All 400+ of these parenting tips could be considered funny parenting advice for new parents. ... Have a good laugh or two! Alert the good guys! Follow him on Twitter (@chrisilluminati), Instagram (@messagewithabottle) or email him at Click for more funny parenting advice and follow me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM or get occasional EMAILS about all my stuff. Parenting pro tip: no need to baby proof the house for your crawling daughter. They’re smart, kind, creative and funny as hell. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I’m honestly not sure of the reason I’m asked so frequently for advice for new parents. #dad #dads #dadlife #dadsofinstagram #dadstuff #funny #kids #lifewithkids #parenting101 #truth #parenting #parentingtips #parentinglife#parentingdoneright #fatherhood #notes #messagewithabottle #parentinghumor #birthdayparty #kidsparty #warning, A post shared by Chris Illuminati (@messagewithabottle) on Sep 16, 2018 at 3:26pm PDT. (Talks louder over whistles) DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If any of thisfunny parent advicemakes parenting a little easier, Ive done my job. Read more: They'll never want to go again. Then you don't have to move or do anything. Raising young kids is much like playing golf. Parenting Tip: when your child tells you he is having bad dreams, "It's okay, Pal, reality is much scarier" will not comfort him. Just put her in a dress and render her immobile. Here are 5 golden parenting rules every parent must follow: 1) Spend quality time with kids. Otherwise... Parenting tip: tease your kids' hair so at the very least they can be well-beehived. #parenting. Parenting tip: telling a three-year-old that her dried-up markers are a "first world problem" will not stop her from crying. Parenting tip: when a child says "I picked it up and put it right back"...'right back' really means a 30 foot radius where it may be hidden. Sure, I’ve got two kids, chronicle my experiences as a parent on this website and I’ve even written a book for new dads but I’m not sure if I’m in the position just yet to give advice. Check out the rest of the thread here. Parenting Pro-tip: When bribing your child make sure you google the price of the bribe before agreeing to buy it. (Her idea) . Heres some honest and funny parenting advice about raising young kids. Parenting Tips #411-420 Parents took to Reddit to talk about hilarious parenting rules they never thought they’d have to make. Add music, headphones, a blender. Sure you can read about what to do in books, but sometimes what you really need is raw, undiluted advice from people who have been there and lived to tell the tale. . Parenting Pro-Tip: Don't talk about yourself as a failure of a parent.... to your children. Honestly, I don’t know if any parent can really give advice. Parenting tip: Fill a Piñata with mushrooms then sit back and watch as your children learn a cruel, but valuable lesson about real life.

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