select the study deck you want, and click on the new "live" button. Thanks, Quizlet, for your great produce!

The second choice requires a stronger literacy background as students would have to skim through the choices (oftentimes with science, the definitions are quite long!) I'm not able to try it today...already met with all my classes...but they would love this! One hour loop.

It's great because it creates comradery amongst my students. I haven't tried it on Zoom yet, but it might be a good way to adapt to the new remote teaching! I can't wait to use it with my students. or by entering the 6-digit code on

I also like someone's suggestion of a feature/game that using sorting! And we're also going to be adding a way to quickly share a link that you could send out to your students who might be playing without seeing your screen.

I played the demo & liked it - but I was playing by myself and need my students to be able to do this as well. During shelter in place, she has used Quizlet Live each week for her students, running three rounds in which the students sign in as individuals and are rewarded when they log in to play. I do not do zoom. Grammar

Then when their round is done, the software makes a new match and a new round starts. My internet was SUPER slow at the time. Everyone will love the individuals mode! Rachel was also already familiar with Quizlet Live, which was popular among her high school foreign language students to learn vocabulary. One wrong answer will still send a student back to the start!

I think I second what most are saying in that we would love to have Quizlet Live available for students to complete within a certain time frame. .


Students need to help each other in order to win; students can't just win individually and by their own speed. Speaking All you need to do is sign up for a free teacher account, select the study deck you want, and click on the new "live" button. Quizlet Live is a fun way to engage students while providing educational benefits. What a great idea! I'll name them A-D for this description. I will be trying this next week using Zoom. , C. Canvas Conference, Zoom, or Hangouts w/ screen-sharing turned on (entire screen shared).

It is amazing!

We've played almost every school day, and luckily I've had at least a third of my class join for at least a few rounds each day, but I usually keep games going for 30 min to an hour.

Five minutes before the scheduled I post the code on google classroom “I love using Quizlet Live when working in Team mode with my students in our physical classroom space.

My students and I love Quizlet Live.!

How teachers can celebrate halloween during remote learning, Remote teaching diaries: Back-to-school in 2020, Quizlet recreates "The Office" confessionals videos in quarantine, A Spanish teacher shares how she travels virtually with her classroom, ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana! This is awesome! Prior to Quizlet, he worked at TINT,, and Live Nation.

Students can use flashcards, or they can play games for extra practice.

Window A has the Google sheet displayed, B. Quizlet Live screen (they can see Join Codes & even QR Code to scan w/ phone app!)

My CURRENT SOLUTION is to use a computer with a large monitor with 3-4 separate windows sized so you can see each one.

We use Google Meet. I agree with the suggestion of showing the Leaderboard on the students' screens. We’re going to bring playing this in all my Zoom classes tomorrow! Looks super fun and like it has a lotta competition.

The 1st solution to the Join Code issue a couple years ago was to share a Google Sheet with all my students (Read Only, so I was the only one who could edit. To solve the problem I have a weekly time setup for each of my classes to go on quizlet live. How many times and how many ways can I say thank you Quizlet.

My class is STILL loving quizlet live....eventhough we're apart.

Will try it tomorrow with my students. Culture Absolutely love this ❤❤ Elena Spathis is a Spanish teacher who also finds Quizlet Live Individual Mode invaluable for language study.

Thanks for helping us with this update! thanks so much, I can't wait for applying to my students, They love Quizlet!! I hope you will try something along those lines soon! I have been missing quizlet live! This is a game changer for us! So many children do not have access to the Internet in their community.

I am excited to try it!

Our team has been hard at work over the past few weeks to make it easy for you to continue to play Quizlet Live with your students when they can’t be physically together.

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