Surface Angle: All our Indoor Skislopes are standard fitted with a surface angle that can instantly be varied with the push of a button between 9 - 20 degrees. Is there an annual expo, or convention, for the wind tunnel industry? While this is a dream of many indoor skydivers, the reality is much different. Forces around the world employ wind tunnel training for their troops. Very important to consider when thinking about building a permanent facility. Four U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists ride the chair at the nation's first indoor ski on snow facility: ... [+] Donna Weinbrecht, Red Gerrard, Kelly Clark & Lindsey Vonn. Most recirculating tunnels are quiet - if not silent from the outside. On opening day, those who took the indoor first runs in the U.S. included the all-time winningest U.S. skier in World Cup History, Olympic champ Lindsey Vonn, as well as Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarders Red Gerard and Kelly Clark. We have watched many projects meet the local demands and create successful businesses that feed the area. The consumer demographic of these facilities are first time participants. Your email address will not be published. You will normally find options for both franchising and outright ownership. Commonly wind tunnels include facilities for hosting group events like birthday parties, corporate events etc. Small towns will likely be best served by a smaller (~10ft) machine. Big SNOW is committed to the health and safety of our guests and our team. The complex is divided into two sections, one a dedicated beginner learning area, the other bigger and comprising the intermediate and black runs - just one of each. Terrain Based Learning is a fairly recent trademarked method that uses purpose-built contours to progress quickly and is generally considered an excellent way to learn. Portable & permanent installations can be any of the various tunnel types and sizes. The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide. Do you know if it’s possible to rent a fixed tunnel from a company and once enough profit has been made, you can buy it out right? Hey Barry, get in touch with one or more of the manufacturers listed here and they can assist you: Kids as young as 3, grandparents, athletes and office workers alike can enjoy bodyflight. You could take a look at PIA which is a conference centered around skydiving:, Very interested in the business. This number can move up and down as you change variables like size of flight chamber, wind tunnel type, income level of the population, tourism draws and more. Nothing specific to wind tunnels. Thank you. Together we can all keep Big SNOW safe for everyone. You might be able to find used portable machines for less, but be very careful when purchasing used. Sandra, you shouldn't be measuring in acres when talking about building an indoor skydiving facility. Examples include other amusement activities such as a flowrider, indoor rock climbing wall, or indoor skiing. Please advise. To open a project to the public, most modern recirculating tunnel projects (12 - 16 ft diameter, permanent installations) require an investment of $7-10 million dollars. On top of these base costs you will need to factor shipping, construction, land and operation costs into your business plan.

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