Unlike the production version, the car came in an all-red or blue body color. Each car was sold through the Autozam dealer network in Japan. [14], Fifty were to be produced and sold by the M2 dealer, but they only managed to sell about half of its stock. It features, door, mid engine and mini-supercar look that brings so much. [14] A genuine "M2 1015" can be identified by the rear emblem stating the version name.[14]. La Mazda AZ1 ou Autozam AZ1, ou encore Mazda AZ550 est une automobile produite au Japon par le constructeur automobile Japonais Mazda de 1992 à 1995 sous la marque Autozam[1].

Remove from list Add to compare Share this . Nous étudions tout dossier attentivement afin de transmettre une demande précise à nos contacts de l’archipel et trouver votre trésor. This is the collectable Mazda AZ-1 Gull wing Kei car.


1992 Mazda Autozam AZ1 Japenese Kei Car - Low Miles!

[1] Suzuki's design for the Tokyo Motor Show was more than just a design exercise, they designed a fully functional car with a front/rear weight distribution of 45:55,[2] powered by a modified 1.3-liter G13B engine borrowed from the Cultus GTi. Suzuki provided the engine. Engine Size 660cc I3.

Vous désirez un véhicule de collection ? Ces véhicules pourront être de marques américaines, mais aussi de marques japonaises pour les séries vendues avec volant à gauche comme les Toyota Supra, ainsi que les modèles comme l’Infinity G35. The Mazda AutoZam from the designers and engineers of Japan set a unique precedent when they produced the AutoZam.

[7] The Type A would only receive a minor design alteration prior to production, as the pop-up headlights were dropped in favour of fixed units, purely for structural rigidity reasons. ft) at 4000 rpm. Colours: Satellite Blue Mica and fitted..... Stock Number ( 390195 ) 1946 Willys CJ2A Jeep Runs and drives good vintage cj flathead, 1954 Willys cj3b Coupe Black 4WD Automatic, 1951 Willys Custom built 4 Wheel drive Pickup. (All AZ-1 body panels can be removed and taken to the paint shop for respray - easy to color change), AZ-1 kei car is very fun to drive. "Honda Beat 1993 (used, imported, new): pics, specs, performance", "Suzuki Cappuccino 1991 (used, imported, new): pics, specs, performance", "The Trail - the history of MAZDASPEED:AZ-1 (PG) A-spec", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Autozam_AZ-1&oldid=976081768, Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 September 2020, at 02:58. Comme pour les homologations, Touge Import s’occupe de tout, de la recherche aux démarches avec la FFVE afin de vous soulager de toutes démarches. Selling for 1,498 million ¥ (the equivalent of $12,400), it was slightly less than a Eunos Roadster, but marginally higher than its competitor, the Honda Beat selling at 1,388 million ¥[12] and the Suzuki Cappuccino at ¥1,458 million ,[13] the AZ-1 was considered to be both too expensive and too cramped for a kei car.
Only 63HP but a ton of fun factor awaits the next owner as you will most likely not see another one at any car event or show.

1993 Autozam AZ-1 by Mazda, Clear Texas Title. Recently serviced and the rare silver color is a standout for any other AutoZam AZ-1 on the market. Il s'agit d'une petite sportive du segment C, dite Kei car à deux portes à ouverture papillon.

Vous recherchez une voiture pour rouler sur circuits les weekends ? La Mazda AZ1 ou Autozam AZ1, ou encore Mazda AZ550 est une automobile produite au Japon par le constructeur automobile Japonais Mazda de 1992 à 1995 sous la marque Autozam [1]. Get detailed specification information on the full CX-8 range as well as the latest pricing. This version of the car retained many of its design features of the predecessor, but many of its design features were modified to meet Japanese safety regulations as well as for practicality. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. This page provides the information about MAZDA AUTOZAM AZ1, M2-1015. NISSAN KIX (H59A), à compter de 2008 Éligible à la carte grise collection en 2039... SUZUKI CAPPUCCINO EA11R, à compter de 1991 Éligible à la carte grise collection en 2022... SUZUKI CAPPUCCINO EA21R, à compter de 1995 Éligible à la carte collection grise en 2026... Lotissement le Domaine des Allards N°3 – 05500 La Fare en Champsaur, Copyright 2018 Ⓒ Touge Import - Développé par, Mécanique et entretien auto (uniquement sur rendez-vous), Importation de véhicule à destination de la piste et de la compétition, Importation en vue d’une carte grise de collection, Importation et homologation de véhicules japonais et US. Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual. It’s available as either an all-wheel-drive or 2WD, and the vehicle’s maximum output is listed at 154hp at 6,000rpm and 199Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. Content © 2020, Car And Classic Ltd. All Rights Reserved, 2005 MAZDA WET FISH OR FRESH SUSHI CATERING VAN, 1995 MAZDA MX5 G-LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION 1 OF 1500 * EUNOS, 1996 MAZDA SCRUM RARE 660cc MANUAL HIGH BACK TIPPER TRUCK, 1993 MAZDA AZ1 RARE INVESTABLE MODERN CLASSIC AUTOZAM AZ1 JDM, 1992 MAZDA AZ1 RARE INVESTABLE MODERN CLASSIC AUTOZAM AZ1 JDM GUL. Old, rare, muscle cars, street rods auctions. Interior Color Black. 5) in 1995, the model with 2-door fastback coupe body and Line-3 657 cm3 / 40.1 cui engine size, 47 kW / 64 PS / 63 hp (JIS net) of power, 85 Nm / 63 lb-ft of torque, 5-speed manual powertrain offered up to September 1995 for Japan Specifications listing with the outside and inside dimensions, fuel economy, top speed, performance factory data and ProfessCars™ estimation: this Autozam would accelerate 0 … Ou faire l’homologation vous-même ? We have the original service sheets which consists of 7 Services up to 55000 miles.

