hehe. I sort of wonder how many people fell for it and paid for a free tidal wave of phone book paper. . VW to Chevy wheel adapters, side scoops and wheel cutout flairs for my first VW Bus, a ’65 Westfalia that came with hacked out rear wheel openings for big rear tires. Always kind of wondered how they were getting on, now I know. And we carry it at a cheaper rate than anywhere else! As an alternative, the JC Whitney website offers free electronic versions of the catalogs, or e-catalogs, for the automobile brand Jeep as well as the specialty segment Truck. I will miss them. Some of our most profitable accessories had gross selling margins upwards of 50%, and sometimes more. Credit became non-existent, effectively killing any M&A activity. The good thing is you can easily replace a damaged side mirror cover with premium-quality JC Whitney mirror covers. Pulp paper! 3)Bubble balancers for car tires/rims. Only two specialty books still exist, and they are for the largest and most profitable segments: Jeep and Truck. I’ve used WAG for Wild Assed Guess for many years too. Bummer that JCW doesn’t do classic VW parts anymore. I ignorantly posted the ’57 Chevy dual lamps on the other thread before seeing them here……]. It put a real dent into the affordability of the order. I remember as a kid being told that if you had a Model T engine block and frame, you could build a whole damn running car out of a JCW catalog. The Throop street warehouse is still standing. I would get stuff for my Jeeps thru JCW regularly. Between the Whitney catalog and HMN, It’s where my young automotive dreams were formed! What JCW had for Jeep CJs/Wranglers was mind boggling. At this point (around summer of 2010), Riverside announced to the world that they were shopping for a buyer for WAG. There’s still a little tiny faded and peeling chrome rear-view mirror on a ’76 Ford truck we own that came from his ’56 Plymouth when he was a young man in the 1970’s. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I made at least half a dozen purchases back in the day. Also notice the interesting fine print that says the Hudson engines aren’t for automotive use. But I don’t know if anybody I knew actually ordered anything. Whether these gimmicks worked or not was almost beside the point. Even as a kid, I could tell it was all junk. I wondered what became of JC Whitney, when recently on line looking for Jetta parts I googled it and saw the website, but could tell it was pretty much a shadow of it’s former self. . As Tom said about Whitney dropping the actual auto parts they were known for, RS dropped all the large product lines they used to have. . JC Whitney turn signal lights come with a 90-day return policy and are priced at around $24 to $37. In real life that was a very ugly accessory and not cute looking like the drawing infers. Some feature crystal clear lenses for a pristine appeal. I think that boxy gadget on the dash showing in the photos is from JCW but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. Even though there was a sticker on the cover, loudly proclaiming, “This is your last one!” if you didn’t order something right away, they just kept coming and coming. I never did get Winky or the rebuuld pellets or any of the other snake oil stuff, but when I saw a console that fit my VW Ghia, with actual cupholders and a slot for a few cassette tapes, I had to have it. Here’s a quick buyer’s guide on the new JC Whitney parts and accessories you can buy: Improve your vision at night with premium fog lights designed to replace the original equipment (OE) fog lamps of your truck. There was a door on the side of the building that said “Warshawsky and Co.”, but it was always locked. The Concord went to the wrecking yard a year or so later but was quickly replaced with another one that had a better interior!. Interesting story. In the early ’70’s I bought quite a few parts and fiberglass accessories from JC Whitney for my air cooled VW’s. From a simple mower blade change to a spindle or belt replacement, you'll not only find the lawn mower parts you need, but you can also get lawn mower repair and maintenance help in our DIY Center & Lawn Mower Forum. I found the same thing when I ordered chrome parts (OEM was actually polished stainless steel) for my 1941 Chevrolet – they came from Brazil and the chrome was so thin that you could still see the yellowish copper or brass plating underneath. Paid two bucks for it and have been enjoying it immensely. Bought one thing from Whitney, in the mid 70s, a foot operated air pump. Around here WAG stands for Wild Ass Guess, when we’re doing a project estimate and don’t have time to get a quote for some item, we pick a number out of the air and put “WAG” in the description field. Don’t be too sad that you didn’t get that carpet. I went in to the local RS a few weeks ago when they hung out their “store closing” sign. Autobiography: Confessions of a J. C. Whitney Abuser -The iPhone of its Time, or How to MM in Five Easy Steps, https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hcc/2006/10/Roy-Warshawsky/1351501.html, http://multichannelmerchant.com/news/j-c-whitney-sold-01082002/. The company has since slowly reworked the brand into an online digital catalog and retail website and did away with the printed catalog version. Given how deeply this brand is ingrained with US car culture, I figured I would share my unique insider’s perspective on the company, especially of its downfall (yes, I know that technically JC Whitney is still around, but not really, as you shall see). This led to Warshawsky & Co.’s further growth and was also the beginning of its market expansion. He gave a couple of them to me and I’ve been occasionally enjoying them ever since. . . The point is, even though the subject matter might not seem that interesting, good writing can go a long way to overcoming that and involving an otherwise indifferent reader. Although details of the transaction were never made public, informed