“Back in my day," people upgraded Camaro fuel pumps with Corvette pumps, for a cheap way to increase gallons per hour by about 50%. It’s fairly cheap, easy to do, it looks cool, and you get some small gains. You’ll spend a few thousand and the install isn’t easy, but you’ll get somewhere between 40-60% more torque on average. Why use them then? You're done, after a brief re-learn procedure. Is the actual power measured at the crankshaft. This allows you to exceed theoretical expectations for the engine at certain RPMs. No questions asked. Gains of up to 20HP are possible with supporting mods. They’re popular for drag races because of this. Then the cat-back exhaust system for less restrictions and that excellent sound. With great power comes great reliability. There it is! Using the RPM and torque of the motor, it’s possible to estimate the horsepower. Effective horsepower, commonly called Wheel Horsepower, is measured at the wheels. It recycles in a sense. What energy is it wasting? The holes are the old racers saying of “speed holes," adding lightness and increasing heat dissipation. They allow the car to turn without losing grip since the outer wheel wants to go faster than the inner wheel during a turn. Some people have space restrictions and end up putting the filter where it fits. Take my advice. You control the flow of nitrous using metal orifices called jets and by getting bigger flowing solenoid valves on the bottle. Better that than have a really expensive explosion on your hands (unless you enjoy expensive explosions). What they’re doing is widening the openings and smoothing out the transitions as well as grinding the inner walls of the runners until they are nice and smooth. The smell of exhaust and PCV vapour is in the air. The turbine gives its power to the compressor, and the compressor delivers boosted air into the car’s intake. Careful with the MAF too. Your destination? Time is everything there, and you can’t miss 1/10 of a second. Drag Racing Distressed American Flag T-Shirt $ 19.95 – $ 25.45. Tell us about it in the comments below. That means you can get more of it into your engine. Take care because you may have to change the springs to shut the valves faster than before or you’ll have problems, especially at high RPM where you can get valve “float.” That’s when the valve doesn’t have time to fully close at all. A lot of car enthusiasts jump head-first into mods only to ruin an otherwise fine car. How To Calculate Your Horsepower. Superchargers, turbochargers and nitrous oxide systems are all well-known mods used in cars today but have you ever thought about combining them? An introduction to the world of small automobiles. You would have to reinforce everything in the engine to take the punishment, which means forged and heat treated internals like connecting rods, pistons, crankshaft, main bearing caps, etc. These mods are not terribly popular by themselves but are commonly combined in what’s called a “cat back,” which replaces everything from the cat, back. For a real increase in power and a quality sound (not just harsh and loud), you need a full exhaust. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. If there’s one thing I know, it’s tuning, and you cannot get a proper tune from a guy hundreds of miles away claiming to have special settings just for you. This gives you much quicker throttle response and contributes to the whole better flow thing. We're not talking platinum plugs here, but a horsepower difference you can feel. A light coat of oil keeps fine particulate from getting through. Got big performance mod plans for your ride? Superchargers work a lot like turbochargers but with a belt-driven compressor. The car’s computer will fully compensate for the extra colder air, so you don’t need to change anything else. Select options. Just make sure you hook up all the sensors just as they were before. Gains are huge, and so are the price tags. Keep in mind, while nitrous systems are legal to install in a daily driver, most states ban the use outside of a track, so check your state and local laws before installing. bottle in your trunk hisses, releasing a 150 shot into the multi-port fogger and you’re sucked back into your seat. They’re not as efficient as turbos, but that’s why I love them… cuz they’re manly, burning all that gas for nothing yeah!! A turbo places a turbine in the way of the exhaust so that the gas has to go through the turbine blades. As I said, cams have lobes on them. This method uses the weight of the car and the speed at which the vehicle completed the quarter-mile run. The world outside seems to lose its color like the wind is blowing it off. You get as much as you put out. That energy is energy LOST which has to be made back again to break even...and then some more to get a gain. The Roots-style, also known as “positive displacement” is an old design that was originally used to move large volumes of air quickly for industrial, not automotive applications hence the name “blower.” They did a really good job at that. Now that we’ve gone over all of the textbook stuff, let’s have a little fun and talk about power adders that you can install on your car to begin that never-ending transformation from a car