Consequentialist theories consider actions to be good when they produce good consequences. A moral theory is a moral code. Which of the following would be a utilitarian reason for limiting immigration? If Peter Singer's zoocentrist view is correct, then the practice of ________ would be impermissible. A person's claim or entitlement to something, a moral demand that obligates others to act accordingly, is referred to as a duty. Annette C. Baier argues that in moral theory there is a place for both, The ethics of care is a perspective on ethics that highlights the. Although it disbanded in 1989, the Moral Majority helped to establish the religious right as a force in American politics. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. It was founded in 1979 by Baptist minister Jerry Falwell Sr. and associates, and dissolved in the late 1980s. skilled immigrants and those who, by immigrating, could help reunite families. Our moral common sense suggests that accidentally running over a man with our car is morally worse than doing the same to a rabbit. wretchedness of the world's poor is profound and the economic gap between rich and poor is wide. has thousands of articles about every Julie considers herself an advocate of feminist ethics. Drug addiction is defined as an intense craving for the drug and compulsive, uncontrolled use of the drug despite harm done to the user or other people. Peter Singer asserts that our moral duty applies to needy people regardless of their distance from us. Anyone can earn

support the moral equality of men and women. Visit the Business Management: Help & Review page to learn more. Funding was solid during the early 1980s, but started to fall off sharply in the latter half of the 1980s. imaginable degree, area of flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? efforts of Moral Majority, Christian Voice, and the Roundtable (Lipset and Raab, 1981). The failure of rich nations to aid the world's poorest countries would be considered morally wrong by Peter Singer.

Opponents of preferential hiring practices argue that the only standard for awarding jobs is. On its second anniversary, Moral Majority was able to claim chapters in all fifty states, numerous … From its inception, Moral Majority worked aggressively to build ties to. According to the Roman Catholic version of natural law theory, sexual activity inconsistent with procreation is prohibited.

The health insurance program supported jointly by the federal and individual state governments that covers low-income families, pregnant women, families and children, and people with disabilities is named.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Kantian ethics would likely condemn illicit drug use because it impairs autonomy. supposed to give logically conclusive support to their conclusions. Aristotle says that moral virtue comes about as a result of ________. The Moral Majority also played a role in blocking the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment, which was supported by women's organizations, as defending vulnerable members of society. American Graduate Education: Are We Losing Our Competitive Edge in the Global Economy? A valid deductive argument with true premises is said to be. an animal is merely a resource that humans may dispose of as they see fit; an animal has instrumental value only. Create your own flashcards or choose from millions created by other students.

What was the government like before the "moral majority" was established? The Moral Majority represented the rise of political activism on the part of organized religion's radical right. Politics is a dirty business.

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That moral judgments express attitudes and influence others to share those attitudes. Cultural relativists cannot consistently say that tolerance is objectively good. Moral theories explain moral rightness and give us practical guidance on how to act, even in difficult cases where moral codes do not apply. Different consequentialist theories specify different kinds of consequences as being good consequences. the moral majority quizlet chapter 26. Although not it did not accomplish much, it did show that Americans were starting to worry about the moral fabric of society. A plausible nonconsequentialist argument for pacifism is.

Lawrence Blum says that the two key concepts in the definition of racism are, Refusing to give a good worker a raise in pay just because he is black or Hispanic is an example of. that we should do something in all situations regardless of our wants and needs. How Do I Use's Assign Lesson Feature? courses that prepare you to earn Thus, we can have an individual whose organs are mechanically operated while he is in a coma or persistent vegetative state. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Create an account to start this course today. 's' : ''}}. The central conflict in campus free speech controversies is between two moral goods that are crucial to higher education: (1) free speech that enables the expression of all ideas and the unfettered search for truth, and (2) a campus environment that protects and respects the learning experiences of all students. If these were the facts, most just war theorists would probably have judged the attack by the United States to be, Suppose you took a Kantian means-ends view of torture. Omissions? ________ is allowing someone to die by NOT doing something (i.e., by withholding or withdrawing measures necessary for sustaining life). This statistic shows that many people do not like politicians. In addition, the organization supported increased defense spending, a strong anti-communist foreign policy, and continued American support for Israel. This sentiment is an indictment of the glutton but also a pat on the back for those who. Most of us would insist that you are not obligated to give away your kidney, even for a good cause, because it's your body, you have a right to it, and you are never obligated to make such a sacrifice. The consequentialist answer to the question "Why are racists wrong?"

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