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Roughly 10 minutes after the first boom, I heard another and then I saw a black smoke rolling out from behind the two houses behind me.”, Bernard Schoenburg, Brenden Moore, Steven Spearie. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted. The plane then took off at 1:02 p.m. It was unclear from the report if the malfunction was addressed. The very best ones are never seen by anyone else. One alternative reads “Avgas” and is red. All rights reserved. Flying may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. The pilot, Dr. Daniel Greenwald, a successful Tampa-area plastic surgeon, was killed when the Aerostar crashed shortly after takeoff from the Kokomo, Indiana, airport. Then, when the nozzle didn’t fit, why didn’t he take the time to look in those two holes in the front of the cowling where the engine lives. ", About one minute before the crash, the approach controller transmitted, "Aerostar ... is everything looking good now, we are showing you on course." The second alternative reads “Jet A-1” and is black. On April 23, 2020, at 2139 mountain daylight time (MDT), radar contact was lost with a Piper Aerostar 601X, N601X. Been there. He’s walking into the prop or falling off the ladder next. The plane is owned by LKJ Properties, a limited liability corporation based in Springfield. Let’s not forget there are piston engines these days that burn Jet A, so just looking in the cowling and seeing cylinders might not be enough. Seconds later, Edwards said "we're picking up a little ice. I heard the explosion and thought it was an unusual sound,” said Ward 1 Alderman Chuck Redpath, who lives near the scene. The worst have rapt audiences equipped with cameras. An experienced pilot is said to have requested then watched as a lineman filled his piston-powered Piper Aerostar with Jet A fuel. According to flight logs tracked by global aviation company FlightAware, the plane took off from Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport in Florida around 9:33 a.m. on Jan. 28, arriving at Huntsville International Airport in Alabama about 12:18 p.m. Obviously fueling aircraft is above his pay level. "There was no recorded response from the pilot," the report indicated. Nope. It's priced at $499 and has... © 2020 Aviation Publishing Group. Video Shows Low-Flying Piper Aerostar Twin Just Before Crash. (At an airport 3 miles away, another flight was delayed due to ice that had formed below a snow cover on a plane that sat outside from 0945 to 1100.) In September of 2015, a small twin-engine plane that was being used on the set of American Made crashed in the Columbian Andes. The line boy needs to move furniture or mow grass for a living. Shouldn’t be an FAA reg, but it is not a bad idea for a FBO to follow. During a flight to Sarasota/Bradenton, the airplane's left propeller collided with birds on approach. Nevertheless, according to the NTSB prelim, “The [FBO] employee said that he was able to orientate the different shaped nozzle (relative to the 100 low lead fuel truck nozzle) from the Jet A fuel truck by positioning it 90 degrees over the wing fuel tank filler necks and about 45 degrees over the fuselage filler necks. They are now developing an app that scans the sticker and compares it with fuel information in the customer’s account. While officials did not release the names of the victims, multiple sources with knowledge of the crash identified two of victims as Frank and Cinda Edwards of Springfield. The picture in the article looks to me like there was no post crash fire. Crash of a Piper PA-61 Aerostar (Ted Smith 601P) in Pottstown: 2 killed. In the report, an approach controller "told the pilot that his transmissions were intermittent and asked him if the airplane was having electrical issues." Seems mistakes can happen all through the process which is WHY it’s the PIC’s job to trust but verify. Some of that responsibility should be on the FBO/management that employs such personnel. WORLD'S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE. Several of the engine spark plugs exhibited damage consistent with detonation.”. A total breakdown of all reasonable thinking; an unusual request by the pilot (the fueler recognized it as usual because he raised the question), placards (not mentioned but required), a nozzle that doesn’t fit the filler port, and a preflight (I often wonder how many would actually catch it in a sample). Crash of a Piper PA-60 Aerostar (Ted Smith 600) in Denver. Any medical issues or family financial problems? Air BP’s operators always perform a three-way cross-check before refueling an aircraft: 1) Confirm the fuel request form Two competent guys missed three opportunities to not goof up, and they didn’t, and one died. The lineman noted that patches of ice remained on the left wing, but the pilot declined to deice the plane. You have to. An initial report released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday indicated that there were no engine problems with the plane that crashed and killed three people southeast of Springfield on Jan. 28. That was about nine minutes before the crash. Hint: If you see cylinders, don’t put jet fuel in the tanks. The uncertificated (student rated) pilot sustained fatal injuries. Date & Time: Aug 10, 1985 at 1947 LT Type of aircraft: Piper PA-60 Aerostar (Ted Smith 600) Operator: Oklahoma Jet. Rochester police and fire departments were first to respond, Campbel said. The pilot's failure to ensure that ice was properly removed from the airplane before flight, possibly due to impairment of judgment caused by a prescription drug (valium) that was not approved for use while flying. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. The crash occurred near White Timber Road, which is in unincorporated Sangamon County between Springfield and Rochester. The airplane was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Craig, Colorado. The plane then left for Springfield at 1:02 p.m. 1979 Aerostar 601P, Only 2861 Hours Total Time, 1071/1071 Since Major Overhaul, GNS 430/EX-500 MFD, Air Conditioned, Recent Annual, Fly First! Not a bad idea. While the report didn't establish a cause of the crash, a final report could take up to two years to complete. It seems like they really want to avoid the “one in a million” human error that caused the tragedy about which this article reports. Tests of his urine showed 0.152 ug/ml of nordiazepam and 0.167 ug/ml of oxazepam. The flight instructor said Edwards received "a certificate of completion that was limited to visual flight rules (VFR) operations. Robert Losurdo, who owns the flight instruction company that Greenwald was working for, told the Tampa Bay Times that he’s convinced that Greenwald would never have intentionally asked the Aerostar to be loaded with Jet A. Frank Edwards, 69, served on the Springfield Fire Department for 25 years before he retired in 2002, having served his final 19 months as chief. Date & Time: Mar 18, 1994 at 1126 LT Type of aircraft: Piper PA-61 Aerostar (Ted Smith 601) Operator: Registration: N36444. In the case of self-service unattended fueling, the card issued is valid for a particular aircraft and fuel type. March 20, 2014 . He said the he initially spilled about one gallon of fuel during refueling and adjusted his technique so subsequent fuel spillage was minimal.”, All of this took place soon after the pilot landed and the airplane sat while he conducted his business on the airport. “I was sitting in my chair in the living room. I always did. (From a different Michael R.) Survivors: Yes. It was a scene you don’t want to see.”. I would like to think that I. as the line boy, would have refused to put the fuel in the plane and taken a reprimand later if required. 1979 AEROSTAR 702P Multi Engine Piston for sale located in Concord NC from James Mullen 2358052. This isn’t the first time a crew neglected all these techniques, but it’s probably the only time an airplane has crash landed and managed to fly away.

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