Can combo into itself and most dashing normals.5C - Hierophant appears on top of Kakyoin to use his Drill, hitting the opponent twice. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It misses surprisingly alot and is mainly done accidentally as a misinput. (8) j.s.A (neutral jump) - Hierophant Green performs a quick jab in midair. Works best as a poke. When Crouching use 6A 6B 6C in tandem. Can combo into its dashing version. s.5A 66 d.s.5A s.5A 66 d.s.5A 5C xx 214S ABCxN 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A 214B 214C(hold) 9 66B (Release C) 236AA - Same as last Stand off BNB, starting in Stand on. Kakyoin can hit the opponent while they are tangled, and can follow up with nets after the wall bounce. After laying down a Net, hold down the button to keep the Net active, then release it to attack the opponent while they're in its range. Hierophant's Field is an extremely useful special move that's both a great defensive and offensive tool. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. j.A - Quick jab pointing downwards. Pretty cool considering I really don't like ACDC. (7/9) j.s.A (vertical jump) - Hierophant Green forms a drill and quickly strikes the opponent in midair. It is useful during Tandem combos as it covers better range compared to s.5A and can catch some opponents that'd be normally unaffected by it.d.6B - Hierophant Green attacks with a far-reaching tentacle. Since the initial hit of the super is a downwards angled tentacle, it is fairly hard to connect. Kakyoin places an invisible net on the stage. 2A 2A 66 d.C 214S ABCxN 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A 214B 214C(hold) 9 66B (Release C) 463214A 5AxN 214A 214B 236AA - Kakyoin's BNB with tie wrap snake included. Kakyoin is a young man of average to above-average height and fit to slender build. He is typically seen wearing a slim-fitting long gakuran/tsume-eriW, but was also shown wearing striped pajamas during his initial encounter with Death Thirteen. The first hit can be canceled into various Supers. but releasing them before the opponent manages to attack them will keep them effective. Cancelling most of Kaks buttons into web on block will give you frame advantage regardless of range and allow you to use one of Kaks various mixup tools to open up the opponent or easily reset pressure.
After being freed from DIO's influence, he decides to join Jotaro on his quest to Egypt to save Jotaro's mother and find redemption. After the move has hit, you get a free 50/50 mixup on the opponent. The input is 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A. While it's not the fastest move, it can catch late jump-ins and causes wall splat. What i'm assuming to be ACDC's theme is awesome. It can be used as a bait for jump-ins or slower rolls. jojosbizarreadventurediamondisunbreakable. This move is highly punishable on block. 2A 2A 66 d.C 214S ABCxN 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A 214B 214C(hold) 9 66B (Release C) 236AA - Kakyoin's main BNB route, a bit hard to confirm as it requires you to be in 2A range. Gameplay in All Star Battle shares similarities with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, and boasts a wide variety of different styles, rules, and abilities among each individual fighter. Useful during combo extensions into Nets.j.B - A far-reaching kick. If the move connects, Hierophant tangles around the opponent and will keep them in place for a while just to launch them into the wall for a wall splat. Hierophant Green comes out and attacks the opponent with all of its limbs at the same time. (8) j.s.C (neutral jump) - Hierophant Green quickly performs a striking punch attack in midair.
Your options after a hit/blocked IAD are exactly the same as blocked instant overhead, meaning you will often chain into an autocombo for a reliable knockdown. Covers a very good distance. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Causes hard knockdown. 2A 5A s.5A 66 d.s.5A s.5A 66 d.s.5A 5C xx 214S ABCxN 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A 214B 214C(hold) 9 66B (Release C) 236AA - Kakyoin's Stand off to Stand on combo route. After placing a Net midair, you can perform an air-dash with your Stand On. s.5A - Hierophant Green performs a quick jab. Asking this question again because i wasn't specific enough: The dlc characters won't show up, any fixes? Can be also used to build meter quickly.s.5B - Hierophant Green swipes upwards with his tentacle, leaving a big W shaped tentacle in front of Kakyoin. Some recovery frames can also be canceled by inputing a roll. 214A(Released when you block an air normal) 8 s.5B xx s.214B 8 s.236AA. If you skip over the nets at the end you can get easy corner Okizeme instead of an Emerald Splash. In addition to this it also serves as an anti-air if someone gets close too quickly for Kak to retaliate with one ofhis large anti-air pokes, and is often more optimal as catching someone with an AA net leads to an air Emerald Splash super combo. There is not much use to this move so avoid it. Killer is also really good, and the piano reminds me of the song Killer Queen, in a way.

Used to confirm into his Tandem attack in Stand Off. S.5a hits while S.DIO is crouching if he's been hit in the combo before, but doesn't hit if its the first hit for some reason. All Star Battle has a 2.5D fighting style with 3D cel-shaded characters. j.s.3, an instant overhead, is extremely effective and acts as his primary mixup, though unless you put a web down on the opponent for oki or during pressure your combo options are 90% of the time limited to simple knockddown auto-combo as j.s.3c will most likely hit the opponent crouching, limiting kaks stand on combo options. Kakyoin's best special move and the driving force behind his gameplan. 5A - Straight jab punch. This move is all around not very useful, in Stand Off its easy to avoid, and in Stand On you cannot move during the actual move. Depending on the number of hits, the opponent might not be launched by this attack, and will instead fall to the ground instantly. Unlike the Stand Off version, Kakyoin cannot move during or after this attack. This move can combo into most dashing normals and 5B.5B (far) - Kakyoin performs a straight mid-level kick. You can cancel into a roll during the startup of this move (before the first hit connects).

Useful during combo extensions into Nets.j.C - Hierophant turns its arm into a drill and hits the opponent twice.

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