If you have a question about this tool, try RYOBI HELP+, You can justify this price when you are a regular user and need something that is highly dependable and capable of running long hours. This version runs on a Honda GX390 engine which uses a smart fuel injection technology to make it more fuel-efficient, reducing carburetor problems and even eliminating the need for a choke. Materials, photographs and articles (collectively, “Content”) on BestGenerator.org, are for informational purposes only. Is it worth buying the higher capacity alternative over getting two smaller EU2200is and making use of the parallel capabilities? In addition, you’ll have access to replacement part schematics. On a quarter load, the Yamaha can keep running for 13.5 hours, the Briggs & Stratton for 14 hours but the crown still goes to the Honda which clocks in at 18 hours on a 25% load. This makes it great for overnight power. The Honda EU7000i with CO-Minder inverter generator offers 7000 watts of power. Finally, there is the price difference. To find out more, read our. Choose between using both 120 and 240 Volts, or 120 Volts only. Order your RYOBI replacement parts online by clicking on the button below. Unfortunately, there is no DC outlet available on this design so it is not suitable for charging batteries. This acts as a good reminder for the next routine maintenance and also serves as a source of information in case a technician needs to do any repairs. FuelGasoline It has the same dependability, fuel efficiency and quiet running as its smaller sized counterparts. There are not many options available for inverter generators with the same capacity but close products are the Yamaha EF6300isDE and the Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500. Add a second EU7000iS for additional power. Honda's exclusive My Generator smartphone app offers remote generator operation and monitoring with impressive performance and unmatched convenience. Mower Maintenance Tips, Fuel Updates, Selecting Its higher capacity also makes this the best choice for an RV. Why So, for long term use, these 3 models are quite comparable and their performance is also quite similar in terms of run time. Filesize: 12.6 MB, RY907000_090930286_696_QRG_eng_05.pdf Info Videos, How To Filesize: 5.08 MB, RY907000_090930286_696_QRG_sp_05.pdf Selection, Product Honda's inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. On the other hand, the Yamaha EF6300iSDE falls in the same price category but is less portable and less dependable, making the Honda still the better choice. You can rest easy, knowing your generator is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years. RY907000_090930286_695_trilingual_06.pdf The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. It is a compact square shape measuring 33.4 x 27.6 x 28.4 inches. 18 hours is very impressive, for any type of generator, and other brands struggle to reach this same performance. Overall, you can consider the EU7000is a high capacity inverter generator. Us, Site Despite their price tag these products get rave reviews and consistently score well in expert tests. Another advantage of this model is that it has all the most important qualities of an inverter generator – quiet running, low THD and parallel capability – but delivers a much higher output. One of the biggest selling points of the Honda EU series is how quiet the engine runs and that is no different with this model. Safety, Generator Published: 05-08-2018 If this is not enough power for then get a second one and link the two generators together for double the power. Videos, Special The smaller versions floating at around 2000 watts are the most popular models. Product InformationDetail ... Ultra Quiet 7000-Watt Electric Start Gasoline Powered Inverter Generator. The brand loyalty for Honda generators comes from its dependability – it has a long lifespan thanks to its top quality engine and simple design that does not leave for much error. Published: 05-08-2018 However, there is one downside when using the largest version for powering the appliances in an RV – it does not have a DC outlet. Running Watts5,500 watts If portability is your priority then the smallest 2200-watt version is your best choice, by far. Terminology, Pump It is also easy to move, despite its weight, thanks to the rear wheels and folding handles. of fuel, Advanced inverter technology - reliable power for computers and other sensitive equipment, 120/240V Selector switch - More usable power, more flexibility, 3 year residential and commercial warranty, Add more power by connecting two EU7000iS with optional parallel kit, 120/240V 7000W max. Manuals, Warranty Another valued quality of inverter generators is their energy efficiency. Honda? For more help, see our Published: 07-29-2016 Videos, Special The app includes wireless start/stop, operation monitoring, and service reminders, utilizing Bluetooth® connectivity.*. The final selling point is its energy efficiency and long run time. At 5500 rated watts, this single piece of equipment gives you about double the power of the average hand-carried inverter generator. However, for occasional use you can opt for a much more affordable model. Operation, Fuel @ rated load, 16.0 hrs. It may not have the full power of a 20 kilowatt home standby generator but it is just enough for the basic appliances that you need to keep running during a power outage. Need more power? Filesize: 5.08 MB, RY907000_090930286_697_rpl___r_01.pdf Choose a Honda Tiller? To order by phone, contact us at 1-877-634-5704. 4-Stroke It is also easy to move, despite its weight, thanks to the rear wheels and folding handles. Surprisingly small in size for its capacity, the EU7000is maintains the portable qualities of a more traditional inverter generator. This generator can power the following common applications. Smart electronic fuel injection technology increases fuel efficiency, eliminates the engine choke, and reduces fuel associated carburetor problems. The smaller alternatives to the EU7000is are the EU2200is and EU3000is, all dependable, compact and straightforward inverter generators. For comparison, at a 50% load the EU2200is rates at 8 hours run time and the EU3000is rates at 7 hours on a 25% load. use, Selecting a The Yamaha actually has the same running power at 5500 watts and the Briggs & Stratton has continuous power at 5000 watts. power Honda EU7000is: Technical Specs Info, Recalls and On a 25% load however, the run time shoots up to a very long 18 hours. Another advantage of this model is that it has all the most important qualities of an inverter generator – quiet running, low THD and parallel capability – but delivers a much higher output.

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