into a ride. Maybe you should. Well, if you’re new to this stuff you won’t be taking engines apart any time soon, but that’ll come eventually, and when it does, you’ll want to know what your options are. Boost builds early, so you never have turbo lag. It’s when you force air into the engine instead of letting the engine suck it in. You have to drive your car 50 or even 100 times to zero in on the perfect tune. You can get different sized bottles and you can jet the fuel line as big as you need to as well. What you need to know to make your ride as fast, as powerful, and as awesome as possible. If you're doing forced induction, big cam, or other performance improvements above, your fuel demands will increase. We continue our tuning education by having a look at one of the most fundamental parameters in the entire PCM, the VE table. Paolo Cross from Philippines on April 12, 2013: Now I know what people are talking about when they say HP. Flow bench testing is the proof that a port and polish job can get more air into your engine faster! Cold air intakes are easy to install, and work too, as average dyno results commonly show a 5- to 10-hp gain without a tune. Upgrading all season tires to summer tires or better yet, drag radials is a great idea and increasing the tire width will really help too. The limit on power is the limit on how much the engine will take without exploding. The supercharger doesn’t care and keeps going but it builds up a lot of heat in the process, and this wastes a ton of energy. Gaining 50HP could make your car slower if you suddenly can’t hold the road. It allows instantaneous power to be calculated and usually displayed as kW or BHP. Installation takes about an hour and can be handled by a beginner. It looks like a snail. The industry is rich, and you can buy a ton of mods for your car. There are three main types, horsepower, brake horsepower, and wheel horsepower. Nitrous oxide is a stable gas at normal temperatures but when heated, it breaks down into a large amount of oxygen. "Hot Rod" shows you how the install works here, calling it the easiest 142 horsepower they've ever bolted on. The last power-adder on my list is the PCM itself, the brains of the operation. There’s a shaft that couples the turbine to a compressor that is basically a centrifugal supercharger. Start with a 50 shot (+50HP) unless you own a decent V8 and work your way up. This is the other main component of a cat back exhaust, but again, you can replace it alone if you want to avoid the work and expense of a full exhaust upgrade. It levels off at 3600, and you hit the juice! Build It Tune It Break It Fix It Hoodie $ 39.95 – $ 48.45. The problem is it moves sealed volumes of low-pressure air into a high-pressure area so as soon as it opens up on the high-pressure side, you get all this backward flow trying to push the air back the way it came. Chriscamaro loves playing sports, modifying cars, and playing video games. They will clean up the heads as well. The ECU won't necessarily see your new headers or cam, so you need new programming. In that case you can sometimes quarantine the filter with a plastic barrier to keep radiant heat from raising the temperature of the air entering the filter. Benefits are fuel economy and top end power. This takes some time so for the first fraction of a second you get nothing… it’s just motor. Do you want to do some light breathing mods or rip the engine apart and start replacing cams? Instead, just turn the key and go. How do you enhance your car the right way? That will easily leave two black rubber marks down the entire length of the on-ramp. Special rubber compounds are available to grip dry asphalt better than any stock tire, and a bit of research will help you find what’s right for you, and what fits. Fuel systems and ECUs are quite a bit more complex now, but the idea is the same. You can customize the geometry of your ductwork when you get to be really pro, so that you can exploit this resonance effect to get max power wherever you want it! The lobe position on the cam controls when the valve is supposed to open. Increasing the efficiency of the existing turbo provides more power but leaves OEM reliability in place. Horsepower is a way to measure the power output of an engine or motor. If you were to go back to America 50 years ago, engines were often tested and advertised in Gross PHP, making figures much higher than the rest of the world. There’s more to change, but those are the big ones. If adding 200+ horsepower sounds good, read on. A device called an engine indicator measures the theoretical power by creating a plot between the pressure and volume curves inside the cylinders. The purpose of a cold air intake is to reduce the temperature of incoming air by drawing the air from a cooler place and by reducing restriction in the path of flow. The needle rises… “Come on, come on!” 5500, 6000, 6400, and then you clutch and slam it into second — your left thumb twitches. Simply a theoretical calculation of the maximum amount of work your engine can do without anything like friction affecting it. Meaning, the supercharger that fits a LT1 5.7L won't exactly fit an LS1 5.7L.

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