Sometimes enemies ran because of the fearful and magical appearance of the army. the word Crone or Hag often has negative connotations as many wise woman and "Guises of the Morrigan" by Sorita D'Este and David Rankine a source for this tome and one which I have read, give the reader a full dose of legend and lore concerning the Morrigan. The Morrigan – blackthorn, Belladonna, Juniper berries, Nightshade, Dragon’s blood, Mugwart, Yew Nerthus – beech, blackthorn, elder, elm, ivy, juniper, mullein, thistle, willow, yew Oya – anise, aspen, cinnamon, carnation, calamus, clove, dragon’s blood, dittany of crete, hibiscus, lemon, myrrh, nutmeg, oak moss, star anise, sandalwood, tangerine OK, now we're getting somewhere, and are approaching solid discussion. I don't have a copy of the book to hand to check (I borrowed it and it has been returned), but I think the references will be found in the Irish Texts Society in Dublin. These are the Goddesses of creation and destruction. It is true we have no contemporary celtic records, because they had an, I agree that it's logical to infer that the Pagan Celts made use of herbs in the way that you describe. As the battle Goddess she appeared on the battlefield in the form of a crow and returned later to feed on the dead. We have an article on Aztec gods. For the price available it makes a great read and … Magical Ancestor Origins Profile: Find MAGICK in Your Family History!!! This Goddess can be a great stereotype to work with if you want to take control in your life, and wish to no longer play the role of the victim. Similar to Hekate or Isis she is Goddess of magic. Spooky/Scary!" In one myth she appears as an old washer woman at the ford and offering her love to Cu Chulainne. Shadow Shape shifter is fickle, lacking conviction and constantly reinventing themselves, like politicians trying to appeal to more people. The Morrígan or Mórrígan, also known as Morrígu, is a figure from Irish mythology.The name is Mór-Ríoghain in Modern Irish, and it has been translated as "great queen" or "phantom queen".. Where in the lore is An Mhòr Righan connected to herbalism? To learn more about the Otherworldly Oracle’s website Privacy Policy, visit our Privacy Policy page here. healing and bawdiness death and endings. I think that the connection with herbalism is a modern projection onto Her, made by people uncomfortable with Her fundamental nature, or by people who want to practice a conventional sort of herbs-and-crystals neo-paganism, but who also want the "OOOH! (NOT a Reading), Aphrodite – apples, linden tree, myrtle tree, pomegranate, poppies, prickly lettuce, roses, star of bethlehem, Artemis – artemisia (mugwort, southernwood, tarragon, wormwood), bay laurel, cedar, chase tree, fir, myrtle, oak, walnut, wild fig, willow, Astarte – alder, arabic gum, cypress, juniper, myrtle, pine, Athena – cinnamon, citrus, cedar, cypress, dragon’s blood, geranium, hellebore, oak, olive, patchouli, Baba Yaga – black sunflowers, medicinal herbs, poppies, rye, tobacco, Brighid – blackberries, oak, rushes, clover, Circe – Alder, juniper, mandrake, nightshade, Demeter – barley, chaste tree, fig, oak, mint, poppies, pomegranate, pennyroyal, wheat, Hel – beech, elder, elm, ivy, juniper, mullein, willow, yew, Hestia – Angel’s trumpet (Datura), California poppy, chaste tree, goldenrod, hollyhock, purple coneflower, and yarrow, Isis – flowers, myrrh, sycamore fig, vervain, Kali – red hibiscus, red rhododendron, poinsettia, Kuan Yin – lotus, oolong tea leaves, orange, pomegranate, willow, Morgan Le Fay – apple, blackthorn, herbs, lily of the valley, oak, willow, The Morrigan – blackthorn, Belladonna, Juniper berries, Nightshade, Dragon’s blood, Mugwart, Yew, Nerthus – beech, blackthorn, elder, elm, ivy, juniper, mullein, thistle, willow, yew, Oya – anise, aspen, cinnamon, carnation, calamus, clove, dragon’s blood, dittany of crete, hibiscus, lemon, myrrh, nutmeg, oak moss, star anise, sandalwood, tangerine, Persephone – asphodel, crocus, iris, larkspur, lily, pomegranate, Rhiannon – bayberry, cedar, daffodils, forsythia, leeks, pansies, pine, rosemary and sage, Dionysus – bindweed, elm, fennel, fig, fir, grapes, ivy, walnut, Jesus – aspen, cedar, grapes, oak, olive, palm, Jupiter – acorn, agrimony, almond, aloe, aspen, beech, cassia, carnation, cedar, cypress, daisy, fig, gorse, hyssop, leek, mullein, oak, olive, orange, palm, pine, sage, vervain, violate, Krishna – acacia, bay, frankincense, vine, Loki – beech, blackthorn, elder, elm, ivy, juniper, mullein, thistle, willow, yew, Manannan Mac Lir – aquatic plants, seaweed, Odin – amanita muscaria, elecampane, juniper, monkshood, Wotan’s Herb, Osiris – acacia, benzoin, cedar, clove, dittany of crete, grains, ivy, orris, palm date, tamarisk, vine, willow, Poseidon – aquatic plants, kelp, seaweeds, wild celery, Ra – acacia, bay, cinnamon, frankincense, heliotrope, myrrh, olive, sunflower, vine, Thor – acorns, avens, dragon’s blood, juniper, oak, oak moss, pine, thistle, Tyr – blackthorn, juniper, oak, thistle, vervain. Origins and Genealogy: I can find no mention of her parentage but in some myths she was said to be the consort of Dadga. Bamweyana(for mad people), cannabis She is the respected older woman or Your reading selection seems to validate that, what about hers? wow… great this list… For those who need a reference to gods and goddesses and their magical plant associations, here’s our A-Z list. That the female is implicatedin landscape formation is further suggested by the identification of two of the areas hills as 'Comb and Casket of the Dagda's wife' (Stokes 1894:292-3). As a symbol of death the Goddess Morrigan is linked with