When the field is covered in pokey pods right before a rainbow ball tournament, Rainbow Ruby creates a golf game to whack the pods out of the field and clear the space. All rights reserved. Wibbly manages to get them all out of his way - but when he gets to Grandpas. Games Movies TV Video.

After trying on an ancient Egyptian ring, Uncle Leo and Zoe are turned into dogs! Wibbly finds a piece of string on the floor and wonders where it goes, so he starts to wind it into a ball. All rights reserved. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. QUBO™ are trademarks of QUBO Venture, LLC. Monkey helps free the moose and then invites him to a fun game of MSMD. FANDOM. Too bad for Zoe it's none other than the three-headed hound from Hades: Cerberus! Where? Based off the Books. Ruby's Studio. / It's a scorching hot day and everyone is bored. 120 “ Napoleon's Revenge When they meet spider they are amazed by her webbing and invite her to a fun game of MSMD. The Official Qubo Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Before Qubo became a channel, it was a Saturday morning block on NBC, Telemundo, and Ion Television. Back at the campsite, monkey is about to kick a penalty goal with parrot as the goalie... Monkey kicks and parrot jumps up to stop it, and get stuck on the sticky net¦ When Parrot asks,Monkey explains he just started to play but planning to give a concert tomorrow. He thinks that he probably lost it in his bucket and so Harry and the dinos into Dino World in pursuit of the missing Megaloaurus!

There are also regulations on advertising in broadcast and cable television programming targeting children 12 and younger, including limits on ad time, and prohibitions on advertising of products related to the program currently airing. Wibbly is getting ready for bed “ he has a bath and plays with his toy whale - he brushes his teeth and plays with the pink blobby toothpaste - and soon he is ready to go to sleep. The Official Qubo Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

The Official Qubo Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. But Ferny doesn't play cowboys Piggley's way and Piggley soon loses interest and goes home. EMBED. But when the panda parents seem to be taking an extra long time coming back, Fishtronaut, Marina, Zeek and their new friend are going to have to figure out just what's going on in the bamboo grove. The only problem is that they're not really in the jungle “ they're in the hallway and disturbing Sam, who is trying to finish her homework.

Mole appears and shares how Moose has incredible antlers on his head which can extend up to many feet.

With the help from Amsterdam's Atlas statue, the SVBV builds a giant laser at the top of the observatory to capture the aliens and obtain their knowledge on world domination! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Magic School Bus Rides Again/Episode Guide, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century intro, https://web.archive.org/web/20180725201350/https://qubo.com/schedule/2018-08-03/27670944, https://qubo-channel.fandom.com/wiki/Nutri_Ventures?oldid=22971, On Qubo's schedule page, the picture used for the episode "Danger! Outer Space Trek Astronauts Chirp Tweet and Squawk go on their first space walk and use a sieve to fix their ship and save Squawk from falling into Saturn!

Mr. Brown buys a television; Paddington goes to India. Wibbly is looking for a chicken - and even though we can see it he can't! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 16:9 QUBO™ are trademarks of QUBO Venture, LLC.

Qubo rescue heroes promo; Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century intro; Qubo This is Daniel Cook promo; Qubo Secret Millionaires Club Promo; Qubo Archie's Weird Mysteries promo; Class Of The Titans Qubo Ad; Qubo Denver the Last Dinosaur promo 52 Bucketworth discovers a rare Dadsding¦a creature that, if fed the right food, can produce energy; but the Dadsding escapes to Earth and is adopted by Allison, who makes the mistake of feeding it the WRONG food! Qubo Night Owl. Status Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? A Nutri Ventures é a primeira marca de entretenimento infantil no mundo desenvolvida exclusivamente para promover a alimentação saudável. Amount of Qubo Episodes Please, PLEASE read the rules before you enter! / The Great Waldorfini has a magical bedtime story to tell. T, Trike has a bad case of tinselitis after using glitter paint to decorate Harry's toy castle and needs to have a check-up with Dino Doctor Harry in Dino World. Harry wants to make a movie like you see in theatres “ a movie with a great story! Safari Tracks. Zeek is thrilled about the new banana grove he's planted in secret.

Sammy's Story Shop. FANDOM. They venture to the meadow to find Spider and borrow some of her webbing.

PBS-originated. Monkey turns to thank Parrot for the sandwich, when he looks back he discovers t, Spider: Monkey is giving a sportscaster-like monologue as he kicks coconuts thru his makeshift goal...Parrot suggests that monkey should make a goal net... Mole then appears and tells them about spider's renowned webbing.