[18] The car uses suspension parts produced by Bilstein that can be found in a Porsche 962 and the brakes from a Ferrari F40. There are many design cues typical to an endurance racer such as the wing mirror and BBS style brake-cooling wheel discs.

Notes et références.

Similar cars. Pour les véhicules américains, nous recherchons les véhicules via notre contact basé aux États-Unis, qui pourra vérifier qu’ils ne disposent pas de modification capable d’entraver l’homologation en France. Son moteur de 657 cc [2] est fourni par Suzuki qui produit sa jumelle la Suzuki Cara. Compared to the Type B, this version was far more spartan in comparison.[9]. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. [14] The genuine car in fact features conventional opening doors. Ces travaux se font uniquement sur rendez-vous. The price of these coupes is soaring in value which has made sourcing one recently..... Stock Number ( 101457 ) Ou vous désirez une voiture pour participer aux rallyes, time attack ou drift ? 1994 Mazda Autozam AZ1 (Arriving Late December) JDM Sport Classics > Inventory > On Route > 1994 Mazda Autozam AZ1 (Arriving Late December) 1994 Mazda Autozam AZ1 (Arriving Late December) stock # 5134. in compare list. There were no exterior changes made to the car. The proposal for the AZ-1 goes as far back as 1985 when Suzuki created the Suzuki RS/1 as a mid-engine sports car project for volume production. Vehicle runs and drive with ease and will get you noticed in a crowd of high dollar vehicles. This tidy race car has been well maintained and kept in a very detailed state its entire life along with great cosmetic and mechanical condition.

Shift - or Control-click (Command on OS X) to select multiple photos. Le Japon et les États-Unis regorgent de trésor de collection toutes marques confondues !! [10], Much of the development work was carried out in the United Kingdom despite the fact that the car was never intended for sale outside Japan. Thank you for your interest! [7] It featured a pair of bulging headlamps and incorporated dual mufflers. Model AutoZam AZ1. 1993 Mazda AutoZam AZ-1 - Ro-Ro Shipping from Japan Included! Great driver, gorgeous looking.

The Autozam AZ-1, known by the framecode PG6SA, is a mid-engined kei-class sports car, designed and manufactured by Mazda under its Autozam brand.

Vous possédez déjà une voiture, mais vous ne désirez pas vous occuper de l’homologation ? [21] The car is entirely rebodied at a cost of one million yen for the body alone, plus another million yen for painting and fitting. 1993 Mazda AZ-1 PG6SA Autozam **w/Gullwing Doors** (VIDEO), 1993 Mazda Autozam AZ1 Cool Japanese Kei Car in Great Shape.

[19] The car was rebuilt again in 2000 with the car now resprayed to white, also a wing replacing the ducktail spoiler of the original, also replaced was the tire with a slightly wider version, brakes are replaced by those from a Ferrari F50.[20].
Unless otherwise noted, All vehicles are sold AS IS, No Warranty Expressed or Implied. Introduced in January 1995 with the 1.8 engine only. Both colors came with Venetian Gray lower panels. Over in Mazda’s home market, the MX-30 comes packing a new mild-hybrid setup featuring a 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine assisted by an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery, and regenerative braking system. [11], Unfortunately by the time car came into production, the recession in Japan had just come into force. Suzuki later produced its own badge engineered version named the Suzuki Cara (PG6SS). Stock Number ( 315566 ) Find all the specs about Mazda AZ-1, from engine, fuel to retail costs, dimensions, and lots more.

750 hp with a/c! La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 19 août 2020 à 17:59. Although we try to do our very best to be accurate in our description writing we are human and do make mistakes.

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