>> Related Article: Best Ant Repellent Products. $(that.id).find('.panel[aria-hidden="false"] a')[0].click(); We have a big ant problem at houses at the Jersey shore and I found this powder keeps the ants away, and lasts for a good while. }; Apply when temperatures are between 65° and 80°F and allow three to four days for maximum control. This is just getting started at our house, too, so I feel you. }; case 39: that.nextSlide(); break; While TERRO ® is best known as the leader in liquid ant control solutions, we are so much more. }; Equal parts will do. Each ant that consumes the bait will die within 24 - 48 hours. Save yourself the cost of the name brand product and go get a box of borax from the grocery store and sprincle some of that around where you see the ants. var startX, endX; Replace the bait stations every 3 months to keep the ants at bay. The liquid ant bait station should remain as undisturbed as possible while the ants are actively feeding on it. Q: What product gets rid of the ants AND other insects in my yard? var id = $('#' + $(this).attr('id')); Boiling water. Now I've got a good plan of action to deal with this summer's wave. And I seriously had about 20 ant hills in all if the cracks in my driveway . Thank you, Chad. }, { capture:true, passive: true}); Resist the temptation to touch bait or interfere with the process. Bait placement near ant activity is also key to successful colony elimination. } Hi, I have your ant dust. A: The color doesn't really matter - the liquid may turn a shade of yellow or brown when exposed to warm temperatures. This ant killer comes in pre-filled bait stations that can be placed near ant trails or areas where you see a lot of ants. var maskWidth = this.visibleItems() * this.itemWidth(); $(this.id).find('.ctrl.left').on('click', function() { $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').css({'left':-1 * (visible * that.itemWidth())}); best known for their liquid ant killer bait formula. Q: How long does it take to eliminate an ant colony with TERRO® liquid ant bait? >> Related Article: Best Ant Spray Killer. My husband's recommendation is Amdro Ant Block. I was in an emergency with major infestations throughout my backyard. Keep children and pets away from treated areas. Some years I win, some years they win. Long-lasting and weather-resistant, the ant bait granules not only kill entire colonies of outdoor ants – including carpenter ants - but it is also is effective against cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, slugs and snails. }, { capture:true, passive: true}); There are more than 10,000 known species of ants living throughout the world. After a second week of 90 degree weather I still have not found a single ant in this area. As ants forage for food, they are drawn to the sweet liquid in TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits. } Each 16 oz bottle has a cap that allows homeowners to use it as a shaker or to draw out measured amounts of the ant killer through a larger opening. Both the soil and the DE need to be dry to be effective, as you want the DE to dehydrate the ants. For now, feel free to continue reading. – Simple set the the bait stations near any ant trails or where you see lots of ant activities. | If you're not sure how to use TERRO® outside, it's easy! Q: The liquid in my bottle of TERRO® ant killer appears to have hardened and is difficult to pour. }; BrandSlider.prototype.setItemWidth = function() { © 2020 Woodstream Corporation. The baits are also good to be used to stop ants in their tracks when they are heading into your house. I live in the SW desert area, and have been battling ants for 7 years. Apply around windows and doors, porches, screens, eaves, patios, garages, under stairways, in crawl spaces, and other areas where pests hide. if (xMove > 30 || xMove < -30) { $(this.id)[0].addEventListener('touchend', function(e) { I've used Terro ant dust, liquid bait, and granules for small pavement ants. You should replace it only if it becomes inaccessible to the ants, or empty. this.id = id; this.animationSpeed = 300; Q: Can TERRO® ant bait and ant killer be used in homes with kids and pets? The soda can keeps the dead carcasses neatly contained for easy disposal... Maybe you can scatter some cans around the tree's perimeter? To treat ant mounds, sprinkle about 1 tablespoon over the entrance of the mound (Note: Do not pour water or anything else in). We're sorry to hear that these small pavement ants keep coming back! We have made it our mission to help our followers survive and win the battle against the soul-sucking creepy crawlers. Similar to the TERRO liquid bait station, TERRO has designed a version for outdoor use. this.prevSlide = function() { To avoid harming pollinators, don't use any type of insecticide when plants are blooming. I've been trying to get rid of the ants from April 2019 until today June 4, 2019. Here’s How to Protect Your Chickens from Foxes, Flea Beetles: How to Identify, Eliminate, and Prevent This Garden Pest, How to Humanely Stop Birds from Stealing Seeds and Seedlings in Your Garden, How to Keep Cabbage White Butterflies Away from Your Brassicas, How to Spot and Get Rid of Spider Mites in Your Garden Plants, How to Get Rid of Potato Bugs: 11 Steps to End the Infestation, How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats in 8 Simple Steps, How to Spot and Get Rid of Whiteflies on Your Garden Plants. Yuck. Do you have a product that will get rid of more than just ants? It kills ants on contact and can provide residual repellency (up to 4 months) that continues to prevent pests from entering the house. BrandSlider.prototype.visibleItems = function() { Thanks for the responses. Interested in learning more about TERRO® Ant Dust? Is this safe to use on mature live oak tree? posted by Medieval Maven at 6:03 AM on May 31, 2013 Q: Is there an expiration date on TERRO®; liquid ant bait products? "use strict";

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