The percentage of pupils missing 10% or more of the mornings or afternoons they could attend, meaning that if a pupil’s overall rate of absence is 10% or higher across the full academic year they will be classified as persistently absent. Are there positive effects of posting students’ grades publicly? We respect your privacy and never share your email address with the reviewed school or any third parties. Highbur.. HTH. Of the ones in N1, Canonbury and William Tyndale are generally regarded as the desirable ones. I know people at Canonbury who are v happy and as frogs mentioned St John Highbury Vale is very well thought of. Ask the experts from the BEIS and EST here - £100 voucher to be won, How do you relax when you have 10 minutes to spare? Other friends chose Drayton Park over Gillespie though my dd2 would have been going to Gillespie if she hadn't got a place at her sister's school. Guidance and supporting documentation on school performance tables: Understanding school and college performance measures (opens in a new window), Methodology and technical documents (opens in a new window), Guidance on approved qualifications (opens in a new window). Our feedback survey is currently closed. In many affected cases, the Average Point Score will also display LOW SCORE as points for iGCSEs and resits are not included. Technical guidance See the absence statistics guide opens in a new window for more information on how we collect and report absence figures. St Mary Magdalene also good. Web Design by Grafdom. Highbury offers all-round, relevant and dynamic education within a caring environment. Thanks for any advice - I know Laycock does have some places as well as a couple of others so will have a look around before term finishes. We start the real secondary trawl in September. Our nearest is Eleanor Palmer (Camden), where the head was so unbelievably rude to me when I innocently phoned up to inquire about vacancies that I'm not even prepared to apply there. Highbury Hill, London, N5 1AR. But if you have a choice, then you could try to position yourself favourably for one of the nicer schools. Coronavirus: what will university be like for international students this year? We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improved Ofsted’s services. Highbury offers all-round, relevant and dynamic education within a caring environment. children with siblings already at the school, high priority pupils and selective and/or religious admissions) but we may have removed statistical ‘outliers’ with more remote postcodes that do not reflect majority admissions. From someone who lives in the area, has kids in local schools, works in a local pre-school and runs a baby and toddler group, I get loads of opinions (and I have my own of course) Latest reviews: ... and I now want to learn more about the state secondary schools within striking distance. Please can someone help me! Our young women face a rapidly changing world of exciting opportunities and challenges. You should be cautious comparing absence figures over time, as full academic year absence figures are only available Ours is a culturally rich environment within which every girl succeeds. Find out how Highbury Fields School rates compared to other primary schools in Islington with our school ratings. For transparency, we publish the headline information for these providers separately in the national achievement rates tables. Now I just have to work out how to juggle pickups/dropoffs from two different schools simultaneously... Hi frogs - Y must be your local school? Your email address will not be published. Laycock - ok, but does tend to have places and lots of kids coming/going mid term. Highbury Fields School reviews and contact. We formally carry out a risk assessment of exempt schools three years after their most recent full inspection and regularly thereafter, but do not publish a report. Highbury Fields’ students are highly aspirational and have positive attitudes to their learning and attainment. Through a wide programme of after school clubs and activities, enrichment visits and events, our students are given the chance to enhance and progress their learning interests further. Outstanding. Another good one in the borough is Yerbury. Highbury Fields School reviews and contact. Any data collected is anonymised. Most outstanding schools are exempt from routine inspection. As students move through Highbury Fields School we are committed to developing not only their academic standards and levels of attainment, but also their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. Does anyone know anything about Drayton Park? But a great feeling once they're all settled and the anticipation is but a distant memory. What type of school is Highbury Fields School ? Still, it's a useful little park. Why am I being shouted at over this?! Review for Highbury Fields School. I am moving to London from Oxford in August because of my partners work and we are looking to move around N1 or N5. As a culturally rich environment with a positive ethos, strong values and a focused vision, the school works hard to optimise the academic achievements of each and every student. Outstanding; Good; Requires Improvement; Inadequate; How long until the next inspection? You can edit or delete your review at any time. For the last five years the sixth form has achieved a 100% pass rate at A-Level and in 2016, 89% of students were awarded A*-C grades and 60% A*-B grades for their courses. These figures tell you about performance of students at this school or college at the end of their 16 to 18 phase of education opens a popup . Highbury Fields School is smaller than the average-sized girls’ comprehensive secondary school. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Much of the fields are occupied by a sports centre with tennis courts and a children’s play area. In our school, there are no limitations to a child's success, Our school plays a crucial role in preparing students to face the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world, Our diverse and culturally-rich school community develops respect and understanding of other cultures and individuals, Provide an education tailored and responsive to individuals’ needs, Offer creative learning and an enriched curriculum, Promote positive attitudes towards learning, Operate a climate of mutual respect and promote our community’s shared values, Be successful academically and creatively, Make strong progress across the curriculum, Trade secrets or confidential information. School based announcements will follow. Ambler, again, ok, not great, probably on a par with Gillespie/Laycock/DP. Check your Inbox to complete registration and select your display name. Laycock has a lot of traffic pupil-wise. Situated in Hillcrest, Highbury has a co-education pre-primary unit for Grade 000 and Grade 00, and a boys only primary school unit for Grades R to 7. The options are not that bad really -- there are a few schools worth avoiding, quite a lot of perfectly fine schools, and a small handful of fab ones (though will depend on your definition). I only know Laycock through dd1's choir (she goes there on a Saturday). As a member of the Islington Consortium (IC6), we provide a huge range of study options and our students are able to make use of the facilities in other schools. Tell us how satisfied you are with your website visit today. Please click on the link in the confirmation email sent to you. Your email address never appears next to your review. Higher education in Lebanon below international standards, Deal to educate two million high-risk kids, Educating our Students for the Future: The Importance of Soft Skills, Ministry clarifies on school uniform order, How English Teachers Can Support Bilingual Students, Home schooling boosts parents' interest in teaching as a career. have you looked at the league tables? St John's in Highbury is meant to be great, though v. v. middle-class, but I think you need to clock up several years industrial-strength churchgoing to … This is usually when there are 5 or fewer pupils or students covered by the measure (29 for apprenticeships measures). Highbury Fields School Q & A (Questions and Answers frequently), Reviews from teachers, students and parents. Highbury Fields School. 19 Reviews This information is provided as a guide only. The schools you are looking at are spread over quite a wide area, so wouldn't all be realistic options from one location iyswim. Use the link to the Local Authority Contact (above) to find catchment area information based on a single admission year. Due to number of reforms to GSCE reporting introduced by the government in 2014, such as the exclusion of iGCSE examination results, the official school performance data may not accurately report a school’s full results. We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve government digital services. We encourage our young women to become independent learners, capable and confident of creating their futures as active and responsible members of society. opens in a new window, It typically takes 1 to 2 months, and can take longer in some circumstances, for Ofsted data to be made available and updated here following an inspection. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education is about developing a person as a whole. Highbury Fields School is a unique 11-18 girls' school where every child is truly known and recognised as an individual. We publish results for independent schools, but they are not accountable against these measures. There are currently no reviews - be the first to leave one! Ah, the sound of someone taking my name in vain! Friend's ds was given a place there in Reception as absolute last resort, and they moved him out as soon as a place became available elsewhere. Posey: Y is indeed our local school nowadays -- well, not physically the nearest, but within the usual intake area, so hopefully she'll get a reception place as well. The figures below are for the 2018/2019 academic year, which is the latest year for which performance results have been published.National figures are for state-funded schools only. Check your email. Ah N1 schools, now there is a subject close to my heart It was just strange seeing my old school and area (I used to live in both areas) asked after. Here Highbury Fields School, Highbury Hill, London, N5 1AR, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area. Of the 139 pupils at the end of key stage 4 in this school, 132 are included in this measure. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Fees, admissions, teachers and reviews on all London Secondary schools. Have you decided on your secondary options yet?

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