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Both iterations of the villain have a connection to STAR Labs in one way or another, but the basic outline for these villains taking on this mantle is that some sort of accident or explosion causes them to gain superhuman strength and translucent skin, showing their skulls. It is eventually revealed Hank Hall has become this villain in the future. Strange 2. If just a probe, Thanos would bitch slap that thing into nothingness within 10 seconds, it gets roflstomped. The Imperiex probes were android duplicates of the originator Imperiex-Prime, though much smaller in size.

RELATED: DC: 5 Most Heroic Versions Of Joker (& 5 Most Evil). It's hard to say Imperiex Prime couldn't win when it took the combined efforts of Superman, Steel, and two of his most dangerous enemies Doomsday, and Darkeid to defeat him. Eventually, he became the leader of the villainous team known as the Fearsome Five, a group founded by Doctor Light, another villain who appeared on Titans. With that in mind, there is no better villain to introduce into the Arrowverse than Imperiex. The third season could be shown setting up the Fearsome Five, one of the Titans' most powerful foes to face in the comics overall. That was an Avatar of Darkseid, I assume? No. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. One villain that would be great to see explored in the new multiverse is Monarch. A show like Titans, for example, would be the perfect place to introduce Brother Blood into the multiverse. This villain is unique in that he is a villain from a dystopian future in the DC Universe.

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Obsessed with protecting nature from humanity whom she views as a threat, the scientist turned metahuman with connections to the green is a powerful force of nature. I enjoy writing about everything from comic books to film & television, gaming and more. This would be the perfect villain to introduce into Titans now that Dick has accepted his role as a hero and the team leader Nightwing. For reference of why I believe Prime's power to be above Thanos', just one example: Imperiex Prime with a single blast annihilated Doomsday. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Superman Vol 2 #153(February, 2000). A major foe of Superman, Supergirl and the heroes of Earth, Brainiac has nearly brought Earth to the brink of destruction many times. His whole directive is to span the universe, killing everything in his path so that he may restart the universe with the power within him. Luffy Vs Captain America: Which One Is The Better Leader? A major foe of the Titans, Brother Blood appeared in Arrow season 2 as a political figure who worked and was later slain by Slade Wilson. Mongul convinced Superman to help him fight Imperiex, and the two managed to defeat it.

But it isn't above planet-level. Prime has shown too high of energy output, plus he has an army with him at all times, each probe in the army being insanely high S-tier (took Supes and Mongul a good effort just to beat one), and Prime+his army took on an army led by Darkseid, Thanos' DC counterpart, Prime stomps this 10/10 unless Thanos gets some prep time or an army of his own clones. Doomsday was 100% one-shotted with no effort by this guy. If Prime....well, Thanos without prep straight up loses 10/10.

Power Rangers: Which Green Ranger Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Arrowverse: 5 DC Comics Villains Who Could Appear On Earth-Prime (& 5 Who Could Be In The New Multiverse), DC: 5 Things We Want To See From James Tynion’s Batman Run (& 5 We Don’t), DC Comics: 5 Heroes Who Could Appear On Earth-Prime (& 5 Who Could Be In New Multiverse), DC: 5 Most Heroic Versions Of Joker (& 5 Most Evil), MCU: 10 Multiverses We Could See In Dr. Imperiex Prime destroyed galaxies over time and with machinery. For reference of why I believe Prime's power to be above Thanos', just one example: Imperiex Prime with a single blast annihilated Doomsday. A physicist named Simon Jones who was transformed by Trigon while experimenting with contacting other dimensions to become a powerful telepath with telekinetic powers. Imperiex is so deadly that he is said to not just instill fear in beings like Mongul, but is also able to take out others like Doomsday with a single hit of his energy blast. The villain who deserves a live-action debut and would fit in perfectly on Earth-Prime is Poison Ivy. One villain who had a brief appearance on The Flash’s second season but hasn’t had a full-scale storyline or appearance in a live-action setting is Atomic Skull. This new iteration can take more inspiration from the comics, as the leader of a cult who battles the Teen Titans on several occasions. One of the most destructive, unstoppable and dangerous villains of the DC Universe who should appear in the Earth-Prime universe is Doomsday. The Imperiex probes were android duplicates of the originator Imperiex-Prime, though much smaller in size.. History. Imperiex-Prime vs. Annihilus Thread starter Khan; Start date Apr 24, 2008; Khan. Also a has taken out one of his probes, and so has Wonder Woman. One thing that season 3 of the multiverse level show Titans could do is introduce more villains into shorter story arcs or perhaps long-running arcs along with other villains in the season. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

An alien tyrant and warlord, Despero becomes obsessed with conquering Earth and destroying the Justice League after rebel forces contact the league to help free them from Despero’s grip of tyranny.

