4.8 Atomic Delhi - 110058. Greater the overlapping of atomic orbital higher is the strength of chemical bond. Now you COULD say that the fluoride ion, F(-), is isoelectronic with the oxide ion, or that the sulfide ion, S(-2), is isoelectronic with the chloride ion. In this question in place of isoelectronic there showed be same number of valence electron. google_ad_slot = "8607545070"; Isostructural chemical compounds have similar chemical structures.Isoelectronic terms refer to two atom, ions or molecules that have the same number of valence electrons.ClO3- = SO32- Number of electronsCO32- = 6+2+24 =32SO32- = 16+2+24 = 32ClO32- = 17+24+1 = 42NO32- = 7+2+24 = 33Hence ClO32- and SO32- are isoelectronic and are pyramidal in shape. 4.10 mp/bp 4.11 Metallic google_ad_width = 728;

In which order do their radii increase?