44 women begin the very first training camp at the new 1 billion dollar Cowboys' facility, The Star; Kelli lays down the law and makes it clear that eight women will be sent home this summer. Kelli media trains the rookie candidates to determine who best represents the cheerleaders at press events; NBC news anchor Meredith Land tests their on-camera interview skills.

Squad announcement feels bittersweet as some favorites go home; the team has their first appearance at the Star Ribbon cutting; Game Day arrives. In the fifth-season premiere, the best rookies are chosen to join the returning veterans.

At the first game, the girls must prove that they can handle all the distractions and chaos of NFL football games. The rookie candidates learn how to help their bodies recover from training camp.


[4] Season 12 premiered on August 3, 2017. She’s the lowest one out of all of that. Girls are judged by a hand-picked panel of experts, and scoring is based on physical appearance, physical fitness, dance style, poise, grace, intelligence, and showmanship. They do the movement, but it’s not polished. The fourth season started on October 10, 2009. [3] Season 11 premiered on August 25, 2016. In fact, I think Lily’s… – K/ Really improved. Johnson began to cry after hearing the news, and Finglass encouraged her.

Judy tells me I rush my dances. It’s not understood. – K, Lily’s better tonight next to Victoria.

Intimidation sets in for the veterans when 55 high caliber girls make it to the finals. Tonight ends week one of training camp and it feels good to be back in the swing of things and back in the studio, and back fighting for your chance on the team. – K/ I think she’s in her head, I can tell.

[Before office] This is my first time into the office, so not sure what to expect. She had a lot of fun performing that routine, which they could pick up on. The contestants get hair makeovers in preparation for some publicity stills.

– Travis Wall/ We want to hear your thoughts.

Kelli gives the ladies a tough kick line and jump split workout, and choreographer Travis Wall teaches them a modern dance that will determine their future in the competition. Hundreds of women audition for one of the 45 open spots in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp. The remaining candidates model the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform during a photo shoot; a veteran helps a rookie when the new girl is asked to dance with more sex appeal; a surprise guest judge has everyone on edge.

– K, Please, please, please have fun and stop looking stressed. As the girls get the look of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, it helps some and not others; two surprise guests stop by rehearsal; Kelli has an extremely awkward office visit.

– K, Last game, when I was thinking about who to give Abbey Bear to, this person came to mind right away. You just gotta go in, do it dance by dance. Charm La'Donna teaches the candidates a hip-hop-style routine, the judges pick their charm squad, the ladies visit the Dallas VA Medical Center and two rookies are sent home.

The veterans finally enter the audition process; all 83 women are judged head to head during a panel interview, a solo dance performance and on their appearance on the football field. [Early episode, at AT&T Stadium, alongside Meredith] Kelli tells them they’ve done a great job this summer, and it’s obvious the team loves and supports them.

Contestants are hoisted 16 stories and dropped into a net; Kelli invites former contestant in camp; Another contestant is released from camp.

Season 13 premiered on August 2, 2018. – Melissa, [Watching video of performance] Did you see yourself rushing a little bit on that? The new candidates get an eye-opening taste of what it means to be a DCC; girls struggle to learn the dances; Melissa Rycroft meets the new girls for the first time. – Charlotte, Looking back over training camp, Lily and Meredith have been hot topics of conversation.

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– K, Lily’s face looks frozen in that same expression. Common reasons for being cut include failure to correctly perform mandatory dance routines, failure to display an elite level of dance skill, a lack of physical fitness and/or failing to meet body fat requirements, and to reduce the squad roster down to the traditional number of 36 girls.

The 47 new girls invited to attend DCC final auditions have had two weeks to prepare, but are possibly ready to swap dance moves with the 27 returning veterans.

There is a disconnect. She was having a great time watching the others dance, so when she got out there, she was in her zone/element. "Last year on the night the team was announced, I was not selected as part of the team. Knowing that I have so much love and support from my teammates, the women that I admire so much, absolutely means the world. – Melissa Rycroft, That was your best routine of the season.

They must also pass Jay's boot camp fitness test or be called out and a dream comes true as the new ladies try on the legendary uniform for what may be their only time. Kellie Pickler comes to a rehearsal to share her experience and motivate the girls as Training Camp comes to an end; Melissa Rycroft makes Kelsey aware of a big mistake; Candace Romo helps with a big night of cuts.

It’s all possible for these girls; it’s just that they need to do a little more work, I think.

Flirt, flirt flirt. The candidates audition for show group, an honorary contingent of 18 cheerleaders who represent the DCC on USO tours and TV, in front of guest judge Cheryl Burke. And I walked in – I have to go in there and have fun. Confessionals The dancers perform routines by guest choreographers Evan Miller and Tyce Diorio, and the final four cuts hang over the remaining hopefuls' heads.

Candidates have also been cut due to past legal problems, morality issues (past history in adult entertainment), domestic distractions (family issues), lack of preparedness, and poor time management skills.

The squad has their first game day performance behind them, but a bad rehearsal brings a warning that cuts can still be made; the squad has their first off-the-field appearance. Guthrie teaches the ladies a new dance style; Kelli and Judy have some tough decisions to make. The show tracks the progression each candidate must follow in order to make the final roster and premiere on opening day at Texas Stadium (Seasons 1-3), and going forward to AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium): first the open audition "cattle call", then the five-person audition "cut-down", followed by personal interviews, uniform fittings, BMI testing, physical fitness testing, etiquette training, mock media interviews, and calendar shoots.

600 hopeful candidates arrive at Cowboys Stadium for the preliminary auditions. Season 8 premiered on September 6, 2013.

Office Visits The 75 remaining hopefuls compete with the returning veterans for a spot at training camp. Training camp comes to end and 36 women are poised to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. – K, [Giving stickers] I’m going to pass on Lily… (Lily, Madeline S, and Meredith) specifically all have the same issue. Training camp begins at Valley Ranch; first meeting is filled with energy until Kelli calls a meeting with the veterans. This Spirit Airlines employee really embodies the airline's name by joining in an impromptu dance show for the waiting patrons. She adds that the purpose of this conversation is they want her to know how much potential she has here.

– Jennifer Colvin, Lily’s right kick’s prettier than her left. It’s definitely something I’ve dreamed about and wanted for a really long time.

I’m pretty excited to see what real cowboys and cowgirls do.

Technically, she was sloppier than the other girls.

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