I think I was 8 years-old when I saw Gargoyles back in 1972. Much more satisfying than any of the "monster" flicks coming out of H-wood today. I think I read somewhere once that it was the first horror movie ever to be made for TV. He thought it unseemly for him to serve. To me it was very well done. Bernie Casey, leader of the gargoyles, was designed to look more like a devil/demon creature. Hopefully I'll get to see it again, if not just to hear the lead gargoyle say "Diana" in that metallic, evil-sounding voice. . A very solid and enjoyable 70's made-for-TV horror creature feature treat. There is very little actual violence in the movie, save for a bloody truck seat, and poor Mrs. Parks, Scott Glenn as heroic biker James Reeger, and Woody Chambliss as grizzled old desert rat Uncle Willie. “What it amounted to,” Winston related, “is that when I got my hands into the clay, my mind ’went bananas,’ so to speak. So they kidnap his daughter (Jennifer Salt) and take her back to their lair, where we learn all about the history and life of gargoyles. and I remember at least once watching it when I was about 10 years old at our neighbors lake house when I was the only one awake and there was a nice storm going on outside. Awards So, no matter how cheap the effects were, the scare factor was great enough to stick with me all these years, I'm, 40 now! My favorite is Grayson Hall as lush on the make Mrs. The design of these little creatures fell to Winston. Cornel Wilde What was an actor-artist-poet like Bemie Casey doing playing a gargoyle? And they're no more dangerous than a high school drop-out on a motorcycle. “Elinor was apparently so fascinated by gargoyles that she had a nightmare about them taking over the earth,” says Karpf. Tick . The legendary creatures have been horrific subjects for paintings, carvings and literature from dozens of different cultures for centuries. Casey and Winston became close friends, and because of their camaraderie and the stress Casey was under in portraying this creature, Winston took on the job of applying Burman’s creation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Very few films with the exception of the QUATERMASS movies had that effect on me and recently had the pleasure of watching it again . Bernie Casey Has Passed Away, 11 June 2017 Horror. The old time special effects were scary as all **** to me as a little girl, and I love the "cheese factor" of them now. But whoever in this day and age dreamed that they might actually exist? If the egg scene in Alien (or was it Aliens?) Gargoyles has become a classic TV horror movie since it’s 1972 showing It was one of the most frightening films of the genre. I loved the use of a compressor on Bernie Casey's voice. SPOILER ALERT I've always had fond memories of this TV-film, and my memories are vivid, cause at a young age I had dreams of being a writer and this is one of the handful of favorite monster movies that I novelized for my own enjoyment. Bill Norton’s “Gargoyles” won the 1973 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup (Ellis Burman, Jr.; Stan Winston and Del Armstrong). . We just want them to have fun. It was after he had completed his apprenticeship and was a new journeyman makeup artist that Winston heard of Marlin Entertainments’ production of Gargoyles. The suits were basically wet suits, and everyone pitched in to apply the scales. In this day and age of CG graphics and $100M budgets, some would say this movie wouldn't stack up. Smarting with his wounds but all the more swollen with pride the devil cried out from the depths, ‘it is better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.’ The devil proclaimed what was lost in heaven, would be gained on earth. It always seemed to come on really late at night (was that on purpose?) But, the idea of the violence going on off camera lets your imagination fly. I have to give Gargoyles an 8/10. Back in its day, the film gained a following and still has good word of mouth today from those who saw its original airing or caught it in sporadic repeats. Scott Glenn With all due respect to Lee Shapiro's summary, the bat-winged leader of the scaly monsters (played by Bernie Casey) makes it quite clear to "Dr. Boley" (Cornel Wilde) that the extinction of humanity is the evil creature's ultimate goal. In this day and age of CG graphics and $100M budgets, some would say this movie wouldn't stack up. ” How did he make a sensitive character come through all that makeup? Starring The excellent color photography and stylized cavern setting create an eerie effect, A strong cult following has developed and it is one of the best remembered TV movies of all time. Stephen and Elinor Karpf, one of Hollywood’s most successful husband-and-wife writing teams, shared such a dream. Last saw it a couple years ago and it's still good cheesy fun. It's a bare-bones plot right out of the best of the 1950's monster-on-the-loose drive-in attractions, about a scientist and his daughter (Wilde, Salt) who stumble onto a mystery in the desert when they go to check out a hermit's claims that he has the skeleton of a monster in his possession. Well worth seeing. There's only a couple things that don't make sense. DailyDead That scene still makes me roll up my car windows when I'm alone at night on a dark road. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Seems a bit far fetched but whatever. Teleplay by Stephen and Elinor Karpf, Makeup by Ellis Burman and Stan Winston. It's been a pleasure to re-discover the film now in the digital age and find that not only does it hold up, but is a superior example of low budget horror trends of the era with it's stark southwestern American locations & dusty, arid themes of supernatural horror, ala "Race With The Devil", "The Devil's Rain", "Brotherhood Of Satan", et al.

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