By the way, this was after I received the Wisdom virtue in the quest with the three brothers. Taking the left path takes you underwater and you find the chest containing it there. Anybody found the same named swords with diff stats? You can get wisdom by completing the gwente tournament, father knows worst, choosing to lift the curse on the Wight and successfully doing it (eat without a spoon) or by a knights tale quest, take a good look around the witches hut making sure you find everything in there before you look at the bear skin, when she appears ask her for help and when she asks you why choose the humble option, hope that helps someone had a right pain getting wisdom myself, buggered up saving the Wight and decided the brothers needed to die for what they did in father knows worst. The only difference is that their level/stats will be higher. The diagrams for the Feline crossbow can be found off the western coast of Redania (south-west of Novigrad) on the floating shipwreck. This relic sword doesn’t have the most impressive stats, but what it’s really valued for is its special effects. Runewords are a new type of weapon upgrades introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion. I proved my valor by completing the Bovine Blues mission, Also if you have the Hearts of stone expansion the enchanting merchant can add 3 sockets to the sword. We have a dedicated guide for obtaining the Viper School gear set. The one where you have to trace her steps and light the candles in a certain order. It has 475 damage and 10% chance to bleed and requires 2xMonster Saliva, 2xDimeritium Ingot, 1xLeather scraps, 1xRuby to craft and a Journeyman Blacksmith. Epic sword. Especially if you need something. Home » Witcher 3 » Aerondight Best Sword Location | Witcher 3 Blood and Wine. Replenishment: After you cast a Sign, an Adrenaline Point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign. I got a silver sword which i think might be the most powerful obtainable in the game. I just posted another comment for a steel sword too. Also no matter what you choose the weapon stats will depend on your level. If it’s not triggering, maybe you’ve already hit the cap? (Sorry for not taking notes of where to get them, they might be useless to this page because of that), Its in a chest in the “captains room” on a ship near the northern tip of the western shore of the big bay in novigrad. Btw, I forgot when and where i got these swords so try it out yourself.I can promise u its definitely worth trying out these weapons. Any other way to get wisdom besides the two they listed? Viper School: This school is focused on dealing poison damage. So there we have it: the best weapons in Witcher 3, broken down into steel and silver swords, the best runes, glyphs, and runewords, and even ranged weapons.

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