Right. The pattern is "He B (ʻo) A." 2 Hawaiian. Other post-verbal markers include[4]:pp.228–231, Causative verbs can be created from nouns and adjectives by using the prefix ho'o-, as illustrated in the following:[2]:p.24.

The pencil belongs to him/her/it.

Hawaiian, like English, is a non-pro-drop language. This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 22:40. Words for family members and other relatives in Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi), a Polynesian language spoken mainly in Hawaii. Add the support and place the new plant in a shadier spot than its mother. Pepeke ʻAike ʻO. With the sterilized tool, remove the keiki and include a piece of the stem on the plantlet. ʻO Mary nō ia.

Kino ʻō nouns, in general, are nouns whose creation cannot be controlled by the subject, such as inoa "name", puʻuwai "heart", and hale "house".

Pepeke Henua is the name for the simple equative sentence "A is located (in/on/at/etc. ʻO ʻoe ʻo Mary. This is induced by the accumulation of growth hormones at that point. With the sterilized tool, remove the keiki and include a piece of the stem on the plantlet. Due to font limitations, macrons are represented with an underline. It means children. Some orchids are susceptible to disease, so taking a moment to swab fungicide on the cut ends of the keiki and on the mother plant can mean the difference between an ill and a healthy plant. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Etymology . ia.

This entry needs pronunciation information. What is an orchid keiki? Pepeke ʻAike ʻO is the name for the simple equative sentence "A is B."

Either way, the keikis can be a way to start a new plant to give to a friend or family member. [1]:p28 Hawaiian largely avoids subordinate clauses,[1]:p.27 and often uses a possessive construction instead.[1]:p.41.

1.4] suggested the same thing that Alexander forwards.


Aia ka haumana mahea?

makuahine "mother"). Alexander[1] proposed that Hawaiian has a pluperfect tense as follows: However, this is debatable since ʻē simply means "beforehand, in advance, already".

The typical detailed word order is given by the following,[1]:p.19 with most items optional: If the sentence has a negative mood and the subject is a pronoun, word order is subject–verb–object following the negator ʻaʻole, as in: Another exception is when an emphatic adverbial phrase begins the sentence.

Naʻu ke kaʻa. Family words in Hawaiian. The pattern is "Aia (ʻo) A...". A verb can be nominalized by preceding it with the definite article.

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