Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager who is popularly known as the founder of the company Hayman Capital Management where he served as the principal as well. Why not divest the endowment from fossil fuels when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - world scientists - just told us we have 20 years or less to actually get off of fossil fuels and avoid the onset of major climate catastrophes by 2040 or earlier?

There are other things you can do with better risk adjusted returns. Three years earlier, Sid had married the well-bred Anne, and they had two children. That the ambassador — the title was an honorific; he’d served as a special assistant to two secretaries of state, including Henry Kissinger — happened to be married at the time was not a deterrent in this case, either. 105,790, This story has been shared 100,033 times.

The excess reserves is kind of their war chest that they have to defend their peg. Bass talks about China wanting its cake and eating it too, What about US Inc wanting its cake and eating it too? He studied business at Texas Christian University, graduating in 1992. And that is their right. However, in the China vs. USA coverage, Real Vision is almost only covering one side of the story for the past year, so while useful its not the complete picture. The financial system and government have done very well having the reserve currency; manufacturers and workers have not (as predicted by being the reserve currency). Intra Asian trade is way up, actually China trades more with Asia than EU and US combined. Kyle has such a great mind and a depth of knowledge when it come to finance and China that I could easily listen to him for several hours. I’m an HK resident, so Kyle’s HKMA Excess Reserve number sounded quite alarming. I am this as this sounds counter to what Bass said about the war chest which I believe I understood. His height is 1.7 m tall, and his weight is 70 kg.

This was a very high quality exchange. No question much of our country has been sold down the river and maybe the flow of funds buying influence will be drying up to those doing the selling?

I'm far more encouraged to hear Washington is well aware of the situation with China, as many of us feel Washington has lost it's way in protecting America/citizens.

How can the small retail investors defend our assets against this occurrence. So, do I understand it right, HKD would weaken 30% to peg with mother China, to let’s say 1:10, at the same time stocks would appreciate (in HKD), the opposite SNB play? Filmed September 17, 2018 in New York. Churning Mike Pence's complaints about China wanting to defend itself (China's defence budget is 1/7 that of America's), so called IP "theft," (technology transfers are perfectly legal in China) and calling Xi names (Emperor and Winnie the Pooh) are no substitute for a sound investment thesis. Subscribe to MoneyWeek now and get a free guide to investing in gold, plus your first six magazine issues absolutely FREE. The downside is that it increases the risk of a hot war. Scott J. So, what you have to look at is what they call excess reserves. Bass video will not play. It will plunge. Hong Kong dollar reserves and Hong Kong dollar excess reserve quotes from Mr. Bass in the transcript with slight editing: ***“But what's lost in that dialectic is when you have a currency peg, for every US dollar, you have to have a Hong Kong dollar.
Same issue as those below. one of the preeminent thinkers in the hedge fund community" I think some humility is due, search on [kyle bass nickels] for details. In 2005 started his own business and launched the company Hayman Capital Management and worked as the investment manager of the firm.

NEAR HOUSTON: Mansion of Woodlands lawyer, socialite now listed for nearly half its original listing price. "I think they know more about the bigger picture than we'll ever know" Conspiracy theory? My only complaint about this video is that it only goes for 1 hours. Some fewer can even observe and reflect on the matter dispassionately. short Japan. I'm considerably exposed to this situation. I'm sure you're smarter than him, Taimoor.

and in the future, maybe Vietnam or India etc... the virtuous cycle continues... Even though Sid was never interested in the social scene, Anne became its indisputable empress, admired and feared in equal measure, known behind her back as “the ice queen.”.

By financializing everything, we have cultivated a very short time line (how much can management make this quarter; how can we use financial instruments to kick the can down the road). He knows something about China most ppl don't know. When she is photographed at a gala or an auction, her presence carries his imprimatur. I am just trying to make sure that we are talking about the same thing - reserves verses excess reserves.
Thats one for trading ideas, no? I assume Kyle Bass has given up on his other trade i.e.

FIRST WIFE: Socialite Anne burned by Sid’s affair. Her high profile was always an uncomfortable thing for Sid, whose entire family’s worth was estimated, by this time, at around $3 billion. China is not stealing. The reason why they are afraid to open their capital account now is due to money rushing to flow out of China, not into, if you look at the average offshore/onshore investment ratio per capita, Chinese are under invested in overseas markets by a huge margin, ask any doable chinese business man in China, there are huge demand for outbound investment and this is what Beijing fears the most at current situation, hence they're trying to jockey more big funds inclusion to pour money into China in hope to neutralize that outflow, so then the question is timing, can they bring in huge sum in a short time? Kyle Bass, an American hedge fund manager is the founder as well as the principal of Hayman Capital management, L.P. which is a Dallas based hedge fund that focused on the global event driven opportunities. America puts tens of millions of people into re-education camps too. While I agree with you that Kyle could use a little courtesy with respect to the Chinese, ie calling Xi Winnie the Pooh per the cartoon meme. We've received your submission. Did China destroy the HK film industry? Hayman now has assets of more than $2.2bn, compared with only $10m when it started.

Because everything internal that are published is managed and fudged. Same, companies been doing it to each other for eons. Why do voters often get it wrong? Being born on 7 September 1969, Kyle Bass is 51 years old as of today’s date 2nd November 2020. Well, KB still doesn't understand Chinese politics and how policymakers respond to these kinds of situations. FWIW, I agree with most of your other points. M, KB dropping the jamba juice reference, he must've loved Astroworld. The above is latest release from HKMA regarding latest foreign currency assets. Mercedes quickly and inelegantly cut off her friends from her years with the ambassador, and though unkind rumors trailed her — that she’d once worked as a courtesan in Paris was the most popular — she now socialized with Oscar and Annette de la Renta and Hubert de Givenchy. Only critique is Kyle needs to study the American press. I emailed real vision and received a canned response bot mail. Wasn't the deal "slave labor" vs tech transfer?

Just reading some of the comment below and people are saying negative things because there are no trade ideas.

“He still had pictures of her everywhere.”. Because he doesn't tell you how he size his position. Yes, same here, it doesn't play. I think Kyle's perspective appears to look at the political battle from 10,000 feet above.

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