Then before you start it, try using starting fluid. 7 years ago my gas cap was replaced b... My Toro walk-behind has a B&S 6.5 HP that runs fine for a while, then suddenly a... Hello everybody, I think I know the answer to this question but I want to make s... Hello, problems contact [email protected]. Can someone tell me what the small hole in the circled part are used for? Also there is a carb cleaner spray you spray into the air filter, not sure on how good it is. Copyright© Get your answers by asking now. I plan on having the exhaust side of the enclosure swing out like a barn-door and probably a cutout for the intake on the front of the motor. Questions about asbestos and gas furnace brands, Recommendations for modernizing well system. I think the lawn mower was not winterised. my rider had the same problem. Grab the gas cap handle and continue turning the cap counter-clockwise. After it cool for 20 minutes it starts again. By logging into your account, you agree to our. What happens when you don't start things for the winter and there is gas in there all the particles in the gas sink. Still have questions? If your lawn mower doesn't have a dipstick attached to the oil lid, look for a "fill" line inside the oil tank. 2nd) Clean out the carb with soap and water. My snowblower ran awhile then stalled then stopped. You can sign in to vote the answer. What was the answer to the previous question about this substitute filler cap not being vented. Dirt, water, or stale fuel is in the fuel system. Dirt in fuel filter. How to remove toilet valve without damaging pvc feed pipe? What happens is this: Gas flows to the carb, mixes with air and is combusted by the engine to drive the engine… The engine will likely shut down after a few minutes if the cap is not vented. I have been working on this engine for a while to get it running again but a problem has occurred. Locate Manual for Craftsman Ltv 10 varidrive lawn tractor, looking for manual for craftsman metal saw 101-22960. I do hope that everything works out on the Craftsman mower. with out the vent the engine will die 10 to 45 minutes depending on how much gas is in the tank. It may take two business days for your expert to reply. All rights reserved. My snowblower ran awhile then stalled then stopped. If I were you I would just drill a very small hole in the cap and save your self the aggravation later from the engine starving for gas because the rubber gasket became weak or fell out of the cap and sealed the tank. It's not terribly noisy, but I would like to try to cut some db down a little. I just purchased a replacement gas / fuel cap and was given the substitution part and it is supposed to be vented, but I cannot see the venting.

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