activities at Springfield. It uses a roller-delayed blowback system similar to the H&K G3 and CETME rifles. One end fitted onto the barrel of the M1 Garand rifle enclosing the muzzle and was held in place with the rifle's bayonet lug. The grenade retaining spring was located near the bottom of the launch tube. One of the shortfalls throughout the years was the requirement for special Grenade Cartridges. The lower part of this illustration is taken from a PS Magazine issue from 1960. (5) Many thanks to Scott Duff for uncovering the buried information on Cooperative Machinery. Harpers Ferry Armory also produced a Model 1795 the National Park Service. Experience also showed that the grenadier's job must include the flexibility to launch different types of projectiles, different distances. The field community was hoping that the R&D people finally solved the problem of lost retaining springs. developed a gas-operated (expanding gas from the explosion of I do not recommend that anybody attempt to duplicate what I have done. The town was nearly destroyed during King Philip's War in 1675, but This made the Energas and the leaf sights on the M7A3's obsolete. Several times (I estimate 5 or 6 times) I lost the coil spring while launching. The other end was cylindrical with a small clip that held the grenade in place by friction. I was consolidating some boxes of stuff and took this picture of all the packaged makers of M7A3 Launchers with a representative launcher. Mike's article was printed in the Garand Collectors Association's Journal a few years ago and stands out as one of my favorites. 1861 and 1863 rifle-muskets, which were based on a modification of A semi-automatic firearm, also called self-loading firearm or autoloading firearm, is one whose action mechanism automatically loads a following round of cartridge into the chamber (self-loading) and prepares it for subsequent firing, but requires the shooter to manually actuate the trigger in order to discharge each shot. This model is the newest version the M2032003 with a 12" barrel which can attach to any rail system. [5] The booster cartridge would fall out of the rifle grenades tail fin assembly in flight.[5]. A 22mm grenade can range from powerful anti-tank rounds to simple finned tubes with a fragmentation hand grenade attached to the end. For rates, please view our shipping information. The .30-06 remained the U.S. Army's primary rifle and machine gun cartridge for nearly 50 years before being replaced by the 7.62×51mm NATO and 5.56×45mm NATO, both of which remain in current U.S. and NATO service. As a result, each trigger-pull only discharges a single round from a semi-automatic weapon, as opposed to a fully automatic weapon, which will shoot continuously as long as the ammunitions are replete and the trigger is kept depressed. A spirit level allowed the user to figure out the arc of the weapon to aid in aiming the grenade. lasting until 1844, with nearly 700,000 muskets turned out during When the propellant is ignited, the higher pressure gases are bled out through vents at reduced pressure to a much larger low pressure chamber to push the projectile forward. Although each design is slightly different, they all By the mid 1950's the M7 and M7A1 were assigned to training areas only, but still required the same locks. It had the M7A1's recoil mechanism. Mostly all of those would be upgraded to accept the improved spring which also was a newly developed item. The concept of a muzzle brake was first introduced for artillery and was a common feature on many anti-tank guns, especially those mounted on tanks, in order to reduce the area needed to take up the strokes of recoil and kickback. 59 machine gun. Dockendoff's delivery is over a year later. KRW's final contract was changed to the production of the M7A3(2). The use of a bottom mounted retaining spring was dangerous. The launch tubes of the M7, M7A1, and M7A2 were too short to aim the grenades effectively. A visit to Mike's grenade launcher development page is well worth the trip. The DOK launcher's package does not mention the gas lock, but reflects the part number for the pair. The bottoming of the The grenade body is a cylinder of thin sheet metal. Since the device disabled the semi-automatic function of the rifle to prevent damage to the gun from firing grenades, the rifle could not be fired normally when the M7 launcher was in place; the gun could be fired in an emergency by cycling the action by hand. including equipment, uniforms, tents, food, and fuel. The M7A1 is pictured in TM 9-1275 from 1947. The new length allowed the grenade cartridge's propelling charge a longer burn time, resulting in an increased velocity for the projectile. B200968) could be slipped on the butt of the Garand's stock to reduce recoil when it was fired. They have been used in various forms for rifles and pistols to help control recoil and the rising of the barrel that normally occurs after firing. This allowed venting of the operating gases to prevent injury to the operator and damage to the rifle. I don't want to open the sealed package to find out. Coil Springs Had A High Loss Rate, My Experiences. During the firing of a heavy projectile the grenade cartridge's gases pushed the launcher to the rear like a piston. The famous .45-70 government caliber War proved the superiority of the German-designed Mauser, and the The grenade retaining end was bowed. The Tromboncino M28 was an interwar period infantry weapon developed by the Italians. Fragmentation, anti-tank, and smoke grenades and pyrotechnic signals were available along with an adapter to enable the use of hand grenades. Development of a Suitable Production Model Continues. rifles, both of which were produced only at Harpers Ferry. The difference was the accommodation of a new Grenade Retaining Spring. It was also issued to support and headquarters elements.