April 25, 2016 – January 5, 2019 (Channel). From preschoolers to older kids, Qubo has something for everyone! When Cherie's dog, Choochie, begins to show fear of competing, Quba wastes no time tracking down a winning replacement. Unfortunately for Quba, there's only enough room for one SVBV leader, and soon Napoleon even converts Gino's Pizzeria into a Fish Palace! When he eventually finds it he realises that the chicken has lost something too... her eggs! All they've got to do is catch the Mega. At the campsite Monkey tells Parrot he will not be giving a violin concert because he needs more practice, instead he will give a concert with a brand new instrument, the drums! Now since the contracts with Scholastic, NBCUniversal, and Classic Media (which is now part of the former) have lapsed, Qubo still owns the rights to air Nelvana's catalog but has also gotten programs from other companies such as 9 Story Media Group, Splash Entertainment, and WildBrain. What happens when the chicken finds her eggs though? The Magic School Bus Rides Again/Episode Guide, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century intro, https://qubo-channel.fandom.com/wiki/E/I?oldid=23061. In 2012, due to NBCUniversal exiting the joint venture (and therefore, losing the rights to their programming), the NBC and Telemundo blocks were replaced by NBC Kids, which featured shows from NBC's own Sprout network (now Universal Kids) until it was replaced in 2016 by The More You Know. Ignorant of what bread is, Theo and Lena try it out to find that it gives them an unusual burst of energy allowing them to perform at a human's peak.

Add new … The string changes colour, type and strength and along the way Wibbly begins to discover all the different things string can be used for. We go on a journey to try and find them for her and find all sorts of eggs - tiny quails eggs, huge ostrich eggs and even eggs that have crocodiles in! When Oto shares his homemade rock candy, the Team sees an odd similarity between the candy and a picture of giant crystals in Oto's rock book. In turn, he creates a substitute for foods called "Genex 100", where consumers only have to eat one box of it once a day in order to survive and it claimed to be good for them.

Paddington visits a medieval festival; Mr. Brown procrastinates. Bill Haley's Comet is traveling through the atmosphere, and Dr. Meanie is convinced it is an alien spaceship!

Rainbow Ruby. They venture off to the tundra to look for Moose. The DaVincis bring home an abandoned gargoyle statue from Notre Dame Cathedral which gives Pablo the heebie-jeebies! The symbol appears when a TV Parental Guideline rating and Closed Captioned symbol go off.

/ When things go missing in Rainbow Village, it's up to Detective Rainbow Ruby and Choco to find the culprit. Wibbly eventually finds an egg as big as a house - and wonders if it's a dragons egg, or a dinosaurs egg... but it turns out to be something different.

Postman Pat. When he does he starts to dream, and one by one all the things that he played with come back, taking him on a wonderful flight through space on the back of a huge whale to the planet of the pink blobs! Soon Cricket joins them in a fun game of MSMD. E/I? Tempted by the idea that they might be, they set off to CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO, to find out!

Branscome International

Nutri Ventures Theo, Lena, Ben, Nina and their Guga friends have the exciting mission of discovering the food group kingdoms and returning nutritious food to their city where no food exists under the rule of super villain Alex Grand. Mole appears and suggests taking a magnifying glass so they can explore nature and all of its small wonders. Teletoon-originated. × Harry is playing Dino Snap with Nana and realises that one of the Megalosaurus cards has gone missing. But what's at the end of the string?

Before 2019, the channel was 24 hours a day before Paid Programming was added to the midnight hours for official reasons unknown. Parrot suggests he should take some music lessons. But a doctor's office is never quiet for long, and sure enough Dr Harry is soon called to treat an emergency case. Qubo Channel launch shows. QUBO™ are trademarks of QUBO Venture, LLC. Wibbly wants to get home to Grandpa Pig who has a special treat for him. All we know is there is a strange It's every man for himself as Quba and the SVBV stake a war with Napoleon through a food fight that even the DaVincis can't resist! Ferny gets the chance to be the leader in a game of cowboys, and Piggley is put in the unusual position of being a follower. (*) Upon returning to the schedule in 2020, Qubo removed Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse's E/I bug. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? D&D Beyond The Magic School Bus Rides Again/Episode Guide, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century intro, Category:Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs characters, Category:Maggie and the Ferocious Beast characters, Category:Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse characters, Category:Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks characters, Category:Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends characters, https://qubo-channel.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Characters?oldid=16981. All rights reserved. How can they bring Lancelot back? Pablo, ever the optimist, enters canine Zoe into the Bark and Growl Society's Annual Dog & Stunt Show in order to spend all day with Cherie¦and of course, break the spell.

Sandra the Fairy Tale Detective. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With Eden Gamliel. It turns out, their candy looks like a crystal because it IS one “ but not all crystals are candy! Will the team be able to come up with a magic trick to pro. Register Start a Wiki. Yes Picture They go to the meadow and hear the beautiful music of cricket who tells Monkey how he has been playing for years.

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