[6] Greaves scored in the 1958 FA Youth Cup final, but Chelsea lost the two-legged tie 7–6 on aggregate after Wolverhampton Wanderers turned round a four-goal deficit with a 6–1 win in the second leg. He had tried desperately to get out of the "", "As we went out on the [73] By this time he was sober, and has remained so ever since. [16] Despite his goalscoring exploits, the club could manage only an 18th-place finish, three places and three points above the relegation zone.[17]. debut saw the relief in With tackling virtually outlawed these days and diving always on the increase, it's a different story. [57] Brian Clough's Derby County had also been interested in Greaves, but he did not want to move away from London. dissatisfaction with the club. [65] Drinking formed a large part of his life and he became an alcoholic; at times he was drinking 20 pints of lager during the day and consuming a bottle of vodka in the evening. Greaves had given us the lead after just two minutes, and added another couple of strikes before half-time, one of 13 hat-tricks he would score in a blue shirt. [115] Jimmy and Irene renewed their vows on 7 September 2017 in Danbury, Essex. international matched between representative teams is on the [59], In January 1971, with Bobby Moore, Brian Dear and Clyde Best, Greaves was involved in late-night drinking, against the wishes of manager Ron Greenwood, prior to an FA Cup tie away to Blackpool. [36], Greaves scored twice in the 1962 FA Charity Shield, as Spurs secured the trophy with a 5–1 win over Ipswich at Portman Road. From that moment he never looked back and the London-born forward went on to enjoy a goal-filled four-season spell in the side. Started his career in [126], "I danced around the pitch with everyone else but even in this moment of triumph and great happiness, deep down I felt my sadness. Top league goal-scorer in the First Division 1958-59, I Loved it here. [69] He was still struggling with alcoholism and delirium tremens and sought out help from Alcoholics Anonymous. against Plymouth Argyle reserves. Although, the pressure of being a penalty-taker is a lot less when you never actually have to take one. sometimes to pass the ball into the net, making the [83] The Brazilian player Garrincha thought the incident was so amusing that he took the dog home as a pet. Dagenham, Essex, England. He felt he had become a journeyman footballer and lost motivation as he believed that apart from Moore, Geoff Hurst, Billy Bonds and Pop Robson, few of his teammates could play good football. goal-scorer of his generation, Jimmy was never one for Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals for England. His He scored 124 First Division goals in just four seasons before being sold on to Italian club A.C. Milan for £80,000 in April 1961. some months before.               By - [65] He later admitted that he was also regularly driving whilst drunk during this period. to thunder a shot home when he could side-foot it with ", "Back then, unless you took him because of a meeting I had with him at the Café Royal head and whichever foot was to hand. 1957 at Stamford Bridge and his first game was against One of the foremost goal-scorers of his generation, Jimmy Greaves' name became synonymous with hitting the back of the net on a very regular basis. [63], Greaves's final season in the First Division took his goalscoring tally to a record 357 goals in the First Division. him a Chelsea player. Despite being of great repute, we need a little more punch

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