We spoke as Annette was inside and told him I w as a close friend and former FC President and met all of her lovely family 1 He was very protective of her privacy for sure 1 Ed Held ~~` sho buz ! “She was so happy after we got married,” Glen recalls. In 1950 he married Helen Rose from Shafter and together they reared four children. Battling multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years has taken its toll on the former Disney and Beach Party star, but Glen is Annette’s knight in shining armor. Although Annette Funicello has faced many difficult challenges during her extraordinary life, if there’s one constant that has carried her through it all, it’s knowing that she is truly, unconditionally, and unequivocally loved. Although Annette Funicello has faced many difficult challenges during her extraordinary life, if there’s one constant that has carried her through it all, it’s knowing that she is truly, unconditionally, and unequivocally loved. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! “If you need anything, call me,” and included a telephone number. Her biggest hit single was "Tall Paul" (#7 US Pop 1959). Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. His only marriage lasted 26.9 years. Annette still resided in her first house several miles from where she grew up. Their busy careers led to them parting ways.During the early 1960s, American International Films wanted to use her in a fun-on-the-beach movie. This article, written by Lorraine Santoli, originally appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of Disney twenty-three. The very first, and very large, arrangement that arrived contained a small card that read. I seen the wonderful care he gave to his wife. The card was signed by Frank Sinatra. I wish I could have met both of them. From the mid 1960's to the 1970's he became one of the most successful harness horse drivers in the state of California starting out on the county fairs circuit, then on to Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Bay Meadows, Los Alamitos and Cal Expo. He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 26.9 years. “Initially, we didn’t tell anyone except the immediate family and close friends,” Glen continues. Most Famous For: Widower of Annette Funicello What a kind soul that was Annette husband and so caring towards her. "A big, nice look at me with those big, brown, bright eyes is telling me 'thank you,' you know. Whenever anyone spoke of Annette, no last name was ever needed as everyone knew who you were talking about.The popular teenager became synonymous with wholesome entertainment and was borrowed by Danny Thomas in 1959 to play Gina, a foreign exchange student, on The Danny Thomas Show (1953) (aka "The Danny Thomas Show") and also that same year had a recurring role on the Disney television series Zorro (1957). They lived around the corner from me in Sherman Oaks but I respected their privacy and never went to their home. Annette’s two best friends from childhood, original Mouseketeer Sharon Baird and actress Shelley Fabares, express their love by visiting on a regular basis. I'm sad to learn of Glen's passing. Website Design by eLink Design, Inc. A Lexington Web Design Company :: Hosted by Intelliwire, LLC, An Offsite Backup Company visit annetteconnection.com. She ultimately appeared in a number of Disney TV series, starred in several motion pictures, and launched a successful recording career. From the mid-1960s to the 1970s, Mr. Holt traveled the circuit in California. Three years later, she married Glen Holt, a harness racing horse breeder/trainer. Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive? Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. I trust he and Annette are back together again. 0 0. kylie e. 1 decade ago. Met Glen in Florida at WDW as he walked Annette to Liberty Square gift shop to sell and promote her Cello Perfume. It was during this period that Annette married Hollywood agent Jack Gilardi and became mom to three children, Gina, Jack Jr., and Jason. Glen D. HoltFebruary 12, 2018 - December 19, 1930. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. Lachenmeier eventually gave him a broodmare and Mr. Holt's career as a sergeant with the police department ended and his career in harness racing began. Bill Hafker thehuntzie@yahoo.com, Other Works ). Harness Racing Weekend Preview He was a kind hearted and empathic man with great integrity that was forged in him from his childhood roots. “If she wants to go shopping, we do that. I tried so hard, like Glen, to keep her alive and never lost hope and I was with her at Hospice when I heard her take her last breath. Longtime horseman Glen Holt passed away Feb. 12 at age 87 in California. In October, Funicello's husband, Glen Holt, allowed Canada's CTV W5 News into their home to shed light on the toll that multiple sclerosis had taken on his wife after nearly 25 years. Annette became the last Mouseketeer of the twenty-four that was picked. And Fair World Magazine :: Together he found a new passion with forming the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases. Dad shot a 400 and the agent shot 398 (who admitted he had never been beaten before or shot a 400) so the agent wanted to try again and dad shot another 400, with that the agent said "I give up". I ran back to the bedroom telling the caregiver that we had to get out because the house was on fire.”, Glen’s foremost thought was to get Annette out safely. To the Holt Family, I just saw a video about Glen Holt which