speculation around the office was that the sale was for somewhere around the $60 million figure, for what that the time was a company with $170 million in sales. for various foreign cars in the sixties, seventies and eighties. With a huge selection of over 3 million parts, JacksSmallEngines.com has been a go-to resource to find any replacement mower part, big or small for your walk behind, riding mower, or zero turn. Sad story. He was pretty happy with the merchandise and I never heard him complain about the stuff he bought. My brother ordered carpet for his 1976 Pacer from them back in the 1980s, and although it may have been “custom-molded” (it didn’t fit that well), it was extremely thin and threadbare, as compared to the OEM carpeting. In the late 1990s, the brand went online—a move that led to the establishment of the LaSalle, Illinois warehouse. My old college roommate’s father passed away a couple of years ago and he had to put his mother in Alzheimer’s care. If you ever owned a CJ or Wrangler, Quadratec, 4wd Hardware and JCW were 3 catalogs you had to have. As of this writing, other specialty books that JC Whitney printed and distributed regularly to subscribers in the past, such as Auto, Motorcycle and Volkswagen catalogs, are also no longer in print. 15 yeas ago, I bought tires for old Allstate-Puch motorbike, and vintage-style seatbelts for a ’60 Mercedes from J C Whitney. Thanks for reminding of a pleasant part of my autopast. I ordered some specific parts and universal weatherstripping that was fine. Eligible for Free Shipping . While I normally dislike quoting Wikipedia in my posts, I will take some liberties here, since much of the Wikipedia article on JC Whitey was authored by yours truly. Man, I used to pore over the JCW catalog myself! I purchased many parts for engines, brakes, exhausts, etc. They had some obscure stuff as well which was pretty helpful. The only thing I liked about my ’62 Sunliner was the wheel covers, so when I got a ’61 Galaxie (6cyl, stick shift, no power anything, surprisingly pleasing to drive) I ordered Whitney imitation ’62 covers for it. . Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? The JC Whitney web catalog section works much like most other retail websites. Warshawsky named the company JC Whitney in order to give the company a less foreign-sounding name. It was when one of the most iconic and legendary American cars of all time, the Ford Model T, saw huge popularity. Back in the mid to late 60’s I always had a Whitney catalog somewhere within reach. I have NEVER brought any of my 30 cars to a shop to have some MONKEY screw up my rims. Jacks Small Engines IIRC they even gave the customer their own little pea shooter to do it with. In a complete reversal of how online mail ordering has cut into big box store sales, I wonder how much the proliferation of auto parts store chains like Pep Boys, AutoZone, Advance, O’Reilly had to do with the decline of low-priced mail order auto parts. We had all kinds of great ideas, many of which were long-term bets that may have eventually paid off had we been able to wait it out. Other than the name, there is no longer any connection to the Chicago-based company founded by Israel Warshawsky 102 years ago. Orders will continue to ship. Great fun though, to peruse. Given how fast my hair is thinning (genetics, not from Prell), I think those four bottles might last the rest of my life. Ironically it also lowered AM sensitivity! Never heard from them again! The BW shot is shortly after I got the car. My deductions about JC Whitney based on context was that it was sort of like the “Spencer’s Gifts” of auto parts. Your absolutely right. Our secure shipping gives you the comfort of knowing that your order gets to you on time, in one piece. In the late ’80s, JC Whitney’s catalogue promised all the parts necessary to restore a VW Beetle into an ill-fitting, short-lived approximation of a VW Beetle. When I got my first car in March of 1966 – a 1960 VW bug, I finally put JCW to use. I’m guessing based on the landscape that VW Beetles are few and far between these days. Kind of like when the UK’s Office of Government Commerce unveiled their new logo, and thirty seconds later someone rotated it 90 degrees…. The website refers to its product pages as catalogs as well. I always used to get a few custom things, map lights, fog lights, etc from JCW when I got another car. Infiniti Jeep Kia Lexus Lincoln Mazda. My Ford Maverick had a JC Whitney sourced FM-converter in it when I bought it off the used car lot. My Father and I bought many items from JCW over 40 years! Tacky mudguards with gaudy graphics, used to be pretty common here. Warshawsky died in 1997, and by 2002, the company was sold to Riverside Capital, which later formed the Whitney Automotive Group (WAG) to encompass other holdings like CarParts.com. EDIT : BTW: rodents don’t track their piss anywhere, they piss while they’re walking…. Being a cheap and early one of those kits it has two buttons one dedicated for the locks and the other for the trunk release. I had a pretty good FM converter​ (from Radio Shack ?) They also lead the market in bikes, at least for the family/non-enthusiast market. Or maybe it was the sharp decline in what was already questionable quality as the move was made from US to Chinese sourced products. My own experience was with Radio Shack. JC Whitney began as a scrap metal yard on Chicago’s south side, formed by Lithuanian immigrant Israel Warshawsky, who came to the US to escape religious persecution. You can choose between halogen and LED fog lamps that come in pairs, along with all the necessary subcomponents like cables and mounting hardware. I think Winky would have caused more accidents then helped to prevent them. IIRC MT sold its subscription list to JC Whitney so the catalogs started coming shortly thereafter. Clean safe firing with unwanted catalogs, brochures, certificates.

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