You can also become a parent but partly or wholly reject the full-time job of doing that! 21° Taurus 10′ 25″ R This opens the gates to every other company and by next year more than half of us will be enjoying the relaxation, comfort and space of a home office, instead of a packed commute. It was with a very glamorous company and it involved her edging in on a competitor’s job, actually. Pisces against Virgo is cruises against medical advice. You urgently need boundaries at home.

In fact it’s historic. Hi Jessica,

I don’t ask you any questions . 25° Scorpio 02′ 55″ It’s not negative at all. Stay in touch with changing planetary events by joining Susan’s email list and getting her Newsletter.
You are in a great position to juggle two languages until January 2022 on the Gemini-Sagittarius weather, and in fact will think about adding a third. He used himself as the blank canvas for dual expression and flew the flag for masculinity, in a very new way. Are you a Premium member? It really depends on your personal chart. Like any horoscope symbol, Neptune is negative when in square or opposition, but also when in any aspect to malefic or difficult planets. The Jupiter and Neptune sextile is wrapped around that, so what you are feeling and seeing (people prepared to go further, explore more widely, and do more) is going to help you as well. I would appreciate any insights you have to offer, Thanks.
The old words Jove/Jovial are associated with Jupiter. The symbolism of Neptune is interchangeable. Sure. You will be affected, as will the people around you. Interestingly enough, an opportunity came up to audition for a role as a children’s presenter, about a day after you replied to me. No, your future as a tutor will go from strength to strength and in fact, the new technology from 2026 will mean you both learn and teach in exciting new ways. That’s real but it’s not real.

Other worlds.

If not, find a doctor who can assist you with this illness which others have researched before you. Low mood for these reasons for months. We will see the end of ‘Comfortably Numb’ on so many levels on January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th in the year 2021, when Neptune at 19 Pisces is caught in a tense, tight T-Square with the North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius. In fact, you can afford to be ambitious, even if this is something you are doing for love not money. 27° Sagittarius 08′ 07″ Have they ever been right even !! 19° Sagittarius 12′ 24″ The local scene and local travel and exploration; neighbourhood and community involvement – are really where you are both headed and although it will be very different, it will feel right. Thank you Din P. I think major transits deserve a lot of space, and in fact Jupiter in Capricorn will be with you until Christmas, and Neptune in Pisces will be with you throughout 2021 and beyond. My friend Marian Keyes and her invented language on Twitter and gift for whimsy. AJ stay on top of the rapidly changing world as that is what is known as a trickle-down effect. Your natal chart is picked up by the Jupiter-Neptune sextile but also a few other transits. So, although you can enjoy surfing the gigantic waves of Jupiter-Neptune sextiles in 2020, you must be a realist about the unreal and the non-real in your life. I have two of the 20 degree patterns in my chart, but can’t see any connection. No later than September, actually, if you want a simple life. This is no time to think small. I am so drained, exhausted and fragile . This can sometimes be physical so you miscarry or terminate pregnancies. You are doing more than astrologer’s job. Neptune can be blind, as well as blind drunk. Jupiter conjunction Saturn should be the great leveller.

And lightning is Uranus, never Jupiter.

I’m hoping you can throw some light on the factors that are at 20 degrees in my chart; Love reading your blogs! Chaucer’s poem Troilus & Criseyde (circa 1374) offers the first written reference to ‘by Jupiter’ in the English language. Pluto Jessica is also a novelist published by Penguin. 24° Capricorn 51′ 22″ The more negative manifestations of Jupiter include blind optimism, excess, and overindulgence. Hello Jessica The door just opened.

I just answered a question from someone who had Jupiter in Taurus. It’s the same cycle that we also saw during AIDS when the world realised that the epidemic was being shipped to Africa so that part of the world also found its fate transformed, in terms of tourism and immigration. Dear Jessica, It works both ways. They invariably do this when a Twitter photograph of lightning striking, say, The Statue of Liberty is circulated.

If you voted by mail, & you can't confirm your ballot will…... Hi Jessica – I have one factor at 20 degrees. We associate fathoms with the sea and with Neptune. Jupiter in Capricorn is rather practical, so what you have here is of practical use and the opportunist in you should see the possibilities for yourself this year, next year. She is really talking about Neptune here, which was discovered in 1846 when anesthetic was used publicly for the first time. Hello Jessica, Google led the boom as nobody will work in an office in 2021 – every one of their staff is at home. Could you have a look at my chart please? Yet, you are also being shown something which could be an amazing new branch of what you do, or lead to fantastic developments later on. If you are a shareholder in Zoom, you will be doing very well.

Saturn in Gemini is hard work but you can do this. I’m afraid the comments list is long and up to 10,443 today so sometimes questions do get further back in the queue.

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