“I think you’re really pretty/handsome” He’d boldly proclaim before you two just chat about for hours. He probably has his own suite that he pays for with his kengan match money, or Akira rents him out a place in return for victories and watching out for Cosmo. Cosmo was really nice about the entire thing, mostly because he was confident he could knock Adam out and because he wanted to spar with Adam and was willing to overlook a few comments. Or if that’s too many, just take your pick! Seriously though, it was too cruel. He himself is a little cunning, so someone who can keep up with him, especially in intellectual games would shoot an arrow straight through his heart. 9) Lambdadelta, Reinhard Heydrich, Lucifer, Hajun, Featherine, the Creator, the Presence, Overvoid, Meng Hao, Li Qiye, scp 3812 vs Arcueid Brunestud, Void Shiki, CCC Gilgamesh, Just testing the intelligence of this wiki. Weaknesses: The Advance hampers his fine motor control while also causing severe damage to his blood vessels. In reality, "Tokita Niko" was never his real name, but rather an alias being used by the students of the true creator of the Niko Style , … Suekichi Kaneda: He prefers people who are more than what meets the eye. Ohma had a notably muscular and well-defined body, messy dark brown hair that others compare to seaweed, and sharp, confident eyes. He can feel his face heat up ever so slightly and he immediately turns his phone over to save him his shame. He’s gonna… delete. Love you! To be precise he didn'nt died. Genius in martial arts and combat tactics. Like make him unable to fight anymore thus retiring in the peaceful countryside, have kids, die of old age or even better, he'll become this aged sensei that our new mc will seek wisdom from like Ohma's previous master. He hasn’t had a phone for long, mostly because when you’re as loud as he is, you can hear him across continents. And considering they explained in Omega that he was critical and not dead when Kazuo got to him he did not die. Taking the place beside him you recline back and look up at the stars. They put Deku at city level even tho he had a city level feat in the two heroes movie and he wasn’t even at Max strength. "Its such a pretty night, the stars are so bright, you can even see the archer constellation." Were you testing him? Like it says on the tin: Rumi Usagiyama aka. Having grown up in the lawless territory known as The Inside, the young Ohma was found and adopted by Tokita Niko, who taught him his style of martial arts; the Niko Style. He stares dumbfounded, unsure if his face is heating up due to the steam and if the surge of heat in his… you know, never mind that- ahem. I decided to never read the manga or even watch the anime because I'm sure I'll get attached to the characters. (Looking at you, Morikichi and Bando). I love these men so much and I'd love if you did them. Stay safe and don't overwork yourself!❤️, go watch sonic the hedgehog instead of worrying about this holiday. He talks too much shit and kicks too much ass to be anything but. TheOneFreeMan77. He has short spiked light grey hair with a small widow's peak and a notch on the right side of his hairline, the sclera of his eyes are a dark almost-black color with whitened pupils (a common trait of the Kure Clan) and a sadistic grin that is almost perpetually painted across his face. You must be logged in to post a comment. This doesn’t require a lot of comprehension to understand my guy. Seki is all about kisses. I just enjoy that Cosmo is able to make such an impression on a character like Adam and the two become and unlikely but endearing duo to see throughout the story, even if it’s just in small panels most of the time. — Ohma posing Yamashita Kazuo the question. He really does trust his friend, but his paternal instincts are in overdrive.

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