Defines how often a pitcher will be removed in favor of a pinch hitter. It'll still be worth it, though, to lay down tens of millions of dollars on the top bonus babies come July 2nd. Personnel in OOTP each have a normal occupation, which can be seen on the Coach Profile and Ratings screen or on the Available Personnel page. If you have 8 obvious starters it may not matter as much, but if you have a lot of platoons a sabermetric manager would use them better, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Defines how frequently a pitching change will be made to place a left-handed pitcher against a left-handed batter, and vice versa.
The Copy Current Strategy menu at the bottom of the screen has three options: Use these options to quickly replicate your preferences through the different situations and times.

Defines how frequently your team will try to advance baserunners using the sacrifice bunt. Upgraded technical design under the hood! Defines how aggressively your players will run the bases (attempt to stretch a single into a double, for example). I just stick to conventional because I know it works. The Roster Strategy Settings section contains a few additional player strategy options, as follows: © Copyright - Out of the Park Developments, Defines the frequency with which the player will attempt to steal bases, Defines how aggressively the player will run the bases (attempt to stretch a single into a double, for example). This play is usually put on with a good contact hitter at the plate. 15.7k members in the OOTP community. Put him on a limited pitch count here. These settings, however, allow you to micromanage where it suits your tastes. Small ball is okay and unorthodox is good, but conventional is the way to go. The smashing success of Live Starts expands this season, with additional information being used to make, New league customization options! Upgraded Live Services! Defines how often your team will guard the lines defensively. To avoid this, use the "lock player to team" box above, which will prevent that AI control.
Repeat for another combination of Game Strategy Time and Game Score Situation. Defines how often your team will play the infield in. The Player Strategy screen is another two-paned screen. When a starter's spot in the rotation comes up and he's marked as a Follower, one of the Openers will start instead if they're rested. With 20k, you can typically find some cards where you can bet between 1-2k profit, and as you get more PP, you can move towards flipping higher cards for more profit. I have been playing a custom fantasy league with a small market team with an even smaller fan base.

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