I learned he passed away 2018. He faithfully continued his work to raise money for research along with the help of his good friend Dave Mason. Covering the event was the "Valley News and Green Sheet"--now "The Valley News"--and the Los Angeles Times. Many of the original Mouseketeers—Sharon Baird, Bobby Burgess, Tommy Cole, Lonnie Burr, Doreen Tracey, Cubby O’Brien, Don Grady, and Sherry Alberoni—stay in touch and visit. He enjoyed telling jokes, his daily drives to the ranch as well as lunches and afternoon visits with his friends in Shafter. Both are do greatly missed. While media rumors have reported that Annette has lapsed into a coma, Glen is eager to set the record straight. “It was terrible to lose so much in the fire, but we’ve started again, and most importantly, we’re together and she’s happy,” Glen says. On his days off from the Shafter Police Department, he would go to the two local racing stables, one owned by Bill Lachenmeier and the other by Joe O'Brien. I know it's been awhile since he passed. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Her popularity was such that by the late 1950s, she was simply known as "Annette" -- America's sweetheart and the first "crush" for many a teenage baby boomer. I went through a similar experience with my first wife who developed a severe case of Vasculitis which took her life after a 4 year struggle. What a love story for the ages. Glen Holt is currently single. Annette was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disorder. My brother died from M.S., and it's a heartbreaking situation to see someone you love fall prey to the affects of this insidious disease. In 1977, Annette played the Blue Fairy in Disneyland's "Main Street Electrical Parade". While on the force he taught pistol shooting and became an expert sharpshooter. He was drawn to the charismatic young girl and invited her to audition for a new kids show he was producing: the Mickey Mouse Club. Mr. Holt's family remembered him as a kind hearted and empathic man with great integrity that was forged in him from his childhood roots. For more information on The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases, please “Those reports are absolutely false,” he tells Disney twenty-three. But then I didn’t see her again until several years after her divorce, when she started visiting the track again.”. Walt Disney himself saw her performing the lead role in "Swan Lake" at her ballet school's year-end recital in Burbank and decided to have her audition along with two hundred other children. Frankie kept their secret and kept her safe. He enjoyed telling the story about when a FBI agent came to Kern County from Washington for an instructive firings course. When she was cast in her first beach movie. Today, relocated to a new home, Annette and Glen have moved forward, both thankful to be alive. She made her well as other Disney film vehicles for several years, including The Shaggy Dog (1959), Babes in Toyland (1961) and The Monkey's Uncle (1965). As her primary caretaker, Glen and his entire life revolve around Annette. Horseman God bless Glen for all his efforts to help Annette and others who suffer with M.S. But there was one other person who needed to know. It was so painful to watch her decline to such a helpless state like Annette. In 2012, 25 years after the diagnosis, the degenerative disease has robbed Annette of the ability to do most all tasks by herself. Glen and Annette in Disneyland Tribute by Ed Held Sudio~~, My sincere sympathy to the family and friends may the love and comfort God gives help you all to cope. Mr. Holt had a love of horses from the time he was a child. He he worked for the Shafter Police Department where he became a sergeant. [November 1999]. She was involved in the Annette Funicello Bear Company which made collectible teddy bears. and I hope the foundation will continue to look for a cure..God bless Glen for his kindness and may he Rest In Peace. She had always been so healthy and youthful until suddenly this terrible disease hit and caused her to slowly deteriorate to a helpless state. He took such great care of his Family. I looked up Mr. Holt after watching a video of him caring for Annette in her battle with M.S. "And when she was diagnosed and started all this stuff about MS, I told her, 'Well, I'll take care of you, honey, and I'll do everything I can do. The "teenage" couple (actually she was 20 and he 23) proved so popular in this that they were whisked into a number of sand-and-surf romps (Muscle Beach Party (1964), Bikini Beach (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)) that showcased the actors engaging in harmless fun while singing and dancing in the sand, and falling into silly slapstick.After the surfing craze died out in 1965, Annette married Jack Gilardi, Paul Anka's agent, and became the mother of his three children -- Gina, Jack Jr. and Jason. Glen Holt was born on December 19, 1930 in Missouri, USA. In October, Funicello's husband, Glen Holt, allowed Canada's CTV W5 News into their home to shed light on the toll that multiple sclerosis had taken on his wife after nearly 25 years. But one thing that hasn’t been taken away is how much she is loved by her husband, friends, and fans alike. Settling down in a large traditional ranch house in the hills of Encino, California, Annette became a stay-at-home mom, but worked intermittently, guest starring in myriad TV series and becoming the spokesperson for Skippy peanut butter.

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