Matrix carries it on the front of his combat vest throughout the second half of the movie and utilizes it in the final confrontation with his arch-nemesis, Bennett (portrayed by Vernon Wells). Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger Knife Buy Price: $750.00+ Hat Tip Comment A twisted weapon designed by Tony Marfione. The blade is 7" of sharpened 6AL-4V titanium with a bead blast finish and grooved triple edge twisted dagger blade with drilled hole design. We’re considering it.”, Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Caribou Media Group | All rights reserved.

Crain attempted to correct this problem by strengthening the tang and then welding it into the handle. Initially, Crain forged his blades. Suddenly the market was flooded with both factory and custom knives featuring sawteeth and hollow handles. “It was quite enjoyable working with them.” Crain adds that Twentieth-Century-Fox provided him with the movie’s press kits and forwarded all inquiries about the knives directly to him. Rather, he would incorporate his own notions of what a combat-survival knife should be. But Crain perceived some inherent challenges in those modifications. Crafted from solid billet, the machining behind the Jagdkommando® (German for mountain hunter) is highly impressive. And since he prefers to make Bowie knives over all other styles, he assumes that the movie influenced his career as well. The movie would star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had used custom swords made by Jody Sampson in the Conan films. However, it was Commando that solidified Crain’s reputation as a knifemaker to Hollywood. He’s best remembered for the knives he supplied for many Hollywood movies, including Commando, Predator, Road House, Predator 2, Demolition Man and Executive Decision. It is affixed to a hollow handle by the same sturdy method as the LS-1. His fellow knifemakers have cautioned him that the popularity of the Bowie is waning. The end result was the Life Support System I, which featured a nine-inch by two-inch by 1/4-inch blade, flatground for strength. Handmade knives flourished in the years following The Iron Mistress and Jack Crain was part of the ensuing Renaissance of custom cutlery. He’s best remembered for the knives he supplied for many Hollywood movies, including Commando, Predator, Road House, Predator 2, Demolition Man and Executive Decision. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. “People associate them with street gangs and psychopathic killers in the ‘slasher’ movies. “We’re not trying to make a whole lot of knives,” he explains, “just a few good ones.” (Crain also states, with justifiable pride, that Toni is rapidly developing into a talented engraver). Crain says that, in general, a single row of teeth cuts better and binds less. Within the movie’s limited production schedule, there was simply no time for Crain to design and construct another new knife. He received numerous requests to produce his own version of a survival knife. Because one of Crain’s knives has recently “co-starred” in a Hollywood production. Thank you! If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. “Actually, the movie has slowed my production,” Crain reports. He successfully resolved the problem by welding the blade into the handle first and then heat-treating the steel. However, he regrets the film’s timing. He requires creative input from the filmmakers, either the producer or director or the actor who will carry the knife.

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making knives,” he states. The Microtech Jagdkommando is a devastating fixed dagger with a 12.625" overall Length. A decade later he became a full-time maker and joined the Knifemakers Guild. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Later, he adopted the stock-removal method. Your IP: Crain was asked to supply three matte-finished Life Support knives and six scabbards for the production. Of course, it will be accompanied by a formidable price tag. But he determined that the wall thickness of the tubing was too thin. More people are writing and calling. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec3be19cd3019c5 Because Crain does not possess a lathe or milling machine, he found it necessary to subcontract the production of the handles. Head to our Find A Dealer page to locate a dealer near you!

“The thing that impressed me,” remembers Crain, “was that these people were trying to get actual working guns and knives-no dummy props.”. The Commando sells for $300.00 (in 1986 prices). A single row of sawteeth is standard on the LS-1. On many survival knives, the tang is a short, thin rattail which is merely epoxied or bolted into the handle. The hollow handle of the LS-1 provided other problems.

Crain thoroughly enjoyed watching Commando, noting that it was “fast-paced and fun.” However, he does not recommend that his customers try to emulate Matrix by throwing their Scorpion and Commando knives. But he admits to having watched The Iron Mistress “several hundred times.”. He also discarded the notion of casting the handles (or any other parts of the knife). He will have less time to devote to his survival knives in 1986, the year of the Texas Sesquicentennial, and Crain has been commissioned to make commemorative Bowies honoring several Texas cities, including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. However, he had previously been commissioned by a private company to develop a limited edition of 50 small “all-around survival knives” to be called Scorpion. Here is the complete article about his work for that action film. Three Commando knives were sent to California. Limited edition commemorative Bowie knives have become Crain’s specialty, because they allow him to merge his talent for knifemaking with his passion for Texas history. When this knife was introduced in 1982, Crain offered it with either a 440-C blade in a matte finish or a 1095 spring steel blade with a black finish. An In-Depth Look at the Knives of Rambo: Last Blood. Thus, these knives are liable to break at the guard. Crain secured permission for the Scorpion to be used in the movie, and serial numbers eight and nine were shipped to Hollywood. Jack Crain passed away in September 2016 at the age of 70. Indirectly, explains Crain, the relationship between Hollywood and the custom knife began about three decades ago with the motion picture The Iron Mistress. JAGDKOMMANDO® Crafted from solid billet, the machining behind the Jagdkommando® (German for mountain hunter) is highly impressive. None of Crain’s knives are mass produced. *Blade steel for 2020 will be Carpenter CTS 204 P / Carpenter XHP / Bohler M390 / Bohler ELMAX®. Then came a 20-piece series commemorating Isaac Millsap, one of the Alamo defenders. In January of 1985, Crain’s agent was contacted by Tom Shaw, the propmaster of a soon-to-be-made motion picture which would be called Commando.

“I had several pleasant conversations with the producer of Commando, Joel Silver,” states Crain.

“Blades that are tempered hard enough to take a good edge are generally too brittle for throwing,” he observes. He has also added D-2 as an alternative steel for the knives with a matte finish. “It would have been more convenient if the movie had come out last year-or next year,” he states. It was a model with a black finish that was “discovered” by Hollywood and featured in the Airwolf series. (Schwarzenegger’s character, Col. John Matrix, only carries one LS-I; the extra knives and scabbards were required as back-up.) Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The Life Support System I still costs $450 (in 1986 prices). Although it has not yet appeared in any movies, Crain reports that the LS-2 has been more popular than its big sister with campers and backpackers and others who actually want a using knife. | Privacy, The Story Behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Knives in “Commando”.

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