When I get in I check its in “N”, turn the key and its then shows A8. Thank you, 2012 Honda Civic Hatch seat belt sensors keeps going off and information with screen keeps flickering, I have one check light on on my dadhboard its showing the sign of a spanner on the dashboard. Do not confuse these with other automotive trouble symbols that make use of the image a key. What is the triangle with the explanation in the middle warning signal mean? I have a Honda ||Stream and the Drive light on my dashboard keeps flashing at me, after I’ve been driving for a half hour or so. 2017 Honda Pilot, screen lit up with a bunch of codes (in green light section) such as DA Unit, remote tuner, b-can, F-can and a few others……………….then disappeared. Drove about 3 hours and 200 miles to the CA central coast and suddenly got low tire, check engine, VSA, and electric power steering warning lights. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? At the same time to the top left of it come a line with an arrow at both ends. There are two symbols that came on simultaneously— a car with squiggle lines (TSA? Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? Thanks for your help. I have no idea what the light said. I noticed a light indicator in the dashboard came on and that is (exclamation point inside the circle). Recently I had to patch the front right tire of our 09 Odyssey EX-L due to a nail. Oil life 10% came on and I changed the oil and filter, the oil life 10% remain unchanged. The “D” drive indicator has started blinking. The site is over the mileage/outside temperature. What does mean? Pl reply. Suddenly appeared and not discussed in my owner’s manual. The Brake light comes on first and then the other lights come on. My honda fit 2008 ‘s warning light came on it reads B123 can not find in owners Manuela what needs to be checked or serviced.. There is a wrench sign on my dash board! It comes on when the headlights are on. I have 2012 Honda CRV and an amber light, 3 with circle around it on dash at left of odometer. in the middle WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? They all came on same time. I called the service writer at the dealership and he had no clue. Drives great but why is my dashboard lit up. If you are 13 years old when were you born? Is on…Why …and what can i do to shut it off.Thank you. We have been having problems with it suddenly unable to start and it was the battery and had to call Honda assist. On/off indicator lights are the least critical of Honda’s dashboard warning lights, as they simply indicate when a system is on or running. I can not find it in the manual anywhere. Am told you get more for your money these days with Hyundai and KIA.

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