the festival of Samhain. Morrigan - Supreme War Goddess Pantheon: Celtic Element: Water Sphere of Influence: Magic and Conflict Preferred colors: Red, Black, Dark Blue, Green Associated symbol: Crow, Raven Animals associated with: Crow , Raven Best day to work with: Wednesday Best time to work with: Night time Strongest around: Samhain Associated Planet: Moon, Mercury The Morrigan reigned over the … If you are drawn to work with this Goddess you may require her Warrior spirit to help you to stand up for your rights and set firm personnal boundaries. What is not reasonable is to assert that a specific Irish deity was the patron deity of such practices absent any evidence dupporting the assertion. I do what I wanna do, use what I want which isn´t from animal kingdom, no matter what happened in the history, sorry. Conversely this Goddess may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are proud of the victories you have achieved. Crone represents the wise old woman whose child bearing days are behind her. Morrigan is also a water Goddess, ruling over rivers and lakes. Cattle are her totem animals. Even if they didn´t´, who knows? She incites warriors to battle and can help bring about victory … Hi, i work with both herbs and chrystals and see nothing strange with adding that into my devotion and rituals to Her honor. I agree, but if there aren´t any texts about how can be so sure they didn´t use it, and why on earth would the ancient celts tell outsiders about it. In Ireland Morrigu (another name for Morrigan) and Badbs meld and can both take on the features of a human hag. It's not a great leap to go from flavoring beer to discovering that eating. :3. It's not a great…. Oracle Card Reading VIDEO (One Question: 5 Cards), Magical Advice: 1 Question Answered by a Real Witch! Again, I agree that it's reasonable to expect the use of herbal preparations among the Celts. I don´t get it, why is it so important what is saying in the history which isn´t written by the celts but by outsiders. Morrigan is a bird Goddess who shape-shifts into the form of a hooded crow and a washer woman at the ford. Dream Interpretation: 1 Dream Deciphered by Clairvoyant Witch! I feel that the herbal magic and making my own herbal medicine is very ancient. In the case of the Morrigan, an equation seems to be made between the body of the goddess and the contours of the earth (cf. This Goddess also grants monarchs the power of sovereignty. Whilst the shadow side of the Warrior reflects the need to win at all costs, abandoning ethical principals to prove your supremacy. The Morrigan - Phantom Queen in Irish Mythology | She She is one of the triple Goddesses, her different aspects are represented by Anu (the fertility maiden), Badh (the boiling mother cauldron) and either Macha (the death crone) or Nemain. Exactly what I was wondering – I’d love to know if Sekhmet had a herb affiliation. Morrigan is not death itself, she is the keeper of death, and she is frightening. If you know what Cizin, Kukulkan ,Yum Kaax , Huracan , or Quetzalcoatl likes then I would love the help. You may also wish to call upon this Goddess to champion the cause of others. Lately there has been more information available on the Morrigan. The Crone: This maybe one of your Archetypes if you have gained wisdom, learning from your mistakes and showing a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. Figure 11.1). missing Airmid, Dana,..thank you loved this! grand-parent at the heart of family who enjoys life and sharing her experience. As for me, I cannot see the connection of Morrigan and herbalism either. we're doing this in precisely the same way our pagan ancestors did it. These nature spirits were eventually deified and came to be the gods and goddesses as we know them today. The fire goddesses represent the element of fire in its many different forms; from the spectacular volcano Goddesses to the more benign Goddesses of the hearth fire. Knowing the magical plants associated with your deities will help you learn, as well as give ideas of appropriate offerings. blames all her failings and unhappiness on a society that no longer respects What is not reasonable is to assert that a specific Irish deity was the patron deity of such practices…, I agree that it's logical to infer that the Pagan Celts made use of herbs in the way that you describe. As a result she becomes increasingly isolated and fearful. Goddess Morrigan's Symbolism. the elders. The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to commit to any particular path. Morrigan's Archetypes. And The Morrigan has said She likes some kinds of herbs like cinnamon, roses, vervain and I use it as offering to Her with a few drops of my own blood. In the Ulster Cycle, the Morrigan appears to the hero Cuchulainn and offers him her love. Thank you. effect of claiming the Morrigan as a patron. Do a search on our website and you’ll find it. The ancient irish were only one seventh of the celtic peoples.....the others are: I have nothing to add other than this is a very interesting question and I look forward to reading more commentary here about it. Warrior represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights and those of of others. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. Areas of Influence: The Goddess Morrigan represented the circle of life, she was associated with both birth and death. The Find YOUR God And Goddess: PowerPoint Presentation. The Shape-Shifter: A useful Goddess Archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles. If your god or goddess isn’t included, please leave a comment.

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