[4]. Springfield and Harpers Ferry. A grenade launcher is a weapon that fires a specially-designed large-caliber projectile, often with an explosive, smoke or gas warhead. This rifle, which General George S. Patton called, "the These two contracts were late enough to require the Defense Acceptance Stamp marking on the launchers.. The hardening of the lock was an attempt to prevent it from becoming deformed when impacted by the GL. To rectify this, U.S. Army Ordnance designed a new launcher attachment for the M1 Garand, designated the M7, which could fire much heavier grenades up to 250 yards. A former Rock Island employee remembered hearing that the facility had produced GL's twice. Type of Rifle grenade launcher attachment, M1 Garand (top) M9 rifle grenade on M7A3 grenade launcher (middle), WAR DEPARTMENT, INFANTRY FIELD MANUAL § WEAPON AND AMMUNITION TECHNICAL MANUAL, INFANTRY REGIMENT, PARACHUTE, June 1944, Page 41 & 42, List of U.S. Army weapons by supply catalog designation, M9 High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rifle grenade. permanent structure to be constructed on the site was a brick culminated in the 1890s with the Army's adoption of the smokeless I think that Mecar may have been initially targeting other countries with its design, not the US. A firearm is any type of gun designed to be readily carried and used by an individual. The M7A2 was packed in a light green box which was the signature of all of KRW's contract. This page was generated at 04:26 AM. The sight would be calibrated for an improved anti-tank rifle grenade which was about to be used by US infantrymen. They were the first modern fragmentation grenades used by the British Army and saw widespread use in the First and Second World Wars. The solution was to re-design the M7A1 and have an additional gas cylinder lock which would limit the rearward movement of the launcher. The M7 could fire grenades up to 200 metres (220 yards), compared with the maximum of 30 metres (33 yards) achieved by a hand-thrown grenade. The other end was cylindrical with a small clip that held the grenade in place by friction. Very nice, hopefully you still have the set-back band. This specimen is dated October 13, 1951. It would require the designing of an additional lock to make the launching of grenades more reliable. It replaced the .30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and .30-40 Krag cartridges. The M7A1 incorporated a spring-loaded piston designed to keep the gas cylinder closed when loaded until the grenade was fired, but then opened to allow normal semi-automatic function. The rifle would have to be dead lined until the gas system could be disassembled, the broken valve head removed from the inside of the gas cylinder, and a new lock screw installed. Springfield Armory. A recoilless rifle, recoilless launcher or recoilless gun, sometimes abbreviated "RR" or "RCL" is a type of lightweight artillery system or man-portable launcher that is designed to eject some form of countermass such as propellant gas from the rear of the weapon at the moment of firing, creating forward thrust that counteracts most of the weapon's recoil. The company had to know of the existence of the M7A1 and possibly the M7A2 which was under developed during those times. Navigation: Ordnance > Grenades > United States. The projectile's velocity and distance could not be easily varied. This feature was considered too dangerous for adoption and all Using markings engraved onto the device to determine the desired range, the rifle grenade was slipped over the launcher. M7-compatible fragmentation grenades had a fatality radius of 11 yards (10 meters). The M7 was a tube-shaped device, with one end slotting over the muzzle of the rifle and attaching to the bayonet mount, and the other end holding the grenade in place. The M15 auxiliary sight was mounted on the left-hand side of the stock accompanied by a template to allow it to be properly positioned on the stock. at Springfield. There is not much known about the actual use of the T119. Interviews of individuals serving during 1959-60 show they were gone by then. To launch a grenade, a special high-powered blank cartridge made specifically for the purpose (the .30-06 Springfield M3 grenade cartridge) was chambered in the rifle.

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