All evidence, to include my phone records, validates this fact. Others believe it wasn’t unpacked as she had just moved into the room ~1 week earlier. I still wonder if people realize that he drove to NH every weekend for years and years searching for Maura. While the conditions could have been different prior to our arrival, the fact remains that none of our footprints were masked over in the way you describe for many days. You have permission to edit this article. The woman has…, A new filing in Bill Rausch’s ongoing sexual assault case in DC shows that his victim has begun to work with the Network for Victim Recovery of DC, an advocacy group that provides legal services. Change ), Not Without Peril | The Maura Murray Blog,,,, “Steers the narrative” almost always means “has an opinion that differs from mine” – Post by TheRealFinn, What we’ve learned about Maura and her disappearance from Bill Rausch on reddit (May 2020 to present) by TheRealFinn, Maura Murray’s disappearance: some people who follow the case closely share their key thoughts by TheRealFinn. A subscription opens up access to all our online content, including: our interactive E-Edition, a full archive of modern stories, exclusive and expanded online offerings, photo galleries from Caledonian-Record journalists, video reports from our media partners, extensive international, national and regional reporting by the Associated Press, and a wide variety of feature content. 8,191 Followers, 3,556 Following, 276 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Missing Maura Murray (@missingmauramurray) I consider all of those individuals to be extremely honorable and respectful people who knew and loved Maura dearly. I basically copy/pasted his answers… in promoting certain theories over others. She could legit ball. Re Maura leaving West Point that’s something I’ll be taking a deep dive into given that’s how we met and I can provide personal and professional insight into the situation. Dr. There is no third phone. to be clear I do not know if Maura packed up her room or never unpacked. It took a bit of time, maybe 10-20min altho I should say it felt like forever like most drives to a specific location. We returned to ask NHSP to invite the FBI into the investigation given the tip coming from VT, they refused. Maura’s connection to the White Mountains was real. “pg 9”) and lies via reddit posts, blogs, tweets, etc. We communicated daily and the only time I realized she was upset was after she called me not long after having an accident in her dad’s car. Victims wait for justice in Bill Rausch sex assault case. That was the first time I had been on campus in 2004. While I’m certain I left from OKC (something that is confirmed by the person who drove me) and arrived in CT (something my parents can confirm as they picked me up), maybe folks here can determine where the lay over was? I believe we confirmed that was unaccounted for as it wasn’t in her dorm room. we drove and/or walked every road, trail and wooded area in vicinity of her accident to include 116. [On 116/112] It doesn’t have a road number on it but yeah that looks right. Scarinza said a man, whom he declined to identify, was returning from a construction job in the Franconia area when he spotted a young woman matching Murray\'s description hurrying east on Route 112, about an hour after her accident. Reddit – Find Maura Murray. Murray, a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, left campus the afternoon of Feb. 9 after e-mailing professors and her boss, telling them she was going to take a week off because of a family problem. The VT sighting could have been significant, and LE were aware. Maura was an above average athlete. I don’t recall taking photos. I believe if not for that accident, she would be here today and none of you would know her name. We def hit every gas station, hotel, business, and any place that would let us put a flier up. Few have done more to find Maura and I am proud to be associated with them. The folks we needed to communicate with the most were all together at the motel./I believe the motel had landlines, bc I remember doing a radio interview from my room. Have you heard the story of her winning a free throw competition at Boston Garden? What are the chances that your boyfriend or girlfriend will go missing without a trace? She was quiet, I would agree with both of them in that regard. I’m unsure if you are suggesting Maura ran away. Or there could be a note they didn’t tell me about – this seems unlikely as they shared everything else with us. NHSP refused. Success! I’m unsure. Many a reference to both of those in old letters as well. I found a stack of the originals the other day. bc after graduating I would be moving somewhere outside the NY tri-state area. On the call with Maura after the Hadley accident: She told me she had been in an accident. Now they are ongoing again with Julie. I don’t recall the airline or the layover city off the top of my head. So, while I was surprised she left school without telling anyone it wasn’t unbelievable to me if that makes sense? That said, I remember taking my phone off the x-ray machine belt with my bag, belt, etc at the airport and seeing the notification I had a VM and then listening to it for the first time moments later. I was in OK the weekend before she disappeared so I wasn’t physically with her to gauge her “mindset.” I was worried about her after the car accident in the Corolla, which she called and told me about. Here’s a photo of the three of us on one of those 4,000 footers. and her laughing at her “Texas flag shorts” and cool car! Both are amazing talents, extremely assertive, and quiet! She would literally jump from a tree top into the Saco river one day (that’s a great story btw), and the next day be the most radiant woman at any formal event. This was when we were told that Maura would prob show up in a day or two, we asked a few questions, and gave some answers to LE questions./We all stayed at the Wells River Motel every night. On whether or not Maura was planning to return. I know I played it for them on speaker several times at the station. That said, I recall vividly going thru security at OKC and then listening to the VM there. I received the VM while going through airport security at the Roy Rogers airport in OKC, the morning of Feb 11. Additionally, it’s a great work out, she loved being outside and for me the views from those mountains were beyond beautiful. Bottom line, we never had issues with VMs, phone records, etc during the search. I can ask the others if they did. I do not recall if I stayed at the holiday inn with Maura in the past. the necklace was a gift. Give it a listen!

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