL Would you really trust that breeder? Their fur is not thick so you don't have to worry about them getting to hot. Note: If you do buy a crossbreed, and it has ANKC Purebred Pedigree papers, OBVIOUSLY there’s been some fraud going on! he is a/a no brindle and he is blue dd. Everyone went nuts wayyy back then, must be 7 years ago, and the owner did get a DNA test for the worlds curiousity.

I just haven’t heard of any. Love heart pied – beautiful pied female puppy for sale – purebred French Bulldog, Red fawn masked French Bulldog Puppy available for sale – Pumpkin, Purebred black mask red fawn French Bulldog puppy for sale – Lambchop. Petra.F has uploaded 219 photos to Flickr.

Long-Haired French Bulldogs Grooming. We do deliver all over the USA, the puppies travel with us in cabin, you meet us at the airport to get your baby! Explore Petra.F's photos on Flickr.

It usually runs 600 for delivery. God knows how they’ve got ANKC pedigree certificates?

For all the believers: There hasnt been fluffy’s for 150 years, and then all of a sudden there’s a rare long haired gene that exploded into all these fluffy Frenchies? Despite this, they can still be purebred French Bulldogs. Cutest frenchie I've ever seen.

The many faces of Felipe the Blue Frenchie ♥, 2,641 Likes, 125 Comments - Frenchies Worldwide (@frenchiesworld_wide) on Instagram: “Casually chewing a hairbrush ❤️#frenchie#hairbrush#chew#cute#love”, Food? Here’s our original post way back in 2015 when there were only a handful in the world. A woman is secretly filming her husband and her dog sitting on the couch. While traditional French bulldogs require the least amount of grooming, the fluffy ones may need moderate amounts of grooming. 'Santa's Little Christmas Day Helper', French Bulldog Puppy. Maybe the Griffin or Terrier breed used for the cross. Feb 24, 2017 - All kinds of Frenchies !. Fluffy frenchies are 100 percent French bulldogs.

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What food? Their hair is just fluffy around the ears and legs. He is the only male in the USA! by nelliethepiglet The short face can make their …

Not all, I hope there’s a boutique breeder out there who breeds these extra long furry puppies for passion & health, and not solely for profit. This bulldog blog is committed to enhancing the lives of bulldogs by educating their humans and improving the breeding quality … Some are even on the banned breeder list on the ANKC websites! we are still unsure if we will be studding him out to the public. PLATINUM Lilac and Tan FLUFFY!!! Do you think I ate your lunch? Meet Fozzy The Fluffy French Bulldog Long Haired French Bulldog, Buy . We love them btw, and have heard only positive things about them, theyre awesome but just want to make sure the public are informed with factual info before making a decision. Purebred Frenchies are typically very social and quiet. You gotta watch these two! These are some of the original fluffys from our original post, and they are soooo cute. Omg .i need her in my life ! Example, the one I met in person was absolutely gorgeous, but it barked, and barked, and barked. we are super excited to have some fluffy babies from him in the future !! Long haired French Bulldogs carry two copies of a recessive long hair gene called L4.

Some of the breeders now selling these, are so dodgy!

The very first fluffy long haired Frenchie on the web, ever, was a little guy in UK! Welcome to our available fluffy frenchie page! Mass producing with over 20 breeding females. They are much softer then standard coat frenchies and shed way less!! Really!? Find images and videos about dog, puppy and bulldog on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. NO, THEY ARE CROSSED! Fluffy frenchies are 100 percent French bulldogs. I have no idea what your talking about!

They don't require hair cuts. Breeders saw the popularity and now, just a few years later we have fluffy ones advertised regularly across Facebook. They are much softer … ... Read more. Watch the adorable video below of these two enjoying their jam: Looks like this dog is enjoying hanging out with her human!

The earth is NOT flat people! She is stunning . They don't require hair cuts.

Why buy a French Bulldog puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life?. It was determined, factually, genetically, by science, it was a crossbreed! Her husband is playing some music. Super fluffy blue girl available! Just because someone makes a claim on Facebook, doesnt mean its true! But none as dedicated to caring for a bulldog such as Dog Fluffy. There are a lot of dog websites online, even a few that specialize in bulldogs. They are beautiful, but its important for buyers to understand that the temperament, traits, and personality of the French Bulldog would be altered and maybe little different as … Fluffy frenchie #bulldogs Long Haired French Bulldog, French Bulldog Mix, French. Not purebred, but definitely cute. Image uploaded by @frenchiesdaily. I was there, listening to a group of breeders in 2015, when they were planning to cross with a griffin to create them years ago to capitalise on the craze & popularity of the initial few fluffy ones. She is not cheap... She should stay small around 20 lbs! “Checa mis tenis y aprende de estilo humanoide”. This yappy-ness would certainly have been inherited from the other breed in the mating. he is the foundation to our fluffy breeding program . So cute! Breeders saw the popularity and now, just a few years later we have fluffy ones advertised regularly across Facebook. He looks like my Pippin when she was a puppy!! fozzy is an amazing fluffy frenchie! Contact me with any questions you might have about them! They just have a recessive long hair gene! Their hair is just fluffy around the ears and legs. I dont think it even took a breath. You deserve a special treat too so treat Yourself to a “FLUFFY” Frenchie, not just a “carrier”. Get the best deals on One of a Kind Artist Teddy Bears when you shop the largest online selection at

They just have a recessive long hair gene! The body has a bit longer of a coat then regular coat frenchies. He is the REAL DEAL … He is one of our Rare and Exotic Frenchies and so adorable he melts Your heart. Click To Get Fast French Bulldog Loan Go For It !!! ONLY 3 dogs in the entire world with this DNA! So, we are getting bombarded with buyer enquiries who have been convinced there are purebred fluffy frenchies!

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