Asking since Brainiac was able to capture and harness Primes power, unless I'm remembering it wrong. Omnipotence: Imperiex wielded the power of the Big Bang itself and was virtually omnipotent. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko's 10 Best Fight Scenes, Ranked, Skyrim: 10 Khajiit Versus Argonian Memes That Are Too Hilarious, The Last Airbender: Azula's 5 Best Traits (& Her 5 Worst), The Boys: 5 Ways Starlight Is Stronger Than Queen Maeve (& 5 Ways She’s Not), 10 Reasons The Boys Is The Best Comic Based TV Show Ever, Soul Eater: 10 Crona Cosplay You Have To See.

03:49, August 18, … RELATED: DC Comics: 5 Heroes Who Could Appear On Earth-Prime (& 5 Who Could Be In New Multiverse). Plot. The crossover, which occurred mainly through the monthly Superman titles, Wonder Woman, and a series of character themed one-shot specials, dealt with the heroes of the DC Universe facing the threat of the cosmic force known as Imperiex, who attacked Earth for the purpose of using the planet as the staging ground for the "hollowing" of the entire universe.

The villain could appear on Batwoman and it would be great to see her evolution from villain to possibly an anti-hero as she and Batwoman come to some delicate understanding of one another. It is revealed that he is a mystery hero from the present-day DC Universe who grows to become the villain one day.

10 Doomsday (Prime) One of the most destructive, ... 8 Imperiex (Prime) After the events of Crisis, it is apparent that now Earth-Prime is the lynchpin of this new multiverse created by Oliver Queen. The Imperiex probes were first seen when Mongul, the son of the deceased villain of the same name, arrived on Earth stating that Imperiex had destroyed Warworld and was heading for Earth., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, it transpired that the "Imperiex" they had encountered was no more than a probe, whereas Imperiex Prime, leader of the Imperieces, was himself a much larger and more powerful being. The villain is the embodiment of entropy and is pure energy housed within a suit of armor. Imperiex Prime only has 4-B AP/Attack feats, but his self destruction ranges from "Galaxy/Multi-Galaxy" level to "Universal+" after Brainiac 13 absorbed him. In the arena! Ian Churchill The story involves Imperiex trying to restart the universe with a new big bang after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Doomsday was 100% one-shotted with no effort by this guy. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Yet with all of the changes that came with the crossover’s finale and Oliver Queen’s sacrifice, the newly remade multiverse including Earth-Prime is not without more dangers.

Cuz I heard that every single appearance of Darkseid is just an Avatar and that the true Darkseid is a multiversal entity that can't even enter the Universe without it collapsing. The story brought in several projects for DC Comics both past and present, from the days of Smallville and Birds of Prey to the DCEU and shows like Titans. Casue thanos have stood up to that. As new threats emerge, let’s take a look at five villains who could appear on Earth-Prime, and five who could appear in the new multiverse. Apr 24, 2008 #1 Imperiex-Prime vs. Annihilus For supremacy! One villain who has a major connection to the Titans universe of the new multiverse who would be great in the show’s third season is Psimon. The Imperiex probes were first seen when Mongul, the son of the deceased villain of the same name, arrived on Earth stating that Imperiex had destroyed Warworld and was heading for Earth. Defeating several Imperiex Probes is a huge feat, don't get me wrong.

Each gets their full forces, at their height or at the normal.

A very power villain with a third eye that gives him mental control over people, he has battled the entirety of the Justice League and held his own, with Martian Manhunter, in particular, having many battles with the villain, becoming instrumental in one of his defeats by tricking his mind into believing he’d gotten his heart’s desire. Imperiex Probes ranged from giving Superman a decent fight to being destroyed by human nuclear bombs. Prime, obviously. I thought Prime was the default.

Thanos while going all-out can reduce S-tiers to nothing but a skeleton, sure, but that requires effort from him; for the analogy to hold up, this would be like Thanos incinerating Thor with nothing but a flick of his pinky. Adapting this into the Arrowverse’s newly created Justice League would be great for a new crossover in the future. 1. imperiex prime vs optimus prime , a quien le queda mejor el apodo de prime. Also, how would that DC analogue of Galactus - Anti-Monitor? May I see durability and more offensive feats for Imperiex , as Thanos has insane durability durability and could easily tank the blast that incinerated Doomsday, also does Imperiex have any resistance to telepathy? From Doomsday to Poison Ivy, here are the villains that could appear on the Arrowverse's post-Crisis Earth-Prime (and in the new Multiverse).

Are we talking Imperiex Prime or just an Imperiex probe? One of the DC Universe’s greatest projects in recent years came in the form of the Arrowverse’s recent crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. One villain who has recently had encounters with team leader Dick Grayson in the comics that would be perfect for the show is Scarecrow.

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